Golden Corral Buffet and Grill

115 Simon Dr, Syracuse
(315) 907-3929

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Justin Carhart

Not cheap, but all you can eat, so..... yeah. My son loves the place, but he said it's nothing like the other Golden Corrals he's been to in the South. I took him there only because he likes it. I think the quality of the food is pretty low. I had a "steak" that was more like a Steak-um, but had unchewable grizzle. The "Awesome Pot Roast" was actually pretty good, though. The tiny pieces of baked fish were okay. Don't bother with the "ribs". They're horrible. Corn and mashed potatoes were acceptable. My son liked the taco he made out of nacho cheese and the tiny cheesecake pieces. I would have had some soft serve ice cream, but the cones were gone.

Sharon Willette

My two favorite foods were the fried chicken and the grilled steak. The chicken was crispy and moist. My steak was cooked to perfection by the grill master, Steve. Also, very flavorful. The staff was friendly and accommodating. I will definitely return soon and bring some of my friends.


Been to multiple golden corrals all in New York, this one is middle of the road in the terms of the size. It’s not a huge buffet but it’s not tiny either. This is a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. Their burgers for lunch or really good and their steaks for dinner are really good as well. The fries are good and the salad bar is well, a salad bar 😂. TLDR food is pretty good for a buffet

Sandra Shibley

Disgusting place to eat. The table nearby was left a mess with food on the table and all over the floor for well over an hour. Other tables were left a mess as well. The buffet was nothing special and there was food all over the place. Seems like there is too much seating and not enough room to get your food and move around the buffet. People were bumping into me, including waitstaff. No one was monitoring the buffet station to make sure access food was cleaned up. I will NOT be coming back. I spent over a half hour online look at the allergin menu to make sure I had a list of gluten free and egg free choices; I was excited because there was a large variety of food choices listed online that I could have. When I got to the buffet stations, none of the salad dressings or meal items online were at the Syracuse location. Needless to say I paid a lot of money for salad and no dressing on it.

Roger P

Sounds like we have some work to do. We use your review feedback to improve and hope that you'll give us another chance soon!

Mike Rob

My family of 12 including an infant came at peak dinner rush and we waited to get a table no longer than an incredible 20 minutes. When we were taken to our tables Willie went the extra mile to move them around and make all of us comfortable especially with a stroller. Then our server Joya was just a treat. So positive and happy and making sure all of us were taken care of. Thank you so much Joya and thank you to Cheryl who helped take care of the children's table. The food was wonderful. When they didn't have the steak cooked the way I wanted it. They threw a new one on and had it ready in a matter of minutes. Just wonderful service. Very positive employees and just a very pleasant experience. Thank you again Joya, Willie and Cheryl. And the entire crew.

Sean Rancier

Surprised at the quality the food. Really good. The reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is strictly due to the cost of the buffet. Maybe a couple of dollars less would be good. Otherwise, you should at least try this place. Very clean too and polite staff.

Kristin Frye-Gallaher

As with any Buffet there are some good things and some bad. A steak on the grill was by far the best value for the money. It was well seasoned it was well prepared add some vegetables and a salad and for the $16 price tag go back few times and you have a great value. Drink desserts lots of vegetables and side dishes and salad bar this is an excellent value. They have it well organized with lots of staff that are quite attentive and very quick to remove your plates when going by. I was very impressed by their Fried Chicken. The coating was crisp and the meat inside was delicious and juicy. It was as close to a Southern Fried Chicken as I've had in the North. I would skip the fried okra and the hush puppies if you are a southerner. This place does not quite have the understanding of cornmeal. All in all I was impressed the buffet items were hot and refreshed quickly. The only thing I would have to say is please get rid of margarine . All of the butter items were either margarine or vegetable oil substitutes. Butter is much healthier even canola oil spread is better than margarine. The rolls are wonderful. Hot delicious soft with a hint of sweetness. They were pillowy and really did melt in your mouth.

Donna H

We'll turn those 4 stars into 5 when you visit next! Come back again soon!


When you're disappointed, we're disappointed. Thank you for your suggestion on how we can improve -- we're listening! Come back soon and give us a chance to impress you!


We'll turn those 4 stars into 5 when you visit next! Come back again soon!


Sounds like we have some work to do. We use your review feedback to improve and hope that you'll give us another chance soon!

Chris Wimmer

The best place I've eaten in years. My wife didn't tell me it was a buffet and for good reason, I wouldn't have wanted to go. But let me tell you this is buffet done right. Pork roast, ribs and so much more. The steak was the best, better than Texas! Homestyle meals and the price was more than fair..

Miranda Laraby

This place was spectacular. Our waitress was very kind. We came in specifically for steak but were early. All the food was great but we were waiting for that steak! It was well worth the wait. Ordered medium well and it was cooked to perfection! The man at the grill knew what he was doing and he was very personable. Overall loved this place.

Adjuah Williams

Amazing decor! Very clean. I do wish there were more food choices or maybe that the food was more spread out to give the illusion of more choices... Steak was seasoned well. The cotton candy is cute for the kids. All staff were pleasant and Willing to assist.

Jackie Wright

I have to say the Golden Corral is my all time favorite place to eat. I can't wait for the Grand opening I will be first in line.

Tammy Butler

I have only been there once in my lifetime and i had a great experience. Can't wait for them to open....

Liza Cook

I can't wait til they open. One of my favorites when it was in Fulton

John .P

A sign on the front door says 'All visitors go to the back and knock pn RV door' . No thank you, sounds s little :hinky ' to me. Two stars.... fail!!!

Dan Ware

The Golden Corral set day for a grand opening was January 31, but now theyre saying end of February the beginning of March.

Golden Corral Buffet and Grill
Golden Corral Buffet and Grill

Golden Corral Buffet and Grill

115 Simon Dr, Syracuse, NY 13224