Khao Gaeng, Build-your-own Thai Bowl

208 W Genesee St, Syracuse
(315) 424-8424

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Paul Winterton

It's "Appethaizing" now and the Pad Thai was delicious!!

Lindsay L.

I am so disappointed with this place. Although delivery was fast, the food was horrible and o didn't get my entire order. Egg rolls: were fried until black Fried tofu: wasn't fried Chicken pad Thai, 2 orders: between the two orders of pad Thai, there were FOUR, yes FOUR (4) pieces of chicken. The noodles were in big lumpy balls, no peanuts. Thai tea: not delivered I have had cup-o-noodles pad Thai that is way better than this garbage. The restaurant would not make it right, they just refunded the egg rolls & grubhub had to cover the missing tea. If you want good Thai food, go somewhere else:

Scoobie D

Rice noodles, broccoli, bean sprouts, corn, onion, 5 spice beef, sweet/sour sauce

Dean B.

Great fast casual food with diverse flavors and range of options to customize your orders. We arrived maybe 25 minutes before closing and they were still fantastic to accommodate us.

Lydia L.

I ordered pad kee mao, THE worst pad kee mao I've ever had. The rice noodle was so hard, which was about 50% raw. The broccoli was half raw too. The stir fry was super salty. Whoever was cooking back there was not shy to dump loads of salt in the pan. There was no customer in the restaurant. Either the person who was cooking never cooked before or he/she was in rush. Too rush that a Thai restaurant became a raw bar. For those who doesn't mind eating pure salt and raw food, this would be a great place for you.

Veronica Held

Awesome place by Clinton Square! Went here to grab food during my lunch break and there was no line (aka get your butt here to give them business). The man who made my tofu bowl was very kind and answered my questions about if any of the sauces contained dairy or fish sauce (none of them do, only (non)dairy is coconut milk!). I got vermicelli noodles, tofu, all the veggies with red curry. It was the perfect amount of heat for someone who likes to get their nose running a little, but not overpowering. Would highly recommend this $10 delight! Picture was taken about half way through the meal, lots of substance!

Gabrielle S

It's amazing! The food is good and the staff is great! You really do feel welcome when you go there. At least I did!

James Verity

As thai food goes...its meh. I believe there are way better options in Syracuse. Friendly staff gets extra star. Be prepared to have food served in paper plates and plastic bowls. Its rather pricey for what you get.

Subhanir Chitnis

A build your own bowl Thai place with usually above average result. However, the chicken today was dry which made the meal unsatisfactory. A bit or miss pattern of quality of food from my experiences so far. They will also benefit from improved selection of veggies.

Andrew Reichel

Excellent food, quick sercice.

Rahul Goyal

A little over priced and smaller quantities but nice red curry

Mark Ritter

We have a new favorite Thai restaurant in Syracuse -- appeThaizing! It's built for speedy takeout but we wanted a warm place to sit and relax with some good food. appeThaizing accommodated us nicely. The owner was also our waiter last night. After he answered a few questions about the food, he took our order and was back with our dishes in a few minutes. Everything was delicious!

Annette L.

I had eaten from Appethaizing many times and enjoyed it, so I wanted to see how their make-your-own bowls were. And I was not disappointed. I got a green curry beef bowl with zucchini noodles and was delighted to know I could have as many vegetables and garnishes as I want. The food stayed warm on the trip back to my workplace, and the green curry had just the right amount of kick for me. Would definitely order from here again.

MJ mj

Good, quick, healthy food. And it's as <$10 cheap as it gets (this quality), downtown. If you're in a hurry, create your "bowl". It's like Chipotle only Asian cuisine. You can also order from the kitchen, however.

Elizabeth H.

This place is such a great option if you want something that's quick and inexpensive but also flavorful and relatively healthy! It's sort of like Chipotle for Thai food... you pick from rice or noodles or zucchini noodles, choose a protein and veggies (as many as you want, no extra charge!) and then top with sauce. Then there are fun toppings, cilantro, basil, fried shallots and/or dried garlic. I like to do 50/50 rice and zucchini noodles, and although all their sauces are great, my favorite is the green curry. A giant bowl is around $9-10. So good!

Libby C.

High quality service and food! Absolutely delicious! Calm and quite atmosphere if you decide to eat in. We got ours to go since the helpings are so generous. Highly recommend!!

Shruti P.

We ordered food for delivery and waited for half hour,only to realize the order was cancelled!! Such a disappointment especially after waiting so long.. don't know whom to blame eat24 or the restaurant..

Jasmine J.

Service: 5 stars Food: 4.5 stars I have been wanting to try this place for a while. I found myself walking downtown late Friday morning ( around 10:15) but they don't open until 11 am. I walked past and saw someone who worked there bringing in a case of drinks. I walked to the door and looked really hungry and pitiful. He smiled and opened the door for me and said they could make some of the things on the menu for me, just the build your own wasn't set up. I ordered the drunken noodle. Writing this review while waiting for my food. Seating area is clean and comfy.

Joe H.

Excellent. We had a Thai bowl for lunch; great selection of rice, meats, sauces, vegetables etc. Fresh ingredients; chucks of quality meats- nothing processed. Staff is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable; I wasn't familiar with all of the ingredients however the gentleman behind the counter explained them well and let me taste a couple souses before choosing one. Very tasty food and generous portions especially considering the low price and quality or the food- definitely on my favorites list. Clean and comfortable; they have a dining area with about 2-3 large 6 person tables, a few small 2 person booths and a bar-style seating area.

Ashley D.

Honestly I have not found a better Thai spot in this area. I eat here at least once a week! Great tasting and fast delivery!!

Steph G.

one of the only thai options downtown... and luckily they were open today so I could get my fix. cool concept of designing your own bowl where you choose your carb (OR zucchini noodle- yay healthfulness) base and layer on the veggies (as many as you want) and meats (can choose any assortment). i opted for the sweet sauce and ensured that they drizzled fried shallots and cilantro on top. a pretty healthy and substantial meal for less than $10 ($9.72 to be exact....). clean venue and sanitary bathrooms. folks working there are super helpful and warm. this place is officially on my radar now that they are open on weekends!!

Alex K.

Great curry with zucchini noodles! Delicious and not too heavy. Right on point for dinner. Definitely coming back.

Ely M.

Definitively not fresh food. Vegetables seem to come from cans. Gross. This it assembly line Thai food which seems like a good idea, but this could be a lot better quality.

Debbie W.

First time here on March 9th. They had their Dining Week menu for $25 still posted and you were able to choose that option even though it was past Dining Week. The big menu posted behind the register featured their build-your-own-bowl options. I was pleased I could order their pad thai and egg rolls (listed on their Dining Week menu) individually from the Dining Week menu. With a drink and tax, it still came out to $19+. A little pricey for lunch with my 5 year old. These menu items were not listed on their regular menu, even though it seemed they offer these other items daily. So it is a little confusing. My son and I enjoyed our food. I would return to try their build-your-own-bowl. It was more affordable at $9. That is the option my friend chose. She picked the zucchini noodles with some veggies and peanut sauce. She said she liked her bowl. There was a lot of sauce leftover on the bottom. Sad to go to waste.

Ray Foss

Love their curry seitan, too bad they are practically never open.

Crystal R.

This review is for my dining week experience this weekend. I haven't heard much about this place but was interested in trying out a different thai restaurant so decided to come with a friend for dinner this weekend. I was surprised that they only offered thai bowls, granted it is in their name, but I figured there might be other options as well. Luckily, they did offer thai dishes for dining week, mainly four courses for $25; that's an awesome deal in my opinion! I started with their spicy shrimp, which really seemed like their version of bang bang shrimp. It was good, but heavier on the creamy side than the spicy side for me. I was surprised it was a good portion for just one person, probably like 8 pieces of shrimp and that's just course one! Second course was tom yum soup. I wasn't thrilled with it since it came out luke warm but had a good depth of flavor. Third course was drunken noodles with shrimp and vegetables. I thought the shrimp was cooked perfectly, lots of flavor and juicy--aka not over-cooked. I wished the noodles were more spicy, but again, that's a personal preference. I thought the dish was good overall, but I also tried my friend's pad thai which was definitely the better choice. Lots of flavor and noodles had such great flavor! And finally, my fourth course was the green tea ice cream which came with sliced strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream. YUM! I am usually picky about green tea ice cream but it was delicious, creamy and smooth--no freezer burn or anything like that. I like that they tried to elevate the ice cream with some fruit and whipped cream. Honestly, that extra touch really made a difference. Overall, the four-course dining week meal was superb! I was beyond stuffed and had leftovers to enjoy the next day. I really hope they'll expand their current menu to include the dishes they offered for dining week. Fingers crossed this happens so I can come back for that pad thai!! I did want to make a note, if you aren't already aware, the ambiance and atmosphere is very casual. I wasn't clear on that when I came in, but since my friend and I were doing the dining week special, we received table service. Otherwise, you would just go up to the counter and start building your thai bowl.

Dan K.

Great little place on Clinton square. We almost didn't stop in but saw a sign for Thai bowls and said what the heck, we will try it. Imagine an authentic Thai version of chipotle. This place has fresh, tasty ingredients. You choose rice, or noodles, a protein, vegetables and sauce. The result is delicious. There was absolutely no wait for service as it wasn't very busy at around noon on a Friday. They have a loyalty program where your 8th bowl is free if you provide your email or phone number. I plan to come back for lunch, this was a nice change from the variety of sandwich places in the area that we usually attend for work lunch.

Christina C.

Came here for restaurant week, and I'm so glad I did!! Not only was the food incredible but the portions were great! I've been searching for a place that tasted authentic, and this was it! I had the Thai lemon grass soup, a build your own bowl, and the green tea ice cream. It was also clean, and the atmosphere was inviting and comfortable. Highly recommend.

Jacinta Royal

Stopped in for downtown dining week... can't wait to go back! Shrimp in sriracha cream sauce were amazing!

Jessica B.

The food was delicious ! Great staff. I was in and out within 5 min. recommend to anyone for quick lunch.

James J Walsh

My wife and I were doing our typical drive around Syracuse braying back and forth at each other the same usual places as options and neither taking the decisive position because we have such different demands....we parked the car next to the Post Standard and proceeded to walk to the Dinosaur...when all else fails...Dinosaur! On the wall of the building across from the PS hung a sign, "Build your own Thai Bowl"....immediately all engines directed towards Khao Gaeng (Thai Stre

Thomas C.

Taking a page from Chipotle and Subway, Khao Gaeng is a street eats build your own bowl style Thai fast food restaurant on the corner of W Genesee and N Clinton St downtown. Decided to try this place today after my wife told me about it. I love Thai food and the idea that I can get it quickly obviously appeals to me when on a lunch break for work. Anyone who's been to Chipotle or Subway knows the drill. You walk up to the counter, choose 1 of 4 bases, 1 of 4 proteins, a sauce and any veggies and toppings you want. Bam, Thai bowl. I stopped in around noon. No customers inside, but it's technically a holiday today. I got vermicelli noodles topped with Satay chicken, sweet chili sauce, broccoli, pineapple, bean sprouts, bell peppers and all of the toppings. $9.72 including tax for a bowl. Pretty simple process. I was in and out in about 5 minutes. Employee behind the counter wasn't overly enthusiastic, but they weren't rude or unaccomadating either. Got back to work and tried it out. I was pretty damn tasty. Flavors all worked well together. Chili sauce was sweet with a hint of heat. Pineapple was sweet and juicy. My only issue was it seemed like a small portion to me. $10 for a bowl, so I was expecting a little bit bigger of a portion. I'd definitely go back to try their other meats/sauces though. If you're downtown and like Thai food, I'd definitely recommend it for a quick on the go meal.

Mel I.

Delicious! Made my own bowl with massaman curry. Love how quick it is and how you can add your choice of toppings to your meal. Definitely check this out if you're a fan of Thai food.

Lauren K.

The only negative about this place is they have such short hours otherwise I'd probably eat her way too much. Great prices and really good food. Can be kind of overwhelming to order if you are not familiar with Thai food, but it's hard to go wrong with whatever you get.

Erica Harding Kenny

I just had lunch here after trying to get there for weeks. It was simply amazing. Fresh, healthy, and most importantly delish. I had zucchini noodles with chicken and all the vegetables with the green curry.

YanSong J.

it's like chipotle for Thai food, sooooo gooood

Frank P.

Have you ever stood in line at Chipotle and thought "I wish they had Thai food"? Well, if you did, then you are in luck because obviously the owners of this place have had the same thought. You know the routine. You pick a base for your bowl (lettuce, rice, brown rice) and your meat, and toppings and garnishes.

Khao Gaeng, Build-your-own Thai Bowl

208 W Genesee St, Syracuse, NY 13202
(315) 424-8424