Glazed & Confused

​211 N Clinton St, Syracuse
(315) 214-5544

Recent Reviews

Penie Coons

Fast service, very cool atmosphere and AMAZING donuts

Laura Wells Payne

The best donuts, the best staff, the best owners. Simply the BEST!

Sharon Adams

I got a dozen assorted donuts for a work function and they were such a hit that I went

El Morr

The best donuts the best staff

Megan Lind

We used Glazed and Confused for our wedding donuts this July. They were a huge hit! They also provided us with a tier stand and displayed them beautifully. My husband and I love these donuts so much that when we flew back into Syracuse after our honeymoon, we stopped to get more donuts before driving back home. We definitely recommend Glazed and Confused for your next catered event/wedding!


They have the most fun and interesting flavor combos and the best quality donuts in the city. They also offer really good coffee. We often order for parties. Great service and a super fun vibe.


This place has awesome, unusual, donuts. There's always a new flavor to try. My favorite is the Dizzy Pig or the one with fruity pebbles.


I love donuts and this place was simply awesome to me. The variety and the creativity of the offerings was astounding. And the freshness! Worth visiting again and we shared donuts with family members who were also impressed. Loved the decor too

Jenna Fleury

Outstanding flavor, creative environment, names and combinations! A little more expensive then others but exceeded expectations! Friendly staff too! I wish they were open later in the day.


We got four varieties....fruity pebbles, choc/PB, french toast, cinnamon sugar. They just fell way low of my expectations. Donut itself wasn't very tasty. Skip it.

Alexander Long

I know donuts and these were grade a. So delicious! Nice store design, too. It’ll be in my lead memory bank for must stops whenever I blow through town. May even have to stop on highway trips.

Pat Bergemann

Definitely good donuts, but the amount of frosting and toppings make them more like cupcakes in my book. They're very 'grammable, so I can see why they're popular, but it wouldn't be my first choice to pick up donuts.


The staff was very friendly and great at describing each donut specialty. Try the ones that seem crazy...they are usually the best!


They have a variety of made to order donuts that are very good. I recommend this bakery to anyone who is visiting Syracuse ny

Monica L.

Ridiculously yummy. Cake was light and flavorful, toppings were on point. My husband who doesn't like sweets (crazy I know) even loved them. They only had one yeast donut, which are my personal fav, and it was one of their daily specials but it was a perfect yeast donut and filled to perfection with raspberry jam. Can't wait to go back!

Alicia C.

Finally tried these donuts out! Got a dozen (4 classic, 8 confused) and 2 gluten free donuts-- every single one was yummy! They are all cake donut based. Wish they had classic filled donuts like jelly or creme (all the ones we recieved were typical hole donuts). The 2 gluten free donuts were great! A tad dry but it was typical of a gluten free treat. Deborah's Sweet Treats supply the donuts--I love her products! (She a local bakery in Liverpool)

Haley P.

Just not very good maybe off day but mine were covered in tons of sugar to cover the fact they lacked flavor and were stale .


We stopped 5 minutes after closing. Did they turn us away? No! They invited us in, let us use their personal bathroom and then we were stuffed in the best way possible with delicious donuts! Thanks for making our stop in Syracuse perfect!


After having these at a wedding we decided they would be a great addition to the graduation party we were hosting. We were correct! They were a huge hit! The ordering process was super easy and the donuts were perfect.

Catherine Waffenschmidt

Finally made it early enough to get the weekly special crueller! πŸ˜„ No wait. Even bought extra donut to give to detail shop 2 doors down, Terry Auto Detailing. Met them last week when I was too late to get last Thursday's crueller. Ladies there are friendly & accomodating. My husband loved the coffee & of course donuts. Shared 2 of my half dozen with my neighbor of 25 years. πŸ˜€

John Brehm

We don't get to Syracuse all that often, my daughter loves local bakeries, donut shop, etc. The first time we tried to stop they were very polite but had closed for a few days to renovate and repaint. We stopped today and they were closing earlier than their payed time because of father's day and they had sold out of almost everything. They had boxed up what they had left and as I reached for my wallet to buy them, they told me they were on them and happy father's day. What a great surprise, glad we finally had the chance to try them out. They did not disappoint, and we will be back to try other flavors. Thanks for a bright spot on this rainy dreary father's day.

Brady Calus

The donuts here are expensive but are completely worth the price. The donuts come out fresh and taste very good. I absolutely love the maple bacon donut and the variety available is spread wide.

Kalei L.

I've been living in S. FL for the last 5 years, where fun and crazy donuts are plentiful; so I'm a tough critic. My brother had Glazed & Confused cater their wedding this past weekend and I wasn't disappointed. We got the strawberry & cream, lemon blueberry, maple bacon and fruity pebble mini donuts. The strawberry & cream. OMG. The rest of them were just, ok. They were all cake donuts, and the toppings were lacking significant flavor, as much as I'd like fruity pebbles to work on baked goods, I haven't come across a successful one yet The maple tasted like a weak coffee and the blueberry, you couldn't really tell what that was. I enjoyed myself, others said they were too sweet, that's just silly. No such thing

Jennifer B.

I went today for the special Father's Day cigar donuts. When I walked in all the donuts looked so delicious that I couldn't help b uh t get a few others. I also purchased a Cereal Kille, What the Fluff, and strawberry French toast. They were all a big hit in my house. It shop is in a good location, but is pretty small. It could get very crowded very fast. The staff was very attentive and quick. It is a bit pricey at $17 for the half dozen I purchased, but VERY TASTY.

Kerr V.

One of the best cake donuts I've ever eaten. And, it was "plain" to boot! The density and the flavor was spot on. I actually stopped chewing to take a good look at the donut in my hand, just to be sure of what I was eating. I found the shop by chance, coming in late in the day and the owner(?) was super nice. If you like a lot of frosting and toppings there's a variety of choices to choose from, me? Make mine plain.

David Colbert

Crazy good donuts that taste as good as they look. Lots of flavor choices from mild to wild. We tried Up all night, Chocolate raspberry torte, and dizzy pig, all of which were great but the combination of maple, bourbon and bacon on the Dizzy Pig should not bee missed. Expensive but worth it.

Bj Menter

While the product is delicious, the music was blaring making it impossible to hear! Popular place so lingering is not encouraged due to the crowd. Not a lot of street parking.

Caroline J.

Got donuts here yesterday and they were delicious! Got the following 2 flavors: Unicorn-nice and moist and very delicious as well as cute! Dizzy up the Pig- the maple and bacon on it was a great combo! Donut was also nice and moist. Can't wait to go back and try more of their different flavor combinations!

Maddy F.

Their donuts are amazing and so creative. I'm not sure where they come up with the flavor combinations and visual displays, but I applaud it. Definitely a must-try if you're having a craving for something sweet! I never walk out of their shop with just one donut.


These donuts are truly works of art and absolutely delicious. They have unique combinations and flavors, you just do not find elsewhere. They have the old stand bys too at a more reasonable price but if you go to the trouble and wait through the line that generally goes outside the door, it is worth it to pay the extra to get something extra special. Granted these are pricey but if you want to impress, this will do it!

Christine A

Loved glazed and confused! The staff is super friendly. No better donut than the fluffernutter. Amazing! Recommend to everyone!


Delicious melt in your mouth pure heaven . Love the flavor combinations and fresh toppings.favorite at office and never any leftovers.

Mark W.

Great, fresh donuts. Light fresh warm and tasty. A truly better choice over the franchised dry bland version. And surprisingly cheap


Glazed & Confused is simply the BEST!!!! Paul and his staff are some of the nicest people you will ever meet and they know how to make the BEST donuts. I always bring a box of donuts with me on my sales calls. Everyone lives the guy carrying a box of Glazed and Confused. I would recommend to anyone!!!


This place is so incredible. The staff is very friendly and helpful in picking out the most unique and tastiest donuts I've ever had. Thank you for the memorable experience!

Anthony T.

I couldn't think of a better business to spend my money. Glazed and Confused not only has the best donuts around but they also constantly switch things up to bring fresh ideas and new donuts to the game. These are the best donuts in syracuse! I go every Friday and get donuts for my coworkers and I love that the staff remembers me and knows my name. Great local business to support with glazed and confused.


Funky joint with the best donuts in town. Great customer service with a huge selection of fresh made products. A must when in town.

Charles P

The best little donut shop you could ask for. There is Always a new and delicious selection. Hot and fresh all the Time every time.

Peter T.

We've been planning to come here for months. We finally made it! Our first trip was a Saturday morning so parking was easy. Our second trip was a Sunday morning. It took a few minutes to get a parking spot. Not bad for downtown. Parking was much easier than we expected. 5/4/19 Saturday On this trip we got to sample a Warm Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut, and got 2 to go. Our other picks were Black Out, Lemon Drop, The Dizzy Pig, Chocolate Raspberry Torte. We ate a few there and brought the rest home. Everything was excellent! Yes we had our favorites but I won't list them. Decide for yourself. The coffee was good too. 5/26 Sunday We were going to get a half dozen but ended up got carried away. We ended up with 14, but 8 different doughnuts. A sane member of our group said "ENOUGH" we come back another day! All to go! What was best? We couldn't agree. Everything was excellent!


A bit disappointed with the vegan donuts. We purchased a dozen variety. Very, very dense baked cake donut, not fried like a standard non-vegan donut. Missing that fluffiness with a crisp outside :(