Corporate Grind Deli & Cafe

1775 South Ave, Staten Island
(718) 370-6165

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Jonathan T.

During this crazy time, finally made it out to the bettered bagel. Not sure I've had a better bagel on the island. So much flavor in the bagel alone you just don't always taste....but the best part was they have pork roll! Thought it's only in jersey. Delicious.. highly recommend.

Mark D.

Like many Americans across the country, I dread going to the DMV. Everyone knows going to the DMV is like going to the dentist for a root canal. After putting this off for as much as possible, we finally bit the bullet and went. My wife had to change her driver's license to NY and I had to go in to upgrade to the Real ID. Two pieces of advice- and I cannot stress these two enough. 1) Make an appointment!! This will most definitely save you time. We looked for an appointment and the next available one that fit our schedule was like two weeks away. Do yourself the favor and make one instead of showing up without an appointment and spending all day there. 2) The more obvious piece of advice, before you go the DMV office, make sure you visit the DMV website and not just double, but triple check what documents you need. This again will also save you time, headache and frustration. Last thing you want to do is wait hours there, finally get called only to find out that you wasted all day because you don't have all the correct paperwork. If you do those two things, I promise you you'll have a good experience with the DMV. We had an appointment, we had all our required documents and we were in an out in 40 minutes. No joke. I timed it, in at 2:10p and out at 2:50p. Bonus piece of advice-If you're from Brooklyn, just go to the Staten Island DMV. Do not even bother with the two BK locations. Both are in areas with no parking and the staff is miserable.

Fran A.

This place is an abomination and a disgrace. Spent FOUR HOURS here today getting a Real ID license. More than enough time to closely observe employees who would have been terminated in an instant for their lousy attitudes, laziness & indifference to customers if they had been working anywhere else. Specifically watched one morbidly obese woman who stressed herself out taking care of exactly 2 customers in an entire hour at a time when HUNDREDS of people were losing their minds sitting on dirty benches and waiting for their number to be called. After spending at least 20 minutes staring into space while she pretended to wait for 3 customers who had obviously already given up and left, she grabs her stuff & leaves for a break! Mind you, she was definitely not the only employee of this caliber. The only time that most of them began to show any signs of life was exactly 5 minutes before closing time when they started calling numbers like crazy! They were probably mortally afraid that there would be a riot if they had attempted to send people away without service. Additionally, the women's restroom was filthy, covered in graffiti, lacking toilet paper, soap, or paper towels. I asked for a custodian to be sent to bring supplies but 3 hours later nothing had been done. What a lovely representation of the GREAT STATE OF NEW YORK! Hah!!

Tricia E.

Long waits for no apparent reason. Moronic process... you'd think they were making the licenses back there. Waited 3 hours to get the Real ID. That's just crazy.

David J.

One star because I can't give zero stars overpriced subpar food the only place in town so they can charge $2.36 for a large coffee that's very bitter

Walter W.

Was a great place but under the new management since the previous owner unfortunately passed away, the front has been a mess. Constant employees in and out and prices for the same items always being charged differently. A coffee and a bagel costed 4.80 one day and $5+ the next is ridiculous.... Furthermore, they upsale a lot of costco items as their own and resell the little brownie bites....STAY AWAY

Lappa C.

Sucked! Really not a good bagel place . Don't know how it got good reviews. This stupid review won't let me write a short and to the point review. The place isn't good that's that

T D.

This may be a bad DMV ...but read my lips...NOTHING is as bad as the coney island location. DO NOT even think of going there. I will take staten island anydays...

Tommy Chevy W.

This may be a bad DMV ...but read my lips...NOTHING is as bad as the coney island location. DO NOT even think of going there. I will take staten island anydays...

King E.

Went to renew and uprgrade license to Enhanced or Real ID. Was told "Enhanced" is better and I had all the proper forms with me. I was first on line, got there an hour before they opened...the line grew to about 100 at 8:30AM and was out the door after they opened. Got a ticket at info booth, waited til 8:47AM & got my photo taken, took another 8 minutes to be called to process my information at a different window. As long as you have ALL the proper identifications you need, such as Social Security card, Birth Certificate,Drivers License, Gas Bill, Bank Account Statement, and the driver's license renewal form, your experience should be painless. The woman who processed me was very courteous and helpful. An 8byear renewal is $110.50, they take credit/debit cards, it costs more if you have a CDL and/or other upgrades. I was walking out the door at 9:11AM, probably one of the fastest visits I've ever had at a DMV. The line was long, but the entire time I was there people were getting serviced quickly, and not even having enough time to fill up the vacant seats... that's how quick they were servicing everyone. Will upgrade to five stars when I return to finish some other business here. Couldn't ask for a better than I got today. Good luck.

Zihni P.

From the number 760 to 711 for car registration, it took more then 2 hours. 1 window open for registration and sometimes even that windows would switch to other things. 5 windows open for returning plates!!! The worst dmv service of all time, they dont even deserve a star.

Eli M.

This place intentionally scams everyone. I came in and ordered a small coffee. The guy purposely charged me for the medium thinking I will not notice. After charging me, I tell him to just give me a medium coffee. So he pours the small coffee in my cup into a medium size cup... and it turns out, they are exactly the same size.. one is just taller! SCAM! I also asked for coffee with no sugar and he gave it extra sweet and it was also burnt, had to throw it out. Stay away.

Moe Thanks -555-

Food quality is decent, a bit overpriced. And customer service is standard.

David F.

I don't understand all the negative reviews. Came this morning to change from old license to Real ID All the workers that I interacted with were friendly and helpful. I arrived at 8:30 when they opened and was done and gone in just over 1 hour.

Pat P.

Two hour wait! Real ID sounds like a good idea until you see how long it takes! Ridiculous to wait this long when all your papers are in order.

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