Golden Corral Buffet and Grill

115 Simon Dr, Syracuse
(919) 781-9310

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Jackie Wright

I have to say the Golden Corral is my all time favorite place to eat. I can't wait for the Grand opening I will be first in line.

Tammy Butler

I have only been there once in my lifetime and i had a great experience. Can't wait for them to open....

Liza Cook

I can't wait til they open. One of my favorites when it was in Fulton

John .P

A sign on the front door says 'All visitors go to the back and knock pn RV door' . No thank you, sounds s little :hinky ' to me. Two stars.... fail!!!

Dan Ware

The Golden Corral set day for a grand opening was January 31, but now theyre saying end of February the beginning of March.

Ariel Ruiz

It's about time for Syracuse to have a (not Chinese) quality buffet. 100% recommended!

Mark Foncree

First it was January then February now the opening is in March, but no date. Unreal!!

David Kelly

Golden Corral is my all time favorite restaurant to eat, and at 54 years old...I've eaten at thousands of different restaurant's over the decades!! I've waited for a long time to have a Golden Corral near downtown Syracuse, off Erie Blvd!! I promise I'll be first in line!! Hell...I'll camp overnight to be first in line, just like tickets for rock concerts used to be!! GOLDEN CORRAL RULES!!

Shannon Miller

great food so glad they moved closer then rodchester

Kelly Everson

great abundance of good food at a low price

Logan Bonney

Rating a restaurant that isn't open yet makes a lot of sense. Looked like 4 out of 5 from driving by on the 690.

John Lewis

I visited the server Rochester Golden Corral and really liked it like their wings and like the roast beef and all the rest of the food was nice and hot and very delicious looking forward to going to the Syracuse one

Quentin Horseradish lll

Our visit to the Golden Corral on 2/13/19 was a disaster. As soon as we walked in, the kids started playing with random power tools that were just laying around and the noise that was produced by a gang in hardhats was often deafening. It was almost as if they were under construction! There was nothing on the buffet line other than a few McDonald's bags containing cold burgers and fries! When I picked up one of the bags, one of the hardhats actually yelled at me and said it was his. How rude. We just ignored the hardhats and ate whatever we could find. Why they placed miscellaneous food items inside lunch pails and coffee inside thermoses was a mystery to us. As much as we hated our visit, we'll be back.

Golden Corral Buffet and Grill
Golden Corral Buffet and Grill

Golden Corral Buffet and Grill

115 Simon Dr, Syracuse, NY 13224