Crust Pizzeria

2071 Clove Rd, Staten Island
(347) 861-0999

Recent Reviews

antcallaway .

Best pizza in NY no joke!!!I work in bk and live on Staten Island my entire life....this place will win best pizza I guarantee it!!!!

Carmen A.

I ordered a personal cheese pie and the order was picked up. The crust from Crust Pizza was burnt. Not edible. Had to eat around it. Its always a good idea to check food before its given to customers.

Fv vv

More than just great pizza... They have delicious entrees..

Mike Romano

Best pizza on the island...don't @ me

U S.

The actual pizza is "ok". Nothing extraordinary. The delivery took about an hours and 20 min, which was disappointing. Maybe dine in experience is better. I will never find out. Also their "thin crust" is pretty thick. It's basically the regular crust of most pizzas. So just keep that in mind if you like think crust.

Amy A

The pizza is tasty,but very small slices for the price.

Marcos Barrera

Very good pizza and not to mention their dishes, all delicious.

Dee G.

The Crust is my new Pizzeria! I am from Brooklyn and extremely picky about my pizza. I cannot seem to find consistently good pizza on Staten Island. I have ordered from the crust four times now. I had had the regular pie and the grandma's pie, both were amazing. The eggplant was another star for me. It was thin, nicely fried and the skin and seeds were removed. I hate when I order eggplant parm. and it comes with skin! I got the family special, and the baked ziti was great, especially the sauce. The only thing I didn't care for were the fries, because they were the breaded-preformed-type; but you don't go to a pizzeria for fries, so not a biggie. The delivery was fast and pleasant, the person taking the orders was pleasant to talk to, so far I am really happy with my new favorite pizzeria.


Great hair in the crust, just like the the title of the pizzeria name.

Evan C.

A good pizzeria has three key elements to be successful in my opinion, good atmosphere, great staff and excellent food. "Crust Pizzeria" meets the minimum in all categories. I spot in for lunch and parking is difficult. The lot is always packed. Inside the restaurant was busy, so I know this was the place to be. The interior was nice, they definitely had great music playing. However they had bricks on the floor holding boxes and soda. I guess storage space is a issue at the restaurant. The counter looks amazing. The black curved counter with fresh pizza displays true marketing on the owners part. The staff was friendly, mostly with each other and customers they know. New customers equal more business, but I'm sure it's not that easy to get employees to see that. The cashier didn't acknowledge me so the gentleman in the back making pizzas took my order. I got two slices and he welcomed me to a seat. The pizza was fresh so it didn't take long to heat up. I got up to pay and he told me eat first pay later. I loved that I was trusted enough to pay after. The Bacon Chicken Ranch slice was good. I liked that they put extra ranch sauce on it. But I felt more Cheese was needed to make it work. The same with the buffalo Slice. Flavor is not a issue, but it feels like It could have benefited with more cheese. I still would come back. I'm definitely interested in trying a calzone. Next time though, if I want a slice, I will ask for more cheese.

Danold K.

I ordered a bbq chicken pizza, wings and pasta for tonight's dinner. The pizza has a lot of meat and it is really crust. Yummy.

Dona F.

Finally an amazing pizza place (and consistent) near me. I'm a Brooklyn gal and used to be able to find amazing pizza anywhere. The grandma is perfect. Crunchy edges and thin enough The regular pizza is also incredible. Had penne vodka and was just ok. The cheese calzone is fantastic. Big and loaded with cheese. This is my new go to spot for pizza !!

Tracey A.

Such friendly staff and great pizza! I came To this pizzeria on accident, and it was a great mistake because I was able to find some delicious pizza. I ordered and buffalo chicken slice, grandma slice and plain slice. The two workers were super attentive and catered to my daughter by giving her Chalk to write on the chalkboard wall, which made her day. Definitely a hidden gem on Staten Island. Great job!

Bella Ella

The staff is wonderful here. My co-workers and I order here quite a lot for lunch. The food is delicious and they have some pretty good salads as well. If you're in the mood for Italian and you're in the neighborhood give this place a try!

Comedy Wellington

Just had some pizza here. Got the grandma with vodka, and a regular slice. Everything was fantastic. Dough had TONS of flavor. Server was an angel. Definitely coming back.

Skott H.

I told the waiter I liked marinara sauce and he totally hooked me up with a soup sized bowl. I like to dip my crust in it, not sure where I learned that, but you should give it a try. Grandma pie was ultra crispy straight out of oven and hit the spot on a chilly fall day. Really happy with how nice the entire staff is from the kitchen crew to the front. They must be doing pretty well because the delivery boys are hustling every night. Bottom Line: Will be back!

Richard Hardt

Absolutely amazing staff. Food is delicious. Ambiance is stellar..... very fun clean place. Me and my kids thoroughly enjoy it here!!!!

John L.

My go to when visiting family nearby. Chicken Francese is a must . Bread super soft , excellent cut of chicken . Staff super friendly . Ordered after closing and still delivered in 15 mins. By far the best place in Grasmere /Concord area.

Igor Leshchenko

This place takes pizza to a whole new level. They have a label for each pie behind the counter which states when the pizza has been made and when they take it off counter... have never seen that anywhere. Pizza was very fresh and filling, mouthwatering and just simply delicious. Would recommend and very worth it for the price.


These people are a godsend. When the last pizza joint in our neighborhood closed I was deeply saddened. I am so happy to have a new pizza joint. The staff is great and the food is stupendous and indomitable. It truly cannot be beat.

Lucien S.

This is my new go to place in the area! Pizza is awesome and the food is good too. They have an extensive menu which is made quality ingredients. Staff is nice too always polite and thankful for the business. No bad attitudes here. Try it because it is excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pizza has flavor unlike other popular pizzerias in the area(Pronto stinks).

Erin Sullivan

THEIR PIZZA IS AMAZING! It is by far the best pizza on the Island, and not too expensive either. Great customer service, and super quick delivery. Love, love, love this place!

Peter D.

My family and I are regulars! The pizza is delicious and the owner and staff are super friendly. My kids love the atmosphere and are always writing on the chalkboards. I'm so happy this place opened!!!

Rene P.

Great food, all their pies are bomb. Their rolls are banging and I love the favor of their sauce. Prices are really good. Staff is super friendly. I really love the Sicilian there, always a fan of sauce on top.

Jonathan G.

This pizzeria opened up 3 months ago and I'll say it's the best pizzeria on the island hands down. Beats Brooklyn's finest, My pizza, and Goodfellas drop in and try the pollock pie you won't regret it !

Jerry R.

Stopped in once and picked up a grandma pie sauce was excellent crust had a great crunch and texture staff is very helpful and there is a great atmosphere to this place it's safe to say this is my new pizza spot on the north shore

BaabyJeff W.

Unfortunately the first and last time... was really hoping to like this place. Ordered eggplant parm and grandma pie ... eggplant tasted chemical weird....not good, grandma pie , sauce wasn't great and crust should've been crispier. Goodfellas pizza, villa monte, Dough by Licastri, Gino's in Brooklyn ... way better.

Gerard P.

This is a cute little pizzeria that just opened up on the island, which I was able to visit earlier today. As the other reviewer mentioned, there is copious parking-which is always an advantage in this borough-and the crust-per the name-is very crisp and tasty. Personally, I feel they overdo it on the cheese. That said, it's good pizza, and the overall ambience is really welcoming and fun-there are chalkboards behind the tables that you can play around with. The staff is extremely friendly, and the environment is one that any pizzeria would be envious of.

Charles D.

Newly opened, so we decided to give it a try. Ordered a Cheese Pizza. This for me is the test of a Pizzeria/Restaurant. If the Crust is crisp, the Mozzarella is good, and the number one consideration, the quality and flavor of the Sauce is at least Very Good. My wife and I found the pIzza to be Very Good in all categories. Staff was friendly and welcoming. Setting is simple with a few tables, nothing fancy. Parking is literally outside the door. PS: I ate 4 slices and my wife ate 2 (usually if she eats one she is done). It is worth noting, that there was no heaviness or difficulty digesting for either of us, as with some other Places. Will be back.