Druthers Coffee

1113 N Country Rd Building 5, Stony Brook

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Donna Buonaiuto

Delicious food and coffee, and great staff!


Needed a place to sit down and do a little work since I missed my LIRR train, and the next one wasn’t going to be for another 1.5h. Instead of going back somewhere on Stony campus, I spontaneously decided to explore the new stores they had, and saw Druthers.It’s a cute yet fancy coffee shop with either other individuals doing there work, or friends/couples sitting down for a talk. It was quiet enough to work, but a good enough atmosphere to feel comfy talking. I was stuck between 3 drinks (London Fog, Blue Cocoa, and their green smoothie?), so the 2 ladies working in the front helped me decide. :) I decided to go out of my comfort zone and ordered something new (Iced Blue Cocoa), which only comes in one size. I forgot what the ingredients were on the menu, but it was a mix of white chocolate, butterfly pea tea, some other ingredients, and another tea?? So it was pleasantly sweet, but not TOO sweet in a good way.They also have a guest wifi which you need to ask for the password to use. My spontaneous decision to explore and also sit down here was the best decision yet :) will be coming back to try more coffee drinks and the food. The only thing I would have to say is that I don’t think there is a spot to charge your devices? So come fully charged or with a portable! Nice bathroom too.

Saiesh Pai

Although the place can be crowded at times, I must confess that this is one of the most aesthetically-pleasing retreats in the area. With a very nice interior, coupled with good service, it makes for a good place for a coffee-date or a study session over coffee. Keep it up Druthers!

Joseph Sauer

I've been here probably 20 times and not once have I had a less-than- incredible experience. Their espresso, pour-overs, and specialty drinks are always top notch, and their baristas are always friendly and informative for any coffee enthusiast. Highly recommend visiting this coffee shop! Druthers Coffee...please open up a second location in Smithtown so I don't need to commute 15 minutes to visit :).

Natalia Ilina

Very happy to have this place at Stony Brook. Don't forget to try the cookies! Yammy!It was also very pleasant to hold a real cup in my hands and drink delicious coffee with pleasure.

Chelsea Whitney

It was perfect! So clean and pretty inside. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I ordered a burnt caramel latte and my boyfriend got a Macha latte, both were delicious. Truly the best latte I've had in a long time. Similar to Starbucks prices, but in my opinion it is worth it here! Will be back to try more of the food and drink options.


Very reminiscent of great coffee in NYC or one of the surrounding boroughs. Growing up in this area this is a wonderful addition to the town. Some people are complaining about the price, you pay for what you get and what you’re getting here is an amazing cup of coffee


Love this place. Total Williamsburg vibe going on. Great coffee (they use counter culture). The burnt caramel latte is amazing but so is the maple latte too. Understated in both cases and not overly sweet. Perfection ??

Melissa Vinci

I get the cookies and iced coffee but I’m here to talk about the cookies- a MUST have!! So so so good!!! I would go back weekly for these. Worth every cent!

Leilani-Jade Carbonell

Huge coffeeshop! Staff is friendly and their espresso drinks taste really good! Glad I came across this place, definitely stop by here!

Alex K

I work in the same shopping center as Druthers. It’s so nice to have friendly neighbors! Everything here is fresh and delicious! Staff are also super knowledgeable about their products to help you choose the right drink!

Tiana Collazo

cute lil coffee shop very clean and super nice staff amazing environment

rachel chirichella

holy crackers this cold brew is amazing. Every cold brew i have had lately has been so bitter BUT THIS smooth as can be omg thank you so much. The frittata as well AMAZING creamy, flavorful YUm!

Michael Alfieri

Perfect Cappuccino. Precise amount of foam, milk, espresso ratio.

Amanda L Pospischil

Very friendly staff, clean and tasty baked goods!

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