eShin Noodle Bar

1113 NY-25A Unit 3E, Stony Brook
(631) 675-6333

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Victoria Bayevskiy

eShin Noodle Bar is my favorite restaurant around the Stony Brook area. I don’t even know how to describe how much I truly love coming here. I come here whenever I’ve had a bad day or a good day; eShin always makes it better. I first visited eShin in October 2021, and I have been there at least 8 times since (even on my birthday!).What I like about the ramen is that it is incredibly rich. The broth tastes much more like a homemade, rich, warm soup than a typical ramen broth. The noodles have the perfect amount of chewiness to them. I’m a HUGE fan of the soft boiled eggs and chili oil (You can see this in the egg increase). Truly melt-in-your-mouth goodness.The Tori Dashi ramen is my top choice all the time. It’s all I get. The chicken is incredibly tender and the noodles are perfectly chewy. I really enjoy the various greens in the ramen and I really enjoy the addition of the jalapeños (I’ve never liked jalapeños before trying the ramen here) and the cucumbers (Lightly pickled/marinated. You wouldn’t think they add anything to the ramen, but it’s one of the best parts of the dish). Everything adds immensely to the flavor profile and I can’t imagine any one component missing from this dish. It’s truly perfect. As a self-proclaimed ramen expert, this is my favorite ramen that I have tried. Ever.The brussels sprouts are a favorite of mine too. Crunchy, tangy, sweet, salty, savory. The plum sauce and edamame pesto work perfectly together. If anyone you know doesn’t like brussels sprouts, I promise this dish will change their mind.The cauliflower was great too! Perfectly fried, great flavor profile.The cucumber lime mocktail wasn’t my favorite, but it was still refreshing. If you’re getting a mocktail, I would go for the passionfruit daikon.No matter how much love I tried to express through my writing, it isn’t accurate enough. I bring all of my friends here. I celebrate and mourn life here. Rain or shine. The staff are ALWAYS wonderful and accommodating and we never wait too long for the food. I’m not sure of the extent of the heartbreak I will feel when I move back home from school and I won’t have easy access to the wonder that is eShin, but I know it will be great.eShin Noodle Bar is one of my favorite places to eat, and I highly recommend it.Pictures are from 10/2/21, 12/10/21, 3/6/22, 5/16/22.

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Probably some of the best ramen in the area. It’s refined and doesn’t rely on excessive salt for flavor. We started with the vegetarian buns which were delicious, the tofu was incredibly tasty and I highly recommend. Will definitely return.

Kaythi Khin

What a gem! We had an incredible dinner here sharing Salmon Nuoc Cham, Toro Buns, Togarashi Nasu and Matt’s vegan Ramen. The restaurant is super cute inside with booths and bar seating! Our hostess Serena was so nice and helpful. Service was very fast! Every dish was well executed with medley of flavors! I had the Yuzu mocktail. Smoked rosemary was so unique. We left so satisfied. Can’t wait to come back and try other apps and ramen.

Daniela R

Amazing ramen , excellent service and great vibe. Love the little bar if you’re eating alone. The waitress was out of her way nice. The quality and flavor of the food was top tier. Highly recommend coming here. Very happy I found this place

Chris L

Overall such a great experience. The staff was super friendly (and we had a big party of 8) and they took care of us so well. The ramen and all the appetizers we got were all delicious. Unfortunately I don't have pictures of the appetizers because they were so good we devoured them. I got the Mu Ramen with an egg and as the picture shows, it looked and tasted great! There was nothing left after the picture was taken. 5/5 would definitely go again! I suggest trying the pork buns!

Jane M.

I was craving udon so I put a search on Yelp and found this ramen place instead. Their website says their chefs are trained by Michelin starred restaurants so I was intrigued, not sure which restaurants though. Anyway was surprised to find this modern interior ramen place in Stony Brook. Inside is clean and they have a noodle bar area. I came around 4 so was seated right away. I opted for the Mu ramen with a soft boiled egg. I got to see the chefs cooking because I was sitting at the bar. The ramen is beef broth based with Wagyu and it was so delicious! The broth is so comforting to the soul although a little salty. Noodles were perfectly cooked. The wagyu was so tender and falls apart in your mouth not to mention that the slices were pretty big. The saltiness is balanced by the beansprouts and some sort of pickled vegetable. The egg was also perfectly cooked but it will cost you an extra $1.50. Overall good ramen especially for this area of king island. Seems decently priced although I can't tell what's expensive or not anymore these days. Will definitely be back to try out the other ramens.

Yimin Zhu

Recommendation: Mu and Aka Tonkotsu Ramen + soft boiled soy sauce marinated eggs (must add), eshin chili oil.A lovely ramen place near Stony Brook. The restaurant located next to he railway station. The kitchen closes at 9 p.m.I ordered mocktail Jinger Yuzu but they ran out of ginger juice, so I switched to Yuzu Spice. Personally I don't like it due to the strong smoking taste and smell from smoking rosemary. I will try Jinger Yuzu next time.For the appetizer we ordered chicken wings and toro buns. The sauce they provide for chicken wings is not my type so I had it plain. For toro buns, probably the waiter did not hear it. When we realized that the kitchen is already closed. Will try next time.For the ramen, surprisingly great! I came here because of the almost 5 star rating on Yelp and it does fail me. Usually ramen will be a bit salty for me but this place is right of the salt level. My friend complained about the too much peppers in the soup but I have no problem with it as a pepper lover LOL I also like the rich flavors added by sliced pickled green peppers. For spice lovers, please try the eshin chili oil.For the dessert, it has red bean paste, matcha pudding, and light cream on the top. The light cream is not sweet so it will taste better if you can mixe them at the very beginning.Overall service is great except that we sit here for some minutes at the very beginning. Two customers came after us and were passed with menu immediately once they get seated. Besides, one appetizer order is missed. Other than these, I have no complaints.

Yatrik M.

We had dinner at eShin and even though we are vegetarian, there were plenty of options and all of them were delicious-our favorite was the veggie bun and tan tan. Super friendly service staff and kitchen - all in all, a great place!

Natalia Ilina

I highly recommend this place!Amazing food! Great friendly staff.Went to eShin for the first time and had an absolutely amazing experience.We celebrated a friend's birthday.Thank you for a delicious dinner and great atmosphere.The best ramen I ever had!I also really liked eggplant.

Rhea Tulio

Today my craving took me to eShin. After a battery of medical tests the past few days a good bowl of Ramen was a good reward.Eshin noodle bar did not disappoint. I dined by myself today. They have a bar area where you can enjoy your meal by yourself which i enjoy sometimes.Today's visit I was greeted by a very bubbly server Kim and very attentive and helpful.I ordered their Yaki Ebi for hot starter and Tuna Battera for the cold appetizer. For both appetizers i give it a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. The Yaki ebi is a mix of salty and crunchy and is off set by the refreshing side salad of cabbage with some pickled cucumber. The tuna Battera was reminiscent of our fresh tuna in the Philippines and the vinegrette that was drizzled yummy.For my Ramen i tried their Shiro Tonkotsu it was so filling barely finished my serving. The pork broth was so good especially for a rainy day.Glad to have a ramen place close to home a 10 to 15 minutes drive from home.A must try place when in Stonybrook area.

amanda kearns

The food is delicious ? and reasonably priced for entree portions. The waitress was a little rude, when I asked what the ingredient on the menu was she didn't know and also acted like I offended her by asking. She also forgot to put an order in which caused us to wait longer, which was fine, but then told us we had to leave for people coming in for a reservation even though there were empty tables and we were still finishing our food and drinks...

Phil Foo

A beautiful, quaint restaurant that seats about 30 people, 5 tables and a noodle bar. We got to sit at the noodle bar and watch the chefs prepare our ramens with care and elegance, truly a treat in itself.I ordered the Mu, which is their beef styled ramen with a 10 hour savory beef broth, wagyu brisket, bean sprout, kikurage, pickled Napa, scallion & garlic. The broth was rich and full of intense flavor, but soothing enough to warm the spirits.With our bowls empty and our stomachs full, the chef that prepared our meals respectfully asked us how everything tasted. If that doesn't show love for your craft, I don't know what does!I wish this was open when I was in college then, I would have gone more often. Recommend Recommend Recommend!

Nicholas Giambalvo

The best ramen I ever had. There wasn’t one bite of food here that I enjoyed less, due to everything being absolutely perfect. If you like ramen, this should be your go-to! The appetizers were also fantastic.

Vanessa H.

Cutest little spot right by Stony Brook University! It has a variety of great dishes to offer. The pork buns here are one of the best I've ever eaten. So addicting!! I ate like 6+ in one sitting. The pork was so tender, light, and not too much fat. I ordered the aka tonkotsu and it was mediocre at best. Nothing special, the soup base and noodles were weaker than other ramen I've tasted. But maybe it's because I ordered takeout: it is probably better in the restaurant. Service is quick and friendly!

Cathrine C.

The best Ramen place in Long Island! Small,cute,clean place. They get crowded easily so make sure you get there right away once they open. Food is excellent! A little pricey but it's worth it! The broth is so tasty. Noodles you can tell it's really fresh. All their food are fresh and very delicious. Can't wait to go back again and try their other food. This place worth 5 star! Thanks for coming to Long Island.

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