Benjamin's On Franklin

314 S Franklin St, Syracuse
(315) 299-4756

Recent Reviews

Colony C.

Almost got into a fight with a couple of trashy woman near Halloween a couple years ago because when my boyfriend waved down a taxi they pushed him aside and when I went to go confront the trashy woman all they did was get aggressive even though THEY were in wrong. I know this is outside of Benjamin's but there is always a negative experience and I won't spend my money on this place ever


The fire pit in the back with outdoor seating was nice.


Better then lava and much cheaper

Charyssa Graziano

Benjamin's on Franklin was a nice space. The outside patio was the best part about it. The bathroom only had 2 or 3 stalls. And the drink was only ok.

lakeysha pennix

DJ was awesome. Puzzled by the lack of checking patrons entering the club.

Mary Becker

Fund raiser for Corey Hill scholarship fund , What a beautiful generous venue!! Well done, and thank you

Ashley Oliver

This is a great place with a metro vibe. The outdoor patio is my favorite, sometimes they have really good DJ's. The doormen are very attentive and protective. I always feel safe here.

chris bouldin

Benjamin's is the hottest nightclub downtown! Don't believe all the negative reviews written by people that can't even get in the door because of their bad attitude.the doormen and bartenders are very professional. Its a NYC vibe nightclub

Liam C.

The bouncer was homophobic and would not let me in based on me outfit. Was with two girls, who where my best friends, would not let be me in with them because I was gay. VERY disappointed with this bar. You should be an inclusive and very accepting bar yet was not. Upsetting and should be shut down. Even before this, was not a fan of how republican and offensive this club is. Should be shut down because of how okay it is with homophobia. Do better Syracuse. I expect more. Thank god I live in NYC. Disgusting. You should be shut down. Close this place down for a better dance club in cuse already.

Zino 26

The worst club in Syracuse!!! DJ's have no experiences in mixing music and the choices of songs are bad!

Nikita DiGianvittorio

It was total amazing. I had a nice time. Service was amazing..I enjoy every minute of it.

Elan Condyle

Next to impossible to get a drink if it's busy. It's a pretty decent music venue, or it could be. Like it once was.

MaryAnn Gonzalez

Nice place to go dancing with the gurls. Drink are a reasonable price.

Cynthia N.

Been here a couple times. During the summer months, this place can be pretty fun and packed. There's a nice outdoor patio and a separate dance floor. This place has a lot potential to be a nice and trendy place, but all the drunk 18 year old who come in after 10pm on the weekends. I think they also charge a cover fee after a certain time at night. There's happy hour 5-9 with some discounts on drinks. There's also a secret word or phrase of the night that gets you something too. I forget what it is. But if you ask one of the bartenders they might tell you...hahaha. The drinks here are okay. And the service is alright too. We were there tonight -- a Friday night. We were the only ones in the bar from 8-10. Literally so dead. Maybe cause it was rainy outside. Who knows. Anyway. I'd come here again if I were taking people on a summer night. But probably not any other night.

Liubov Trent

Had my phone stolen there. Nobody from the staff wanted to be bothered with the problem. Never called back. Besides, when I came back to the place to deal with the situation at 5:30 pm, it was closed. Although on the website it says they open at 4:30. Very dissatisfied. Would not recommend this place

Patrick Murphy

This place is amazing, the owners and the staff are amazing. Top notch club in syracuse. Cheers.

Ari B.

Best dance club in town. Sometimes bad dj's who don't know how to change a song without interrupting the beat but most of the time very good.

Jordan Young

Benjamin's is always a trip. Usually packed and full of dancing people, you should expect a loud but atmospheric outing. The servers are prompt and the security is thorough, so the service holds up well. In the warmer months the outdoor patio is a nice touch as well for those who would rather lounge around. My only criticism is that the clientele can be abrasive depending on the night, I usually opt for a lower key bar, but with a group Benjamin's is a lot of fun.


Had a great time. Drinks are really expensive, but the music is decent and it was fun dancing.

Matthew Silverman

Little to no space. Bad music..overpriced drinks

Nick Jones

Bouncers are douches. This place likes to think they are a fancy night club.

jameel peterson

Not bad for a friday night, not over crowded


It was fun to go there. The first club we tried in Syracuse. The music wasnâ??t the best to really dance. But it was crowded enough to be fun.


It was fun to go there. The first club we tried in Syracuse. The music wasnâ??t the best to really dance. But it was crowded enough to be fun.

Dan M.

Lost my card: One of the bartenders managed to lose my card for an open tab saying that another bartender must have given it to someone else by accident. Not sure how that happens, but I'll give them the benefit that it was New Years Eve and rather busy. After talking to the proprietor, he said he would come in the next day and look for it, a day he says they weren't open but he would come in on his own time to look for it. I wrote down my name and number and they said they would call me if they found it. I waited two days and made sure my card had not been charged, hoping to hear something so I wouldn't have to change my card on all my accounts. After waiting those two days and hearing nothing from anyone at Benjamin's, I cancelled my card. Still have heard nothing back, you would think that you would at least get a phone call or something to compensate. Seems like a pretty nice place to go, but seems they lack customer service.

Sophia Fayle

The bouncers and staff is always amazing. They do their job very well, and are awesome to talk to. The music is great and so are the bartenders, along with the drinks! Although, there is a woman who works in the coat room who is quite rude. Not a pleasant woman at all. Besides that, itâ??s a great bar and I recommend it for everyone!

Ciara Norris

Great place to spend a night out in Syracuse. The bouncers are very caring and the DJ is always spot on with the music. All of the staff there are very friendly. However the stamp/coat lady is disrespectful and unprofessional.

Josh R.

Benjamin's is a weak weak place that judges you more on your appearance than they want your business. They hold you to strict gender norms cuz they're homophobic af. Hope you can meet their strict strict dress code as a man or a woman cuz otherwise you're screwed. In a group of 9 people, they turned us all away because our friend's pants was apparently too tight around the ankle. WOW TIGHT PANTS. weak weak weak. Benjamin's is a warrior for keeping Syracuse lame. Good work!

Brooke G.

The service at this bar is absolutely disgraceful. I was charged for 4 drinks I never bought and the bartender cursed me off. Please read for the full story.. On Saturday night, I ordered a vodkatonic from the bar and handed the bartender my card. Two people (an older male and female) also ordered a drink after me. The bartender comes back with 3 drinks and hands me the bill. Note: I'm a 21 year old college student dressed in a cat costume, and this guy somehow thought that these 2 other strangers (at least an arms length away from me) were on my tab. Not a big deal (although doesn't make much sense to me), so I explained and he gave me a nasty look. He rolled his eyes and said I had a minimum anyway. Sorry, but I'm not paying for 2 strangers drinks because of your mistake. The bartender told me he would take it off and open a new tab after I complained multiple times (shocker: I later found out he never canceled the first payment) and I still needed to meet a $10 minimum. I kept the tab open, and ordered to plain cans of red bull to take home at the end of the night (to meet the $10 minimum). I literally stared at the red bulls (just sitting in front of me in the fridge) for 20 minutes after ordering from the bartender. I told another bartender I ordered two Red Bull's 20 minutes ago and was still waiting. She gave me the redbull, and then the same bar tender gave me a receipt for 4 Red Bull's and a vodkatonic. So at this point, I had been charged for 3 mixed drinks (when I only got 1) and 4 Red Bull's (when I only got 2). Fed up, I told him this check was wrong. He told me that I was "a f***ing idiot" and that I ordered all these drinks. I told him I waited 20 minutes for redbull, and that when i complained someone clearly charged me for an additional 2 redbulls on accident. He said this was a lie (even though i literally only had 2 redbulls) and that I was "not f***ing listening to him." He then said he never even opened my tab and I needed to go find the person who did. This man FULLY opened my tab because I clearly remember the first incident (I have this on video because my friend snap chatted him giving me attitude) Another guy hopped in, and the same bartender continued to curse me off. Of course, I was written off as some cheap college student, but this is just ridiculous. I left somehow paying $40 for a $5 drinks and two $3 cans of redbull. This attitude would NEVER fly anywhere else - I was clearly taken as a joke and was given 0 respect. TERRIBLE service and no one has even called me back. I would attach a video if I could, but yelp won't let me. This bartender should be fired for his attitude


Cool club. A decent sized dance floor and a really nice patio area with a bar in the back. I highly recommend this place if you are into that sort of thing.

Aakash P.

It's the most fuck all place to hangout. The waiters in there are super rude and I would recommend everyone to not go there. It's sucks. Never go to Bejamin's or whatever the fuck they call themselves.


This place has the worst DJ. He has no idea how to play to the crowd or how to properly mix a good song. But itâ??s the only place to dance in syracuse, so he gets away with be horrible.

German Castillo

It is terrible waiting 25 minutes for a drink, there was not enough staff for a Saturday night. I only got 2 drinks in 2 hours because of the wait, there was more security guards then bar tenders. Very bad experience will not be returning.

Elijah S.

The worst bar I've ever been to. Sometimes a bartender is busy, sometimes they dont see you but at Benjamin's On Franklin they will literally ignore you. Also there is cover. So save your time, save your money and go anywhere else.

Ajwad R.

I definitely wish this place was better as the only higher-end clubs in the downtown. Especially since they charged a cover charge??? If you're going to do that, I expect a party, not a dance floor the equivalent of a bar mitzvah. Do better with music and atmosphere, please.And GOD they're racist! They've got "right-wing extremist" posters and force their employees to wear political shirts to further impose their extremist ideology! I'm tryna drink not attend a Tea Party Rejects Late Night Mixer!

Andrew M.

Place starts cover at 11PM! But I'm just saying if you wanna get in for free... Nice outside patio area if you need to cool off. Definitely the spot to be with a group of friends for some fun

Tim VH

A cover every weekend? This place looks just as scummy as any typical Syracuse bar, the only difference is they have a horrible DJ and a red carpet at the entrance

Rebekah Smith

Best night club in town! They have the indoor bar and dance floor. Outside on the terrace they have fire pits and seating for when it gets too hot and you need some air or for those who smoke. Saturdays are number one in my book but Fridays are also a great night to get out. Highly recommend!

Jesse P.

I always have a good time here. It is only of the only places in Syracuse with a good DJ on a Saturday night that places good dance music. The atmosphere is friendly, they have a huge outdoor area with a fire pit. The drinks are affordable at about $5 each and cover on a Saturday night is only $5. It is 21 and older so no kids to deal with and it is mostly full of college students going out on the weekend. It is a good time. Make sure you visit their website. There is a dress code. Nothing fancy but they don't like caps, sweat pants and stuff like that.

Kyle M

Some of the most rude staff in Syracuse. They think they are some kind of exclusive club. They make people line up outside when the club is empty to appear popular, they are curt when taking drink orders. Bad drinks, annoying music. If you like getting treated like an jerk while overpaying for a cover and drinks you literally have to have no skill to make, this is the place for you.