Pizza Palace

10911 Farmers Blvd, St. Albans
(718) 217-7000

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Marcia D.

My son orders from here a lot. So I decided to get a chicken Caesar avocado salad. It was delicious. He ordered the beef lasagna, it was good too.

Orisha O.

I had the hot wings and they were delicious!! I had a buffalo chicken slice of pizza and chicken cutlet slice it was delicious too.

Josiah Formean

I had a horrible time there ! there pizza is garbage ! I’m not own to talk and but they tried to rob me ! When u first approach the place there is aSign that says 1 cheese slice is a dollar ! when I went to cheakout all I had was the 1 slice he said that will be five dollars he knew I was going so he tried to scam me I said but it says it’s 1 dollar he changed his face and laughed like it was a funny ! I said this will be my last time here and left ! I do not recommend this place at all

Emily M.

Love this place! Buffalo pizza is okay 8/10 rating the white sauce couple be better. But the BBQ chicken pizza!!! Omg! The best I've ever had 10/10! And the chocolate temptation cake is sooo delicious, definitely recommend it and the carrot cake is great too.

Michael R.

This is about the second time I order from farmers & second time food came Late/Cold. 3 hrs waiting for my food that's ridiculous. Never again.

Tiawana W.

Deliciously Made! Definitely worth it ! Ate every bite can't wait until the next time I feel like pizza I know exactly w

Noel M.

My job requires me to drive daily around the south eastern part of Queens New York for the past 10 years, and sometimes I just stop over to different places to have a quick bite. About 5 years ago I found this pizza place along Farmer's boulevard, since then whenever I feel like eating pizza while driving around, I always go to this place. It's a nice small joint where most of the customers orders to go ( just like me), service is quick and fast except on those days that they have a long line. When it comes to price, any other pizza joint nearby won't beat this place, but just because their prices are lower than the other places does not mean that the quality of food is low. THEIR PIZZA IS GOOD. In fact I always buy two slices of pizza here, not too hot, to go, with a bottle of water. The pizza taste great and they have been consistent on the quality of the crust, they don't cut down on the amount of cheese and pizza sauce. You will not get disappointed. If you live around this area, just check out the price and the taste of pizza on this place as compared to the neighboring joints and I am sure you will keep coming back to this place.

Darius T.

It's a hit or miss with this place. The first time I ordered it was the Buffalo chicken pizza. When it came, it was delicious. The next time I ordered it, it was the complete opposite and sloppy. This time, after some time passed, I just ordered cheese pizza and Buffalo wings. The pizza tasted like cardboard. Papa John's would have been and I don't like chain food type pizzas, like domino's. The wings were even worst! The smallest wings ever. I also asked for just drumsticks and they ignored my request. Never again!

Sarie L.

Farmer's Pizza is truly really special. Every little thing on the menu on point, the service is very good and the ambience and atmosphere is just on point. Zeppoles - outstanding. Team is extremely polite and can help you with anything. Farmer's Pizza... What's not to like?

Manuel A.

Farmer's Pizza is definitely really awesome. Excellent place and the rates are reasonable. All of the menu items are magnificent, you needs to really try Shrimp Parmigiana. Team is extremely friendly and can help you with everything. Awesome! Will return and recommend this spot always.

Marina C.

We ordered 2 large pizzas last weekend, one plain and one with pepperoni. I normally do not order from Farmers since I do not care for the one on Linden but my MIL really wanted pizza at the last minute. L and I just had dinner but there's always room for a lil pizza. So I suggested to try this location instead and we were all quite surprised to find pretty good pizza. It was tasty, but way too salty for me. The crust was nice. It actually looked like NY pizza. Nothing like their other location. We had a lot leftover so I ate pizza for lunch for a few days. Cold or reheated in the oven.. it was good. Will def order from here if we want pizza again.

Celia B.

Farmer's Pizza Loved loved it. It's kinda the perfect location. Every thing I had was nice. The team are very attentive and kind and they're great at giving recommendations. I'll probably try again.

Leann V.

OMG, Farmer's Pizza was simply outstanding. 5/5 For atmosphere. Zeppoles that I have ordered was absolutely incredible, it had so much flavor and was absolutely yummy. Bonus that their service is so fantastic, they are so quick and polite. It was seriously an amazing experience.

Johnnie M.

OMG, Farmer's Pizza is really rather darn cool. I'm so glad to be here and the environment is so pretty. I must admit, Beef Patties was really magnificent. I think that I might have a new favorite dish now. Bonus that their service is so great, they are so fast and welcoming. Farmer's Pizza - Very cool and different.

Thomas C.

OMG, Farmer's Pizza was really epic. Wonderful energy across the board. Every thing in the menu looked wonderful, but I had to go with Beef Patties, it was an outstanding meal. Staff are incredibly helpful and service is very swift. Overall I would go again and recommend the place to friends.

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