Benjamin's On Franklin

314 S Franklin St, Syracuse
(315) 299-4756

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Harrison Zema

Fun college bar

Chedza Mmolawa

I am terribly disappointed and let down by Benjamin’s club’s inability to create a safe and secure environment for their patriots. The security man

Maddy F.

The best club scene you're gonna get in Syracuse. It's actually pretty nice inside. There's always a cover fee. The bouncers here suck and take their job way too seriously for Syracuse. The music here seems to vary in quality depending on the night. I guess they rotate djs. I've had some great nights in here, and I've had some very sub-par ones. Saturday is definitely the best time to come.

Future Mrs. C.

the bartender gave my friend and i mean looks everytime we ordered drinks. then the manager (i'm pretty sure) came up to my friend and i and said we had to leave because i was "unstable." i wasnt unstable.

Madison Deregis

Great place! Have always loved coming here because of how spacious it is. Big bar and lots of room to dance and have a good time. Only complaint is that the girl who takes the money (I think her name is Liz) has been extremely rude lately. Not the best look considering she’s the first person you interact with when you walk in.

Natasha P.

Never been to a more disgusting place... they treat customers horribly. I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt and thought maybe just one of their workers had a bad attitude, but unfortunately this is common behavior among the staff. We had a group of 20 people for a friends birthday, consisting of doctors and lawyers. I am beyond embarrassed to have attended this establishment. Pure trash. I am shocked this place is still open.

Sean Foley

If you want to feel like you're in college again, this is the place to go. Drinks are reasonable, dance scene is alright. Not as seedy as you'd think.

Yousif saeed

Amazing experience drinks and dancing floor is very nice .. theres a outdoor seating area thats gorgeous

Stephen R.

My wife and I went to this bar the other night and experienced what it appears many other people have experienced here. A bar marketed towards "patriots" with fairly overt symbolism of white nationalists (Don't Tread on Me posters, early colonial slave-era flags, etc.). We were sitting at the bar, minding our own business, when a group of people started giving us dirty looks. We are an interracial couple, and that seemed to be the only explanation for their reaction to our presence. My wife tried to ask them what the problem was, and even offered to buy them a drink, and all they kept saying was "you just need to stay away." Employees of the bar noticed what was going on, and the manager, a 50-something man with a pony tail came over and would not address any of my wife's concerns, and repeated that we should just stay away. It was very surprising to me to see that kind of subtle racism is not only tolerated, but seemingly condoned by the staff. It definitely left a bad taste in my mouth, really hurt my wife, and we will never be returning again. It was unsettling and reflects how our society is letting certain hurtful ideas and behaviors flourish. We have never been treated this way, and judging by a few of the reviews on this site, it seems to be a recurring problem.

Annastasia Hirt

Dj jano is just ok

Colony C.

Almost got into a fight with a couple of trashy woman near Halloween a couple years ago because when my boyfriend waved down a taxi they pushed him aside and when I went to go confront the trashy woman all they did was get aggressive even though THEY were in wrong. I know this is outside of Benjamin's but there is always a negative experience and I won't spend my money on this place ever


The fire pit in the back with outdoor seating was nice.


Better then lava and much cheaper

Charyssa Graziano

Benjamin's on Franklin was a nice space. The outside patio was the best part about it. The bathroom only had 2 or 3 stalls. And the drink was only ok.

lakeysha pennix

DJ was awesome. Puzzled by the lack of checking patrons entering the club.

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