649 N Salina St, Syracuse
(315) 314-7050

Recent Reviews

Madeline Lopez

Love dunkins great coffee and love the new avocado spread

Gamer Boy

If you want Doughnuts they are good but don't hold your breath for the right orders. Either the employees are hard of hearing or their stupid I've had 3 orders mixed up, given to the wrong person, or not made right.

all life matter

I asked for light bagle not burnt and tea with less sugar bagle was burnt and my tea had no sugar

WALEED Alobeid

It is so good but you have to with in line for a long time

Tabi Logan

The lady working the window was really rude. You really need to get people there whom don't give attitude

Joyc Coleman

Make my own coffee hot chocolate combination??

Kaylee Butler

Went three different times using my dd app, constant issues! Wrong coffee, didn’t get complete order, RUDE employee’s! I never write reviews but this Dunkin’ is absolute TRASH!

Brittany Lloyd

My coffee was great but the employees were rude

chester lynch

Was double charged this morning 3 coffees and a dozen donuts is not 49$ like really every time i go there its a problem from not staring my coffee to not given me my hole order then i got to go inside and dispute the order why have a drive thru if you still have to go in

keannalazore39 Lazore

The staff are really nice and they will fix your order with no problem

Vayne Howlett

The manager handled the situation. I just wanted to start out saying that. My friend and i were waiting in line for his hashbrown. The woman was who was wrapping the food dropped the opened box of wrapping paper onto the floor. She picked it up and continued using them. I said somthing about it and she started flipping out on me. So i made this review.

jared boyd

Couldnt tell if there was a manager on shift. The app was disabled and the cashier was not good at communicating. I ultimately ended up with a terrible coffee

Andrew Williams

our order was pretty quick and everything was exactly as asked! The only problem you had was when we asked to separate the orders or asked them to place another order there employee said she was unable to do that??? Obviously we just separated our orders ourselves, but we knew immediately she didn't know how to do that herself. We have returned to this location and as usual when using the drive through made separate orders without a issue. This may sound petty but in our line of work our employer barely gives us enough time to drive 300 to 600 miles a day and when we're use to being in & out in 5 minutes it cost us drive time we're not paid formake 1 larger order instead of 2 or 3 regular orders had us pulled over waiting 25 minutes was a big deal. My thought is whoever's talking drive through orders should be trained properly before their able to surve customers!

Trinity Tank

Service was great. But hot chocolates were watered down and I wasted $25 on 6 of them??‍♀️ Other than that everything else was good.

Jackie Johnston

I wish they would give napkins to us when you get a Donut!!! Common sense...

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