Glazed & Confused

​211 N Clinton St, Syracuse
(315) 214-5544

Recent Reviews

Colette H.

Loved this place! I'm so glad I stopped by! I can't wait to go back and try more flavors. I tried 3 different donuts. (I took a bit of each, then finished them over a couple days.) They were all so tasty and delicious. The staff was friendly and helpful too. I'll definitely be back again soon.

Amber K.

We visited this place during the Covid-19 state, so the store only allowed one person in the store at a time. Thankfully they let both me and my husband in at the same time. ;) The employees here are so friendly and helpful and made us feel so welcomed! We got a box of five doughnuts (The Springfield + Orange Creamsicle + The Blackout + Cinnamon sugar) and it came to $6. The doughnuts are on the smaller side, but the flavors are unique and I think worth it. Next time I want to try the specials that come out on certain days - that'll have to wait!

Sam B.

Great donuts that you won't find anywhere else around here. Eat them within a day or two of purchasing so they don't get too dry.

Dwight H

Had them for the first time, my wife ordered the Easter pack. They were ok. They were all Cake donuts wish they had other ones. They looked great but lacked substance. The color and decorations were great but it was a thin layer so it was just colored cake instead of frosted. They had a sprinkle one that was perfect

Jessica S.

Good donuts that are creative. I would give 5 stars but unfortunately the staff sometimes (not all of them) act like they can not be bothered by your questions.

N L.

Owner Paul Valenti and his team of magical donut slingers are amazing people who make amazingly delicious donuts. With a bright, vibrant interior to match their fun, vibrant donuts, you won't be disappointed when you visit this little gem of a donut shop in Syracuse, NY. There's a fun flavor for everyone - whether you like a decked out donut with cereal toppings and Nutella, or the simple classics with frosting and sprinkles. And don't miss Fill-It-Friday's! If you're lucky, you'll get to try my absolute favorite - the cannoli filled donut!! Don't miss out on these delicious treats if you're in Syracuse!

Jessie Lee

Amazing!! and thanks again for the St. Jude donut! it was delicious!


Glazed and Confused is an exceptional donut experience. Both the food and the service are excellent.

Dustin Sherman

Incredible little donut shop that sells delicious varieties of fresh donuts at a quick pace. Definitely worth stopping at.

Eileen S

Unique donut shop. Loved how eclectic it was. Donuts were tasty but not very big. Got there just before closing so selection seemed limited which is understandable. Very friendly service.

Esef Hamzic

Overpriced donuts for the sake of being donuts, but they were mostly pretty good. I do feel there was a general lack of selection - if you didn't get something super chocolatey, you were seemingly forced into another specialty like fruit-based.

Steph Schultes

We ordered a platter of mini donuts for my baby shower. They were adorable and melt in your mouth delicious! Customer service was great too.


Best donuts our family has ever had. We have been to gourmet donut places in the area, and this was by far the best. Don't miss the Buckeye or the French Toast donut. Excellent guilty pleasure.

Ashley K.

We've had Glazed and Confused previously, but have never actually been to the actual physical location. The location was small and cramped for the amount of people that rushed there for their orders. However, the line went down somewhat fast. The donuts were fabulous! The chicken wing super bowl donut was surprisingly delicious! Each bite had a nice char spicy chicken taste at first, and then ended with a sweet glaze taste. The Buckeye had a nice balance of chocolate and peanut butter. It was sweet tasting, but the peanut butter frosting on top cut the sweetness nicely.

Patty Wright

Great service! Delicious choices and all around fun experience.

Gregg Wright

Words cannot describe the sugar-induced bliss these donuts can give you. The Snickers donut will put you into a delicious, diabetic coma and the Dizzy Pig is bacony goodness atop a baked treat. The Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go sandwich is ridiculously filling and was perfect. 10/10, will gladly become diabetic by eating too many of these donuts.

Andrew S.

Super cute and quaint place! The doughnuts are all so fun and different. And cheap!! Omg. If you want a quick sweet fix and coffee for breakfast come here. It's worth it.

Christopher G.

Awesome little donut shop in Syracuse. A huge selection of fresh, unique donuts. Definitely a must stop in Syracuse.


I visited Glazed and Confused near closing time, and was impressed at how many others were still coming in. The donuts are pricey; the one I tried was very good, and my friends liked theirs although they aren't fans of "cake type" donuts.

Tito r.

Very good donuts, lots of different flavors and fresh! Donuts were very soft and complaints!

Wesley C.

Amazing donuts. So much better than anything you can get from a store. A real example of a quality product.

Mehrul Singh R.

Discovered this place when I tried their unicorn donut in taste in Syracuse. Best discovery ever, they have the best donuts in Syracuse and the variety of donuts is just too good. Love the freshness and how delicious they were, me and my cousin went there for breakfast and got a box of 12 donuts split into 6 so we each had our own box and choices of donuts! Will come back to glazed when in Syracuse!

Will Haining

If you are in Syracuse you NEED to GO. Great people great choices get a dozen!

Lisa V

I appreciate offering gluten free donuts but they are pretty dense. I think they could find a better recipe for gf. The regular donuts look great.

Jason Fowler

They make some of the best cake donuts in the area, and they also dress them up with cool, fun toppings if you want.

Angela R.

A coworker ordered a dozen for the office, and the whole box was gone before lunch. Glazed & Confused embodies the phrase "you eat with your eyes first." Beautiful donuts that look just as good as they taste in a variety of creative flavors (the Notorious B.I.G. was my favorite, though I was lucky enough to taste a little bit of everything in the assortment.) For those with a sweet tooth and a touch of whimsy, this place is a must.

Adam Gabriel

Wonderful, unique, and decadent donuts. We timed it just right and got them still warm, and they were amazing. A small shop with just the right amount of quirk, and very friendly staff made it completely endearing.


Great friendly service and a good plain donut. I fancy plain donuts and they were fresh and traditional. A wonderful compliment to apple cider this time of year. Left with a dozen for family and friends. Enjoyed by all. I wish they were a bit more substantial, but I will be back.


Great place, easy to pop in and out, very nice staff. Only downfall is 1 of the donuts wasn't cooked/fried all the way through. It was rather raw in the middle, bit doughy. But fun donuts. I wish they weren't so sweet with some of them.


Great place, easy to get in & out depending on the time you go. (Up all night donut is very yummy) Very nice workers. Easy to park & dash in. Definitely recommend. I think they may need a bigger space in the future if it stays popular.

Alexandra Cobb

Of course this was a hit at my wedding! Who doesn’t love Glazed & Confused? My guests were having donuts before dinner was even served and everyone was so excited. Emailing was a little tricky, but talking to someone in person or simply calling the shop made the process of booking easier. The price was great for the amount we got. I even had them delivered and set up for a small fee. If you’re looking for donuts for an event, Glazed is the place to get them!

Lina B.

DONUTS. How can you say no? Let's start off saying that the donuts are all cake donuts. They aren't super dense by any means, but don't go in expecting any soft, light, airy yeast donuts. That being said, I ordered almost every single donuts here. The only donut I didn't get was the powdered sugar one - I opted for 2 glazed sprinkles instead. I bought the Confused Dozen, which was 4 "Classic" donuts and 8 "Confused" donuts. The classics were cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar, glazed sprinkles, and chocolate with chocolate sprinkles. There were 8 other Confused donuts which I'll mention below, and they had one weekend special, which I didn't opt for this time. My order of best to worst (but not really worst, because donuts aren't bad) donuts: 1. Lemon Drop with Blueberry Pop: THIS IS AMAZING! Hands down the best donut. The fruit in the cake dough kept it light, the lemon glaze brightened the whole donut. I could order an easy half dozen of these alone. 2. Up all Night: a regular cake donut with coffee glaze and crushed espresso beans on half of the donut. The coffee added a great kick of flavor and helped balance out the sweet dough and frosting. YUM. 3. Chocolate Raspberry Torte / Black Out: These are VERY similar. I love chocolate, so these are both placed pretty high for me. The 2 differences between these flavors are the toppings and cost. At $1 per donut, the Black Out is one of the classics - simple in execution and taste, but still packs a punch with decadent chocolate flavor. The Chocolate Raspberry Torte honestly tasted the same. Don't get me wrong, its extremely good, but for $3 a donut, I would have hopped there would be more than a small drizzle of raspberry sauce and one fresh raspberry on top. If I had to get one of these, I'd opt for the Black Out to save the money. 4. What the Fluff?: I grew up in MA, so PB and fluff is a no brainer. This was a great combo. They made the fluff into a smooth buttercream that wasn't as sickeningly sweet as straight from the jar, and the PB was strong in flavor. The plain donut underneath made it easy to taste all of the flavors of the PB/Fluff and was a great pairing. 5. Carnival / Sugar Daddy: Glazed sprinkles and Cinnamon Sugar. Need I say more? Good, classic donuts. Can't complain - well made donuts here! 6. Notorious B.I.G: Chocolate and PB - the best pairing ever made on this planet, right? Well, in this case, all the components were delicious individually, but when put together, the chocolate cake was just SO chocolatey that it overpowered the PB cream - at least to me. My boyfriend seemed to think it was fine, but I wanted MORE peanut butter! Maybe I should have grabbed a knife and spread the buttercream... 7. Cereal Killer: Good, not great. Fruity pebbles are the best, but the glaze on mine never hardened, so the pebbles were soggy. Even fresh though, I think this would still be too sweet for me to finish a whole killer. 8. Dizzy Pig / Pardon my Strawberry French Toast: Just not my cup of tea. I don't love maple bacon as a flavor combo though, so take my opinion here with a grain of salt. I just found the maple too sweet, and the bacon not salty enough. For the Strawberry French toast, I jsut felt disappointed with the lack of strawberries overall. I wanted more fruit, and it didn't deliver. Overall, great cake donuts. I'll probably come again, but maybe just get one or two donuts at a time. Definitely worth stopping by if you're in the area!

Penie Coons

Fast service, very cool atmosphere and AMAZING donuts

Adam D.

I tried 4 different kinds of donuts here, not including the complimentary cinnamon sugars they were giving away next to the register. I ordered a total of 5 and the total came to $13. Very, very reasonable for freshly made donuts. (I surrendered the 5th and final to my dad, who was happy to oblige). I asked the lady behind the register about the shelf life and she was honest and more or less said they should be consumed in the same day. Not only did I appreciate her honesty, but I also liked the answer. That tells me these things really are fresh and not like the commercialized crap that comes in the box and is sold in grocery stores. There were probably a total of about 12 different options. It wasn't an easy choice. They all look so appealing. Street parking, but driver beware. Parking on the same side of the street as this business is non-metered, but the sign right out in front of the donut shop is a 12 minute parcel pick-up/drop-off during certain hours on certain days. Don't block it. Parking across the street is metered.

Laura Wells Payne

The best donuts, the best staff, the best owners. Simply the BEST!

Sharon Adams

I got a dozen assorted donuts for a work function and they were such a hit that I went

El Morr

The best donuts the best staff


This was our first visit, had to go after all of the things we had heard about the place. They were good, but were not what I was expecting. I liked the basic donuts better than the other donuts.

Megan Lind

We used Glazed and Confused for our wedding donuts this July. They were a huge hit! They also provided us with a tier stand and displayed them beautifully. My husband and I love these donuts so much that when we flew back into Syracuse after our honeymoon, we stopped to get more donuts before driving back home. We definitely recommend Glazed and Confused for your next catered event/wedding!


They have the most fun and interesting flavor combos and the best quality donuts in the city. They also offer really good coffee. We often order for parties. Great service and a super fun vibe.