Arnor Crepes & Bubble Tea Stony Brook

1113 N Country Rd, Stony Brook
(631) 364-9730

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Sarah L.

This place is fairly new and I was craving boba. Went in the afternoon after driving an hour to get there. I was completely pulled in by the amount of flavors and items they offered. I was not greeted when I walked in and I was the only person in the store. Cashier was dry and not welcoming at all. I told her that it was my first time visiting and she just stared at me and whispered " what do you want?" I asked her if she could recommend anything and she pretty much ignored me and stood there awkwardly staring. However, I ended up getting a flavored drink with boba and a crepe. It was so good! The man who made my crepe was nice. He handed it to me with a smile. Not asking for a whole performance. But it would have been nice if the cashier would have been a little more welcoming. It might have been a cultural thing because SOME Asians tend to be antisocial and timid (I'm half Asian, so I completely understand). However, I find myself craving their crepes! Definitely will be back for more! The place was extremely clean.

Meny Raviv Moshe

We ordered 5 teas which were fine, and also ice cream, strawberry, and vanilla with cookies. The strawberry flavor was fine and I ate it, when I got to the vanilla flavor it was full of chunks of ice, and a bad aftertaste of cardboard. This indicates that the ice cream has not been stored properly or is not fresh. I approached the seller and explained the problem to her, and she said that the ice cream was definitely not expired and there was nothing she could do. So I left it on the counter. I didn't get my money back, I didn't get another ice cream instead. I was just ignored. I will never return to this place and I suggest you do not enter there. No customer deserves such treatment.

Dr. Raina Jain

Beautifully decorated place at Stony Brook Square.A big variety of crepe’s, both sweet and savoury though not suitable for vegans and people who don’t have eggs (like me) ?But they have a lot of other things like shakes and boba teas ?

Kei Miyaguchi

Always go here! They have the best Crepes!! Such a great desert spot

Sherry P.

Yummy! There's variety of savory, sweet and ice cream crepes! Me and family had shared the ice cream was big and delicious! The bubble drinks are good, not too sweet as you can adjust the sugar level!

John Schindler

Love the in food, but I got sticker shock eating here. Hot chocolate was 5 bucks and weak and tasteless, so I had to doctor it at home. Two small breakfast crepes and two hot drinks was nearly 40 bucks. Unless I hit the lottery, I doubt I will ever come back.

Wenfeng Wan

The food is well prepared and the place is comfy, but for me the crepes is a little small. I think I need more than 2 to feel full.

lava runes

Most expensive crepe and bubble tea I’ve ever had and the worst tasting. Very rude staff that rushed everything, better off to go to the other bubble tea place nearby

Amneris M.

Now I know where to get ice cream and crepes. Everything was delicious. I gobbled this all up. What a perfect dessert.

Diane C.

I love the bubble tea!! It's always perfectly made and the flavor is richer than other bubble tea stores in the area. I take a 30 minute drive to go get their bubble tea, it's that good.

Kendall L.

Amazing!!! Fast and delicious. Best on the island. I got a tea and a pastry and both were a treat. Everyone I was with loved their stuff.

Jocelyn A.

I was excited to try the boba out but my order was made incorrectly twice. I payed for a large & was given a small then when I politely asked them for the correct size they gave me a large cup of ice basically when I had ordered my boba with light ice.

Danielle Orban

Delicious crepes and fun drinks, I really love the red bean shake and the prosciutto arugula mozzarella crepe for lunch or the strawberry Nutella for dessert. They have some creative variations that you won't see at a crazy crepe.

Spencer M

My daughter got a bubble tea and loved it. Apparently the bubbles can be added to slushy as well, and they taste amazing. Staff was super sweet and service was fast.

Ma. Teresita Purugganan

The food and drinks are great and customer service is good. But i am just a concerned customer, please require your staff to tie or cover their hair very neatly. The girl serving has a very long hair ( hair from waist) and when turning she hit the uncovered bubble tea.pls also teach staff proper usage of gloves. Please dont use same gloves from receiving money to touching food. Please change gloves for safety handling of food. Thank you and more power

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Arnor Crepes & Bubble Tea Stony Brook

1113 N Country Rd, Stony Brook, NY 11790
(631) 364-9730