Oriental Star Kitchen

11217 Farmers Blvd, St. Albans
(718) 217-6842

Recent Reviews

Omar Barry

Food is contaminated. Bad stomach virus.

Supreme Singh Master

Please steer clear of this place, posthaste!! I have had bad food my entire 65 years on this planet. But nothing can outdo this place!The food is so bad that I wouldn't even give it to a dying man on Death Row! The food has no taste, it was hard like it was old, and they are even cheap with the condiments and napkins.They have been in this neighborhood for over 20 years, yet they act as though they can't even speak English!Stay away, save your money, save your time, and that is an order!

Jeffrey F

been going here for over 20 years and its the best

Dalan Lambert

Food was delicious

Gregory Thorne

Now this place have a full chicken wing not like the other place

Lou Tyson

The best in queens

Keith Walthour

Love the chicken and lo mein

Ghost King

The chicken is good

Ace Hartman

We arrived at this place for dinner. we heard about this spot from a lot of people. Well, it was a winning. The crew were very polite and we felt very good. The food was just great. We loved this place a lot and we will definitely return to this restaurant. Keep it up.

t s

Their food is really good

William Bell

Exceptional and delightful food, I loved the ambience the spot has, and the staff members were super friendly. Will definitely visit here again.


Delicious and convenient

heather clarke

They have all that one would want,,clean and customer service is good, security is good and make you welcome,,,price is right......just love this place....we needed this place long ago.......love it...

Benzino Benj

Friendly owners, local favorites, tasty, inexpensive. Great pork fried rice.

Jay Jackson

Good food ?

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