Vital Health Foods LLC

196-14 Linden Blvd, St. Albans
(718) 525-0992

Recent Reviews

Antia Constable

Great pricing. As a local herbalist, I've been to every spot in south Queens and they have the best variety & pricing hands down.

Trudy ann Beckford

Great customer service. Workers have alot of knowledge on items sold. Space is small but it have all the herbal and healthy foods you need. Will recommend

Johanne Fabre

Found what I was looking for at a great price

Alexander Lassiter

Friendly knowledgeable and patient I have been shopping at the store for over 30 years, and never had a bad experience.

Rudy Brown

My go to herb store

Danielle E.

I thought this place is ideal if you need to get herbs leafs or get advise on what health items works for certain sickness .. I support my Black own business and will detour just to do so .But this place has a disrespectful women running the place .. people come in a shop like this to get help or to look for alternative answers to a sickness they may have or want to be healthy. I went in This store with my mother . This lady working their in the front register stays that we need to call if we are making big purchase items dealing with buying dry leafs because it take time labeling it or putting them in bags . First off what store yells at you to making large orders and it would be ok if you tell me in a nice matter that you would have to stop every so often to take someone else .. that's wouldn't be a problem but I don't desire is attitude and additional stress.. After that I recommend my mom to not over buy things she recommend for my sickness and just at a few things before u buy them in several pounds to see if it works or not .. this lady had the nerve to say to mother and I " that's why You are sick" .. when I ask to explain herself she shared "by stoping my mom from buying things she could see the reason why I am sick .. "I quietly left the store with the most amount of stress and felt like s*** the whole day. Just to in form you my mother send so much money at this store every month even though this lady yell at her and what she does not know is my mother is not the best in using Technology .. so her attitude is not needed in this field of work because she is dealing with sick people that needs answers and we deserve better.. who might be sensitive to stress. I am not saying to not buy from her but just remind her that it's matter to be nicer to people and treat people with respect because you are not sure what anyone is dealing with or how their journey of life is for them..

Vesta Walker

Excellent. Very knowledgeable and helpful staff. They have the best selection of loose herbs and health foods. The food in their kitchen in the back always has fresh, delicious selections. They practically always have what I need, or a comparable alternative. Their prices are reasonable.

Fontane C.

If I could give ZERO stars I would . I've been coming here a little under a year now. I get all my herbs, seamoss etc . I even had the lentil patties from the back there , also juices . Today I went in to buy 5 lentil patties , a juice and some herbs . I go to my car and took a bite out of my lentil patty and immediately it taste of chemicals . I looked down at the patty and it had MOLD in the patty, on the lentils . Thank god I did not swallow what I had in my mouth . I immediately felt sick and started to spit out whatever was left . Because of this I will be finding a new health store to go to or just not eat out because that was GROSS! I was LIVID! No telling how long the patties were out , clearly they aren't fresh and all they do is throw it in the oven and heat it up for you. NEVER GOING BACK! Disgusted in every way! I went right back to show the staff and they refunded me my money back for all patties purchased. Not good Vital Health!

Sheshe Kouture

My first time going there. I went to purchase my daughter a honeycomb and I will be back. The customer service is excellent. The woman helping me was so warm and helpful and they have so many products. I would definitely recommend Vital Health Foods.

Trineshia J.

Great selection of herbs and vitamins. The staff was knowledgeable and the store was open thorough-out the pandemic.


I orded seamoss here and let me tell you it wasn't the real seamoss. The seamoss I purchased was white and the texture was smooth it didn't have the real seamoss feel (the salty feel and and smell) I brought the real seamoss and it never felt, smell or look like the one I brought here.....when I boiled it, it turn white and it smelled a little bleach and it didn't taste right I had to throw it away.I'm very disappointed to find out I purchased something that's not real.

Constantina Bey

These brothers and sisters are helpful, community based and the juices and patties are delicious.

Mike Larry

Love this store.. been going for a year now

Stacey Hamlett

They have everything you need whether it be herbs, food, drinks or just supplies to keep a healthy home like juicers, water filters etc..

Sharon Stoney

Has mosGood atufft things I need

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