China Station 老北方麵食館

1015 NY-25A, Stony Brook
(631) 751-6888

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I ordered lunch on a weekday. It was pretty good. General Tso's Chicken had a sweet, slightly spicy sauce. Fried rice was very good. Spring Roll was tiny and flavorless. Overall, I was pleased and will order again.

James Smith

Closest thing you’ll find to authentic Chinese food. The local population demands it. It is not inexpensive which is also inline with the wealth of the area. As a family we will not likely go back due to the lack of cleanliness. I may occasionally stop back to taste something different.

Chanelle Cornelious

not sure what’s worse, the food or the service. 1st and last time.

Phillip Hyun

There is no seasoning. Noodles tasted plain, broth tasted plain, dumplings were ok.

Rommel Fulgencio

Price is fair. Food is above average. Our go to eat-in place when visiting Stony Brook University.

Katherine Borrayo

Great service and excellent food

Kenia Tupou

Bland food. Worst Chinese food I've ever had!

Natalie Morency

TERRIBLE. It was genuinely the worst chinese food I have ever ha . The pork fried rice was white, the coke was warm, there was a viscous liquid coming from the chicken broccoli. I really would not recommend it.

Muhammad Wajahat

Neither cheap nor tasty.

Stanley Fonda

Great flavor. Great staff. Yummy 😋 yummy 😋 yummy! 🐟 fish ball soup is the best!!!!

Adrian Canham

Used to come here a lot, found a ton of bugs in my soup. Told the staff, they acted very werid about it. Some even seemed angry I even said anything. Sadly, I don't think I'll come back here

Peng Shi

Decent Chinese cuisine. Good place for a quick bite.


I still remember when this spot was a Dunkin Donuts....but it has been transformed into a hole in the wall, authentic Northern Chinese restaurant specializing (in my mind) in noodle soups, (although their menu is extensive). It's obvious that this place is catering to the high concentration of Chinese students at Stony Brook University, which is a GREAT thing. Everyone behind the counter is speaking Chinese. I went on a Sunday afternoon when it wasn't all that busy. I didn't find the restaurant overly clean....there was some dishes on the tables and it just had a general unkempt feeling, but honestly, I didn't care about that, all I cared about was the food. The person behind the counter was busy on the phone with a large order...speaking in Chinese. After about a minute, he was done and took my order.....Beef Noodle. After about 5 minutes, it was ready. The bowl was massive....and it had a ton of slices of beef, bok choi, and of course, the noodles. I didn't find it that spicy at all, so I dumped in some sriracha sauce, which gave it the necessary kick I was looking for. I did find the noodles tender, and while the beef was good, it wasn't exploding with flavor. Adding the sriracha helped. The broth was good & salty, but not too salty, in my opinion. Some people around me had ordered dumplings and fried rice, and it all looked very good. I'm looking forward to trying something different next time.

Steven Yun

Great cheap eats around Stony Brook University. Well priced authentic Chinese cuisine.

Reiny Rolock


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China Station 老北方麵食館

1015 NY-25A, Stony Brook, NY 11790
(631) 751-6888