Oh My Darling

321 S Salina St, Syracuse
(315) 290-3330

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Had a very delicious meal at the bar. The bartender recommended the “darling brunch burger” and was kind to tell me that it would be a messy but yummy experience. He was right but I didn’t mind the juiciness of the burger mixed with the runny egg yolk and hollandaise sauce…a perfect medley of flavors! ? the truffle fries were done just right and complemented the burger well. I cleaned the entire plate of food and my tummy went home happy!

Anne Dewanto

Impromptu dinner with a friend when we were on our way back to Ithaca. Overall, the ambiance was great, the food was a bit too pricey compared to its taste (could've been better?), but the staffs were very attentive.

Paul B.

Grilled Cauliflower Steak was so good. Loved the whole evening and then the Fitz is downstairs for music and cocktails. Great up and down!

Allison DeWolf

Very cute place. Loved the exposed brick and the bar was adorable. I thought the food was good. Average, but good. Wasn’t a huge fan of the strawberry flatbread or the truffle fries. But, the burger was cooked well, and the drink selection was great. Only a 15 min wait for a walk in on a Sunday. I’d come again, just would try something else!

Carol Camargo

It was very busy for a Monday. Service was slow. A lot of empty tables and I decided to sit in the bar. I ordered the Rosemary Hot Honey Dipped Crispy Chicken. It was not outstanding. No salt on the chicken, Brussels sprouts were not crispy.

Abby H.

Ordered 4 entrees. One was missing. Could not reach anyone at the restaurant. The salmon was dry and overdone. The risotto had no flavor. I don't know what the food is like at the restaurant but our order was very disappointing.

Jenny Spice Hall

The food was very delicious and extremely filling. Totally satisfied with my experience and will order again.

Jared S.

We had a great time here with my family. Good prices and good menu. Food is good but not great. Perfect for groups! So glad this place is delighting downtown Syracuse!

Janelle Collins

Never been here. My daughter selected this place for her birthday dinner because she liked the look and the vibe of it. We walked in were seated relatively quickly. The restaurant was not busy and looked adequately staffed. We sat at our table for 30 minutes. Not once did a server come over an acknowledge us. We sat there and watched two other tables get seated after us and served. We finally got up and left. As we were getting up to leave a server asked us if we were greeted yet and we said no and said we had been there a half hour. There server half heartedly apologized and blamed it on another server. We were very polite about it but we’re certainly disappointed. They didn’t even try to make it right. She just let us leave and said enjoy your night. Safe to say we won’t be back. It’s unfortunate because it really looks like a lovely place.

Darky War XI

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Kristina B.

A group of us went here for dinner before my bachelorette party and we all loved it. There was around 10 of us that went so we made reservations. When we got there our table was waiting for us and we were seated immediately. Our waiter was very nice and attentive. With a bigger party you would think things would take a long time to come out, but our meals came out very quickly and they were all delicious, no one had a bad thing to say. I would go back any time!!

Shallena C.

Just walking in, it looks like a quaint little place with lots of character and a nice atmosphere. The front of house staff were a little odd as the greeter stood in front of me and stared versus asking if I'd like to be seated. So I had to ask if I could be seated. The wait staff were very nice and attentive. Note: on Saturdays they close their kitchen for an hour at 2:30 while they flip from brunch to dinner so if you get there before that time you're good. Otherwise you'll be turned away and asked to return at 3:30. I ordered the shrimp and grits and a mimosa. There is a half and a full Size option. The half has 3 shrimp and the full has 5. They are nice sized shrimp but the portion of grits to shrimp is off. The bowl it's served in is deep so you lose your shrimp as you try to cut the shells off. So it makes for a slightly messy experience but overall has really good taste. I'm interested to try this place again. It has a southern feel in the north.

Alex F.

This place is so cute and the service was wonderful. I ordered a drink off the specials and it was very refreshing. Our food was wonderful! The chicken and waffles were so sweet and savory, and very filling. The brunch burger was recommended by our waiter and received high reviews as my friend literally cleaned the plate. Would totally recommend this place for a cute brunch place.

Derrick A.

Luke our Waiter was absolutely the greatest. He made sure that we were a satisfied party of 3.First and foremost Luke had a great understanding of OMD's menu. His suggestions were favorable and on point. The Banana Bread French Toasts was succulent and the Hickory Bacon was oh so tasteful. The Shrimp and Grits well that's another issue. The shrimp was flavorful seasoned however those Grits? Hm? The grits lack the flow of the Southern Style. The taste just wasn't creamy and smooth as if I was in the South -Almost but no cigar. Now lastly that Chicken & Waffle? Another Southern Creation. Well it lacked the Southern Tradition. If the Fried chicken is going to lay next to the waffle let it be the Wing. The chicken strip and or Breast of Chicken didn't vibe that well. If it's going to be fried (Hard) the wings are a much better choice....IJS. Thanks again Luke for the Hospitality will be back because the Menu was very Diverse

scotty rude

An awesome experience from start to finish! Delicious food, amazing customer service and made sure our family had an unbelievable brunch including our 5 month old puppy with their outside seating! Highly recommended

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