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1320 Stony Brook Rd building c, Stony Brook
(631) 675-0581

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Nicole G.

Came in the day before a birthday party to order a special cake and they were so helpful and worked in a timely manner! Such a beautiful shop and smells delicious. Their boba is amazing, recommending the yogurt flavor!

Raymond G.

I love all the attention to detail though the boba tea has a weird after taste but it's still so adorable inside and out I would for sure go again

K E.

Cute bake shop, everything I have had has been very good. Cake slices have shrunk from opening. The piece used to fit the tray inside the box and now the slices are 1/4 - 1/3 smaller and same price. I will stop going if this continues. Don't cheapen this by trying to get an extra slice out of a cake!!!

Candy Y.

We are visiting Long Island and found this cute cake place. Their boba is really good, the cake and moon cake are yummy. Not too sweet, yummy! Will visit again

Lisa A.

Cute place. The desserts are eye candy; you will be tempted to try everything. We ordered the brown sugar boba tea, sugar cane fruit tea, and crepe cake. The wait was quite long, and the prices were pricey. Unfortunately, everything tasted like water. I don't know if it was a bad day for them, but it was not worth the trip there.

Lizzie V.

Food: pretty good! The highlight was the taro puff. The puff was delicious and the texture was perfect, a little crunchy at the top thanks to the caramelized sugar, the rest of pastry was nice and soft. The cream filling was really tasty too. I also got a pork floss pastry that was actually really good! I wasn't sure what to expect. It had a nice balance between sweet and salty (it was mostly savory with a hint of sweet, I recommend it). I was a bit disappointed with the rainbow crepe cake, it lacked the flavor I was looking for. Kind of bland. I'd want to see what their other flavors taste like. Atmosphere: clean, but not trendy or anything like that. I think I saw maybe 2 tables with 2 chairs each. We ate outside on the picnic tables. Price: a bit on the pricey side, but it wasn't too bad.

Brittany S.

Such an adorable place with great pastries and bubble tea! Since discovering, my husband and I have been back many times to try all the different goodies they have to offer. Staff is always very friendly and we love the atmosphere there.

Rita C.

I really hate to leave bad reviews, especially when it's something I was so excited to try. I loved that there's another Asian bakery option on town that is cute but I was honestly so disappointed. The slush drinks were ok but everything comes from a powder (but I guess that's normal). The iced coffee did not have milk/creamer so we asked for creamer. The girl had to smell the carton of half and half to see if it was fresh...? This is very weird to do in front of the customer. The sesame crepe cake was very dry and bland. I was not able to finish it. The chocolate pup was cute but it tasted like watered down mousse, it was not good but my kids liked it, probably because it was adorable. I'm glad we only ordered two pastry items, it was pricey but I did not mind since it was eastern Long Island, however, I can tell the pastries were not fresh, they might want to limit their selections and focus on freshness instead.

Kai Yuan Liu

The best bakery ever!Mom will never worry about my blood sugar any more!I could stay there and eat all those cake all day long!

Ourong Wang

It’s great experience, a cute bakery with lots to choose. My friend and I gave a shot with bobble tea. It’s very fresh and delicious, not too sweet. We enjoyed it while in the car on the way home. I would rate those 5 stars and the treats was worth the cost.

Mike Wei

It’s nice and clean shop. I passed by after get off work. The staff was really nice and made great recommendations. I bought two various cake slices, my wife loved it and very enjoyed it. I’ll try the others next time.

ruoxi li

Thanks cake Fairyland, I ordered two cakes for my daughter 's birthday, everyone loved her cute bunny cake.We likethe sponge cake base, and whipping cream frosting. It's light and not overly sweet. This birthday cake made my daughter so happy.


Thanks cake Fairyland, I ordered two cakes for my daughter 's birthday, everyone loved her cute bunny cake.We likethe sponge cake base, and whipping cream frosting. It's light and not overly sweet. This birthday cake made my daughter so happy.

Sandy T.

Cute dessert place. A bit pricy but a good variety of treats. They have a selection of asian baked goods and cookies. A huge selection on cakes. The mango pudding is good. Not overly sweet. We had tried the taro cream puff and it was delicious. Tons of cream with a good taro flavor. The drinks are okay. Ive definitely have had better.

Hee Yeon K.

Hello boba tea and assorted desserts! I am just browsing my way around Stony Brooke and was happy with my purchase (about 10 minutes before closing time actually, the servers were so kind!) It's beautifully decorated and I loved the generally very open design/decor. I haven't tried cakes here, but it's definitely on the To-Do list. Ordered: Grapefruit Green Tea 50% Sugar (You can only do 50% or 100%) Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea Machine shook teas so no need to go crazy with the straw. And they come in such cute bottles makes you wanna INSTA CHEERRSS~

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