649 N Salina St, Syracuse
(315) 314-7050

Recent Reviews

Deidra Baker

I live Dunkin they are fast and friendly

Omar Edmond

Always quick and friendly service ?

Michelle axford

Items purchased were almost great (leaky coffee)...orders seemed to be 'mixed up' made waiting in line long!

Dawn Case

Always super friendly Quick Service they even allow people to walk up to the window during so that everybody can still be served including the walking clientele!

Jessica Vazquez

I love rose when she’s working...however everyone else is soooo rude. You can say thank you a hundred times and they literally just ignore you and shut the window. Great customer service ??

joe m

One of the best locations great staff very friendly very efficient I would drive across town just to use this location

Dave Van Wagner

Best coffee close to downtown?

Theresa Miles

Do not like the South Salina don't feel like the people like to work there

Sasha Stolar

Busy but clean and the selection stays fresh unlike the Dunkin in Mattydale. Would rather take the further drive for better service.

The Cool Dad

Friendly staff, they get the order right the first time. Definitely recommend!!

Maribeth Tanner

Love my dunkin coffee. If only my orders could be correct. I still rate this the #1 coffee!

Brian Reynolds

Excellent place only had trouble here one time handed the guy a $20 bills and he tried to give me change for a $10 bill but other than that great customer service they hurried up and fix the issue with no problem

Victoria Leonardo

Love the beyond sausage.. & my favorite drink is an carmel/mocha iced latte with whip cream &&& drizzle...

William Graziano

Said they were closed, when the sign and Google said they were open till 6. Its only 530 All 3 of the employees were outside smoking when I drove by. Crazy... Wont go to that one again.

Michael Bruce

When it was downtown and opened, it had the best hot chocolate and donuts.

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