eShin Noodle Bar

1113 NY-25A Unit 3E, Stony Brook
(631) 675-6333

Recent Reviews

Natalia Ilina

I highly recommend this place!Amazing food! Great friendly staff.Went to eShin for the first time and had an absolutely amazing experience.We celebrated a friend's birthday.Thank you for a delicious dinner and great atmosphere.The best ramen I ever had!I also really liked eggplant.

Rhea Tulio

Today my craving took me to eShin. After a battery of medical tests the past few days a good bowl of Ramen was a good reward.Eshin noodle bar did not disappoint. I dined by myself today. They have a bar area where you can enjoy your meal by yourself which i enjoy sometimes.Today's visit I was greeted by a very bubbly server Kim and very attentive and helpful.I ordered their Yaki Ebi for hot starter and Tuna Battera for the cold appetizer. For both appetizers i give it a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. The Yaki ebi is a mix of salty and crunchy and is off set by the refreshing side salad of cabbage with some pickled cucumber. The tuna Battera was reminiscent of our fresh tuna in the Philippines and the vinegrette that was drizzled yummy.For my Ramen i tried their Shiro Tonkotsu it was so filling barely finished my serving. The pork broth was so good especially for a rainy day.Glad to have a ramen place close to home a 10 to 15 minutes drive from home.A must try place when in Stonybrook area.

amanda kearns

The food is delicious ? and reasonably priced for entree portions. The waitress was a little rude, when I asked what the ingredient on the menu was she didn't know and also acted like I offended her by asking. She also forgot to put an order in which caused us to wait longer, which was fine, but then told us we had to leave for people coming in for a reservation even though there were empty tables and we were still finishing our food and drinks...

Phil Foo

A beautiful, quaint restaurant that seats about 30 people, 5 tables and a noodle bar. We got to sit at the noodle bar and watch the chefs prepare our ramens with care and elegance, truly a treat in itself.I ordered the Mu, which is their beef styled ramen with a 10 hour savory beef broth, wagyu brisket, bean sprout, kikurage, pickled Napa, scallion & garlic. The broth was rich and full of intense flavor, but soothing enough to warm the spirits.With our bowls empty and our stomachs full, the chef that prepared our meals respectfully asked us how everything tasted. If that doesn't show love for your craft, I don't know what does!I wish this was open when I was in college then, I would have gone more often. Recommend Recommend Recommend!

Nicholas Giambalvo

The best ramen I ever had. There wasn’t one bite of food here that I enjoyed less, due to everything being absolutely perfect. If you like ramen, this should be your go-to! The appetizers were also fantastic.

Minseok Kang

Amazing place for ramen. Amazing food and service quality. Usually when it comes to ramen, one of the big three aspects (toppings, noodles broth) will be bad while the other two are good. This place had EVERYTHING. Wonderfully deep broth, well textured noodles and great toppings. Highly recommend the course meal they have. It's pricey ($40 /person) but definitely worth it. As an added bonus, the bathroom is extremely well kept!

Samantha Weber-Fishkin

Today was my 6th time dining at eShin and was just as good as the first. Shared the salmon nuoc Cham and the toro buns (my personal fav, pic attached) for starters, both are rich with flavor and super fresh! For entree, I had the Mu which is by far the best noodles around, the broth is nothing like I’ve ever had before. The service is great and the prices are super reasonable. Overall great experience, can’t wait to be back.

Nunnie Boo

Delicious and amazing presentation from the chefs. The Kona is one of my favorites from the cold appetizers as well as the toro buns. The toro buns come with a crispy sweet bun on the bottom and the toro melts in your mouth. The caviar adds a great umami flavor over all. The Kona comes with brown butter soy vinegar and a Thai chili on the top. Not only do these food taste good, but it also feels healthy :)

Acknel Pierru

Some extremely delicious vegetarian/vegan options. Would recommend highly

Diana Iquique

Believe the hype. So good! Menu isn't overwhelming because they make sure you enjoy everything you order. We would drive to the city for good ramen. That's officially changed.

Josh Carratala

This place literally has the best food I’ve ever eaten PERIOD. As a vegetarian, the Tan Tan offers a pleasurable blend of flavors that truly exceeded my expectations upon a first read of the menu. Easily an 11/10 and the service that this establishment provides is top tier. The staff provide a comfortable experience to dine in and present themselves very professionally. I’m looking forward to becoming a regular here

Eric San José

This is how a Noodle Bar Should be. Great Food with Multiple South East Asian Flavors. Fast moving. Immaculately Clean facilities. Great Staff especially Allan our Server, Eddie our Counter Chef, and Owner Kai. Who was very hospitable, considering we were a large group of 2 tables. Toro Appetizer with Caviar was amazing. Hamachi With Brown Butter was amazing too. Tsukemen Ramen with Yuzu Froth was the best dish of the night. The Pork Belly & Soft Boiled Egg was cooked perfectly. Reasonably priced. Credit cards accepted. Highly recommend. We will definitely be going back!

Jessica Macgregor

Intentionally crafted, delicious food with attention to detail and unexpected and interesting flavor combinations. I feel as if I’m being transported to a 5 star noodle shop in the city. Can’t recommend this place enough.

Chouchou P

I have gone to this restaurant 3 times now and it does not disappoint. Arguably in my opinion the best noodle bar restaurant on Long Island. Fantastic food and excellent service. Very nice setting as well. Menu is changed after certain time. Delicious new ramens every time! Definitely recommend this to anyone in the area!—>

Ke Hu (Kevin)

I ordered Tonkotsu ramen. The soup is very tasty and fragrant. It is delicately prepared and nice presented. Noodle bowl is cool, so is the store. Noodles are fine. Pork belly is nicely cooked to the right degree. Good eggs, bean sprouts and onions. This is one of the best ramen I had in Stony Brook.The raw fish appetizers are good too, but not as surprising as the ramen.

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