Golden Corral Buffet & Grill

115 Simon Dr, Syracuse
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Jamie Elliott

I have been here several times for breakfast & dinner. The food is good and they have all sorts of items to choose from - eggs, omelets, fruit, a salad bar, fish, etc. The only food that I tried that I didn't like was the meatloaf. Service was good at the front when we came in. These girls were great! We did find that beyond that point, service was spotty. We had trouble finding a table that was clean, and out of the way of the air conditioning. If you go, bring a sweater because it's extremely cold in there. Most of our waitresses were very good, but on my last visit I must have said something wrong because the waitress was okay at first but then she never came back to the table until we were done eating. I guess "no more coffee for me"!

Bambi C

Lots of choices. Beautifully arranged delicious looking foods but quite overwhelming to a former fat kid.

Donna Reed

1st Amanda our waitress so nice gave us a tour Buffet today was our 1st time there everything was Amazing. Perfect. clean areas worker's always greeting waiting

Dick Swazey

got fat great time will go again friendly staff easy access

Dexter Mski

Always leave satisfied! Great place for a Sunday meal with family. Even though they charge $16.99 per adult there are specials on the buffet. Service is always prompt and friendly from all staff! A good time not to miss!

Roxanne Nazel

We waited about 20 minutes in line to pay and be seated. Staff were friendly and prompt with removing dishes. The food was plentiful with many options. even a picky eater could find something to eat. For as busy as it was, staff kept up with cleanliness of the facility.

Cindy Wemett

Marissa our waitress was out standing and on top of drinks etc. We came in from the Buffalo area for a family reunion and she defiantly was on top of her job.... As a customer service person myself best service ever

Gregory Miller

great food enjoyed it clean environment

Mr. Rivera

First and last time venturing to Generic Corral. 43.00 for 2 adults. My fiance and I feel robbed. Not even tolerable at best. Everything has a generic taste. I can not believe they even have return customers. If I could give it a half star I would and only because our server Mazzie was friendly. People who enjoy this restaurant must not be able to cook. My advice go home and cook. I sampled several items, absolutely nothing was up to par. And I left feeling nauseous. SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY! PLEASE!

Marleah Tkacz

This was our first and last visit. We've gone and seen it; we're fine never returning. I didn't take photos, since I was in a constant state of disbelief that people actually enjoy going here.

Brian S.

I love my buffets. This is my favorite one in the Syracuse area. A close second is Flaming Grill Buffet. I usually go during lunch time, and the price is right! My vice is binge eating and this is binge heaven. There is a LARGE selection of foods here, my favorite items here are the Fried Chicken, Burger Bar, Onion Rings, Salad Bar, and all the yummy deserts. The staff is very nice and attentive especially when you compare them to the other buffets in town. I don't understand some of the negative reviews. All you haters know that deep down inside you love coming here. Just because you feel regretful and ashamed for all the yummy comfort food you just inhaled, doesn't mean you get to post a negative review just to make yourself feel better.

Cody Thompson

First off, personally, I love the food here. Granted that's subjective, but I'm confident anyone in your party could find something absolutely delicious here whenever they come. The service is efficient and the serving areas have always been clean in my experience. However, what made my most recent visit exceptional was our server, Steve. He provided some of the best service we've ever had. Our beverages never ran dry, dirty plates were gone when we came back with new ones and he always had a smile while interacting with us. I definitely recommend GC as a whole, but Steve made it incredible.

Nadine Spelman

Great place to go with great food and tremendous variety. Something for everyone! The steak was awesome!


We're so sorry that you had a negative experience. Would you let our customer care team know immediately, so that they can fix it and regain your trust?

Gregg Palmer

We went for breakfast with our neighbors who raved about the Golden corral. I liked it a lot, my wife did not, saying never again. It's good, but prices are too high for bulk food.

Shawn Henry

This is a great place to have in the greater Syracuse area. Service and food was great and the buffet and building was very clean. Such a great selection and all so tasty. If you like a good variety of food with lots of options for a good price, this is the place for you. Try it out a d see what you think.??☺️☺️

Michaela Januchowski

Wasn't wicked expensive. They had outstanding food and dessert. For a family of and only spending only $60, that's not too bad because you can eat all you want

Richard Stevens

What can I say, it's Golden Corral. The food was good, not great but good. Specifically the steak, my first piece was very good while my second was, just ok. Let's not forget to mention the line to get a piece of steak. I think my biggest issue here is that $16.49+tax for the buffet is a bit much.

Hector Rios

Took a family trip with my wife and kids and my aunt and cousin. Food was hot and fresh. Pricing is fabulous. And food is always stocked and friendly staff. I recommend this location to everyone. I drive from Rome NY just to eat here.

Stacey Davis

This is a wonderful place to eat. We had a large group of family members and they went out the way to accommodate us. Great job!

James M.

Nice stop for the price. It does not equal the location named the same from Fulton from years ago but it's nice to be able to go to a buffet that isn't Chinese food based.

debbi brodfuehrer

First time ever here. Food was fantastic! The workers were very courteous. Food was very appetizing looking, and hot. Wide selection of food available. Loved the chocolate fountain for dessert!

Pam L

Very good comfort food,so many selections.good prices for all you get. Very clean dining room and restrooms.

Lisa Schoepflin

Enjoyed my visit here very much. I've been to the Rochester location but this was much nicer. Clean and much more open. The food was great. I was there around 3:30 on a Thursday so it wasn't too busy either. The staff was very pleasant. Our waiter was extremely friendly. He brought drink refills before we even asked. Top notch service.

steve junior

Road tripping up and down the east coast I'm familiar with the chain. While the Syracuse, NY location may be the newest one I've been in, it was far from the best. The food just wasn't the same as found in other locations. YES, I KNOW we are not talking gourmet or regular restaurant, but the reliable golden corral choices like the pot roast and steaks were sub par. The steak was overly salty. Yeast rolls over baked, dry and CRUSTY. So sad. Tuna was too wet and sour tasting....oh on and on. Will not be back to this location. Save it for road trip through VA.

Deprina G.

I really like this places conPared to the ones in Florida these is good. Like it is clean and nice in the inside. They need to build another on bec this one stays busy especially on the weekend. The pot roast, fried shrimp and the salad bar are the best items here. They are pretty organized for this to be a chain too. I wish the prices were a little cheaper by $5 but ok. In Florida these buffers at 13$ I would say try it at least once if you never been

Jessi R

Went with low expectations due to other friend reviews comparing it to other out of town locations. I always like to try things out for myself and I really wasn't disappointed! Besides the ridiculously long line we were seated within 15 minutes of arrival. The food was really good with a pretty decent selection! If the other locations are better because they are bigger with more food options, I can't wait to travel and try!!

C. T. Sebastian Jr

It's a buffet and a good one. Still super crowded. Hard to get around people. Food is good for a chain restaurant. Not going out of my way to stop again. But if I was near, and that's where the family wanted to go. I would not fight to much over it.

Michael Huling

If you go there and not leave full, it's your own fault! They have things for even the pickiest eaters! Almost all of the staff is friendly and attentive, we need a good buffet, since all the others left the area.

Martin H.

Simple, delicious 3-rounds of hog heaven dee-lishus food. Best time to go is Friday & Saturday for breakfast.


Your 5-star review just made our day! We always strive to delight our guests, and sincerely appreciate it when you choose to dine with us.

Angela Churchill

I'll give it a 4 just because the steaks and fried fish were delicious and worth the price alone. The salad bar was stocked, best variety anywhere. My last bite tasted like vomit, though, for some reason.


Thanks for telling us about your experience, we appreciate it!

Michael Welych

The price for the quality of food was excellent. I had 4 servings, a salad, main course (2 times) and dessert. The staff are incredibly friendly and helpful. I really enjoyed my time at Golden Corral. I gave a 5 because the price was right, the service was excellent and the food, they had all my favorites. Definitely a place to check out.

Charles Thompson

The food here is seriously fabulous. It honestly tastes like you're having dinner at that one friend's house where the mom is a great cook. Except the selection is WAY better. The staff completed the experience by being friendly and helpful without being annoying. All in all, it's hard to find better for at such a low price.

Heather Sayles

I love this location over the Rochester one. Staff are friendly and it's well organized. Food was hot and tasted amazing. Even the desert selection was awesome. I will definitely be back.

Mark Stever

I am a regular at Golden Corral and was fortunate to have discovered this one which just opened March 2019.

Marshall N Bailey

Great selection of foods. They keep the food coming consistently, have salads, fruits, many desserts, and fresh grilled steak at dinner. Very clean, consistent service. Kids buffet includes a drink, even if they're under three and free. Thanks!

Richard T.

Do the employees write these five star reviews ? I'm sitting here wondering if I was in the right place. Noisy and crowded. And the food tasted reheated . Food needed to be refilled . I even waited till the crowds simmered down and no more fist fights in parking lot . I know I'm expecting a lot it's a buffet after all but for what they charge you'd expect some quality . The commercials are hilarious I'm wondering where those huge butterfly shrimp were I saw in the tv ad . Well tried it once I figure a year or so it should be closed like other locations in Fulton did .


That's not what we want to hear. We'll take your feedback and make improvements so that you will come back and give us another try.

Golden Corral Buffet & Grill

115 Simon Dr, Syracuse, NY 13224
(315) 907-3929