311 S Franklin St, Syracuse
(315) 474-1153

Recent Reviews

Tommy Gautier

Love this place so much. Dinner can be crowded and they don?t take reservations, but the little known secret is lunch?cafeteria style and seat yourself, much cheaper, most of the core menu, and a lot faster. Make sure to order a side of spicy hot tomato oil at lunch for your delicious bread and you won?t be disappointed.

Christine Deskur Spencer

The complimentary Spicy Hot Oil Sauce is so good with stretch bread.

Emmary Webb

Oh my Lord! The best by far Italian cuisine I have ever had. The placed was packed so we decided to eat at the bar. The staff was friendly. The place a little loud, but understandable. It was very busy.

Erin Foley

Exceptional meal as usual. Great server - thanks Holly. Worth the wait. Thanks Ryland for your graciousness at every visit.

Giovanni Reyes

Amazing service by Dan! Amazing food and Amazing ambience! First time in Syracuse for the holidays and I happened to go out for dinner with my girlfriend on a Monday night...every other restaurant was dead and this one had an hour long wait... which was really only 40 mins...but well worth the wait for sure!! Can't wait to come back!

Richard Bentley

The food was absolutely amazing! Lots of Vegan options for my wife, and magnificent Pasta Carbonara for me, the omnivore. Even wonderful Vegan dessert options. And the service was spot on! Attentive but not in the way. A truly delightful dinner out for my wife and I.

Jan Angier

Just returned from dinner Dec. 16th and it was awesome. The atmosphere was very festive and the holiday spirit was in full swing. Dinner was perfection. Staff was extremely attentive. Highly recommend eating here.

Tate Colburn

Great sauce great staff!

Justin Neretich

Well worth the wait! I can see why so many folks are willing to stand and wait 40+ minutes for a table on a Wednesday evening. Excellent service and superb food. Really interesting artistic atmosphere with live jazz playing. Prices were also justified. Thanks for a fun night out on the town. Check it out if you find yourself in the armory square area!

Angela R.

Walk through Armory Square on any given evening (even in the middle of the week) and you're bound to see people spilling out onto the sidewalks outside Pastabilities. Is it worth the hour plus wait? Absolutely. The spicy tomato oil is Syracuse legend. The pasta itself, most of it homemade, is delectable. I've had several meals here, and none have been disappointing. Plus, if you're lucky enough to score a booth, you can play with poetry magnets, which definitely makes it easier to ignore your stomach growling. A Syracuse staple for good reason.

Ashley Turnham

Love love love it here. They always have a wonderful selection of house made pastas and beautifully paired sauces to go with them. Their signature hot tomato oil is to die for. Have it on pasta or ask for a side of it to dip your breads and pizza crusts into. Their staff and management is wonderful. They are always so willing to help and make your experience there amazing. The atmosphere inside is nice. Dim lighting in the evenings really sets to mood right. During the warmer summer months they have a beautiful courtyard that you can dine in. The beautiful brick buildings and their flowers make for the perfect settings for lunches and dinners. I got married in that courtyard because I love it so much! They have a seasonal menu for dinners that is full of great, ever changing selections. For lunch they switch up the pace and do a cafeteria style service where you walk up, grab your tray, tell the chefs what you would like and they prep your dish right in front of you fresh. Be prepared to wait for dinner service. They are VERY popular and VERY busy but totally worth the wait!

Gg T.

Pastabilities is my go to when I am back in town! They have absolutely delicious food and a pretty awesome atmosphere

Tom H.

What in the hell just happened to me. I feel...... different...... OH, NOW I REMEMBER! I ate at Pastabilities. For me, gone are the days of Gram's pot of Sunday sauce and large family gatherings in Staten Island. However, I will never forget the sweet Italian aromas that filled the air teasing my appetite all day like the siren of the sea. Tasting the food here at Pastabilities brings me right back to those happy moments in my childhood. Not so much because of the taste (Gram never made spicy hot oil) but because of the amount of love and care they put into each plate. Each time I come to eat here I notice that when the server serves me my dinner they always seem to have a grin on their face that reads, "lucky you." And boy oh boy, are they right. The pasta is homemade and the best part is that IT TASTES THAT WAY TOO! The complimentary stretch bread is baked directly across the street from the bakery that they own. It is best used to sop up the complimentary spicy hot oil which tastes as if every single fresh ingredient was carefully chosen and methodically added to the pot. As I am driving back to my hotel I am certain that the people in the streets of Syracuse could hear the echo of my cheers coming from my car. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" Enjoy, Buon appetito. -Tom

Tim K.

The pastabilities were endless. We started with the complimentary stretch bread and hot tomato oil which seems like it was tomato sauce with chili oil. It was very tasty. The wine was delicious. The atmosphere was modern and trendy. The staff was top notch. Great service from all. We had the gnocchi which was also good and reasonably priced.

Donny S.

While visiting Syracuse, I decided to look for a local restaurant. I stumbled upon the Pastabilities. The Pastabilities were endless. There was no wait, although I have read that there's sometimes over an hour wait. We were sat down quickly, served quickly, by a friendly waitress named Sue. Sue was cute, and talked really fast. So I ordered a Gnocci Bolognese, and it was full of flavor. The on thing I would've liked on it is some Ricotta, but it didn't come with it. After eating, there was plenty to take home. My buddy had Gnocci with 50/50 sauce, and he appeared to enjoy it, since there was nothing but a dirty plate left over when he was done. The wine was fresh, and the water cold. The bread was plenty full, and their famous sauce was excellent with chunks of garlic in it. I would definitely visit again, and I'm sure my review will improve as I try more things.

Benjamin Hunter

The food was delicious and the staff was very helpful and friendly. Pastas and breads made fresh across the street at their own bakery. The relaxed ambience of the restaurant is amplified by the wonderful live music being played. I will definitely be coming back to this restaurant.

Imo O.

While visiting Syracuse, this place is known to be busy at all times and I can see WHY! On a Sunday night, we came around 9pm and it was a 45 min wait. PRO TIP: even though they close at 10pm, they actually stop taking names on their list at 10pm! Just a little secret for you there. The ambiance is pretty nice as the lighting is dim, the music is great and the table has a nice candlelight touch to it. Really nice for a date, friends, birthday dinner and more! The staff was pretty amazing from the bartender to the waitress! So accommodating and quick! Started off with stretch bread with their hot tomato oil...BOMB and complimentary! After I ordered the Linguine with Spicy Bolo good! Even down to my Sparking Apple perfect for the season! If I could give this place 6 stars I would! Thank you Pastabilities!

Russell Rana

Great place to go eat. They were extremely busy, so the wait time was long as expected. Though it was worth the wait. The waiter was also very helpful. When my wife ordered something that she didn't like, he promptly offered to take it back and allowed her to change to a different dish. All in all, great staff, atmosphere, food, and delivery time was great even though they were very busy.

YoYo Happy

Nice place. A bit noisy tho. My drink was Okay. Would not get it again. My husband drink was very good. My food was hot and tasty. There was a fly that would not leave us alone. Wait staff was very attentive. First time here and would definitely come again. Oh would love warm bread.

mary von rathonyi

Great place for some delicious Italian food. Lunch service is cafeteria style, so it helps if you know what you want to eat. Stretch bread is fantastic. Meatball subs are huge and the best we've tasted!!

Dawn notarpole

Although it took AWHILE waiting to get a table it was well worth the wait. Compliments to the young lady and man waiting on our table. And SUPER COMPLIMENTS to the chef/chef's. The food was excellent.

rajiv kumar

Excellent service and ambience. Anyone who likes Pasta or try for it then Pastabilities is the name in Syracuse. Genuinely priced, excellent chef and very cordial service and staff. Would love to visit multiple times.

Cherrilyn B.

Went on a Saturday night for dinner. 1.5 hour wait. I mean it's a highly reviewed restaurant in Syracuse so we expected that. We went to a nearby bar (the hops) in the meantime and then when we came back, got a drink at the bar. The food was delicious even though it took a while to come out. The restaurant itself is pretty big so I understand why it took a while. I ordered the short rib but without the pasta and more veggies. They were able to accommodate and it was soooo tasty! Brussel sprouts were on point. I'd visit again. Also wanted to sit at a booth to play around with the magnetic words but maybe next time!

Caroline J.

Down in Syracuse for the Crunch game and decided to have dinner again here. Service was once again very good and our server checked in on us a few times as well as got plain tomato sauce for me to help calm the riggie turn-down sauce which was still too spicy for me. He did take more than 5 minutes to come over to get our drink orders but they were already packed at 5pm on a Friday. I guess no one in Syracuse works past 4 on Fridays! The food is very good but I hear that they sometimes go on a 2+ hour wait! Yes, the food is delicious but not sure if I would wait that long, especially when their are so many pasta places in the area. Pluses- Hot tomato oil Riggie turn-down-loved the fresh linguine and that the sauce is not as spicy as regular Riggie sauce. The one thing I didn't like was the chicken has been grilled and maybe my pieces had been overly grilled . Could taste a lot of the charred parts. My husband had the chicken Riggie and it was good but not the best he has ever had. I wish the stretch bread came warm and toasted just a bit. It would make it so much better. Overall Pastabilities is a great place but highly recommend getting there either early or late. Yummy food and great service! First time eating there after hearing such great things about this place and it did not disappoint! Husband and I shared the following: the harvest salad, the penne with blush sauce (subbed the homemade fettuccine for the penne) and added some meatballs and of course tried the hot tomato oil & bread! Everything was delicious and can't wait to go back!

Aaron S.

After a lengthy wait we were seated. Everything from that point on was perfect. The food was great, bread service delicious, drinks were strong, server was kind and attentive. Do yourself a favor and go here no matter the wait.

Brad S.

I absolutely love this place! I visit every time I'm in town! The HOT oil is amazing!

Stefanie C.

I booked my trip to Syracuse months ago and Pastabilities was sitting in my saved Yelp restaurants for that whole time. We tried to come here before a 7PM comedy show at the Landmark and the wait was 2 hours. They do not take reservations which is a real bummer. However, we figured after the comedy show ended it was unlikely that there would be a long wait for a table. Wrong. At around 8:45PM the wait was still 1.5-2 hours. Although I hate the no reservations policy, and I hate waiting, I am so glad that we sat and waited for a table. I've never had bread and "hot tomato oil" sauce that blew my mind as much as Pastabilities. It was really hard coming to a decision as to what pasta I wanted to try. Literally all of them looked good. Ultimately I had the Hot Vodka sauce pasta and my boyfriend had the Wicky chicken. Both were amazing, and nothing I say will ever do them justice. I'll never be able to see pasta the same after coming here. The saddest part is Syracuse, NY is 4 hours from my house and I can't come back every weekend to try another pasta. I guess another trip is in order. TRY THIS PLACE. Wait it out (even if you hate waiting like me!!!) It's soooo worth it!


Awesome service, and amazing food. The drinks were pretty good too. There was about an hour wait when I went around 8pm, so definitely expect to stand around for a while. The bar is right up front though, so you can order a drink while you wait.

Lauren G.

ITS WORTH THE WAIT!!! You don't hear that very often and we waited for two hours on a Saturday. Holy cow what a gem! I recently brought my husband to this location nervous that it wouldn't stand up to the hype I gave it or the two hour wait but it lived up to all expectations. My husband has been raving about it since we left. He ordered ravioli with a meatball and I ordered gluten-free rotini with hot tomato oil. We left with two containers of hot tomato oil after my husband tried it! Our waiter Daniel was really nice and very attentive despite it being so busy. Make sure when you give your name to the hostess that you give a first name and last initial seems like when we came last time they gave my table away to a different Lauren which is completely fine because we were sitting around the corner at the bar but I would've preferred to not wait that long if I could avoid it ! My number one piece of advice The hot tomato oil should be the only sauce that you're ordering on your pasta because nothing else can hold a candle to it! Open in NYC please !!!

Amy Noh

Best pasta you can get from Syracuse. I love their sauce and the bread. They are extremely busy during weekends evening so I would avoid those times.

Carter Rowe

The wait for a table can be long but if you get a seat the food is fantastic. The servers of kind and attentive. But the real stand out is the sauce, there is a reason they are famous for it. You can go was the spicy sauce if you don't mind bringing the heat or the 50/50 sauce if you prefer a more mild spice.

Lauren O.

There were aspects of this restaurant that were great! We came on a Wednesday, a party of 4, around 630 pm and were given an expected wait time of 35 minutes. We got drinks elsewhere and came back to no wait. After a round of drinks and an appetizer, which were great, we ordered and waited about 45 minutes for our meals to arrive. Being from Denver and frequenting busy restaurants, this wait time was unacceptable. Out of the 4 entrees ordered, 2 were extremely sub par. The manicotti was mostly cheese and spinach and the Alfredo sauce wasn't even comparable to store bought. Unfortunately, we were expecting better as we heard great things from friends about this restaurant. The saving graces were our appetizer, garlic bread, and live music. We will not be visiting this restaurant the next time we are in Syracuse.

Aparajita S.

Even on a Tuesday the wait for our group was about 30 minutes, and it was that long for a reason. After hearing all about this place from local people, I decided to give it a try. Long story short, I was not disappointed. They have endless bread paired with this tomato oil which is super unique. The bread was a bit in the harder side, but the oil it came with was amazing and different from anything that I have ever tasted. I ordered the chicken Riggie which came with a spicy tomato sauce. The sauce overall was a little spicy but paired well with the wine we ordered. I also tried a bit of the fresh basil pesto pasta from my friend. I like how it fresh it tasted and that they did not overdo it on the pesto. Our waitress was super friendly and accommodating to our needs. I can't wait to come back here and try more of their dishes! Even though the wait may seem long, it is definitely worth it!

Mike Badolato

Great food, friendly service. Very affordable. Casual atmosphere. Hot tomato oil is out of this world! It's a popular place, so you may have to wait a bit. Menu is pretty traditional Italian, with vegan options. Drink menu has a nice variety.

Bec Groves-Haley

The sauce, oh my!! Dip your bread, eat by the table spoon, put it on anything...itâ??s so delicious! The seasonal salads...another exquisite item, not to be missed. Iâ??m not a huge Italian, pasta consumer but thereâ??s an option for all types of eaters. Highly recommend for a dinner or lunch option.

Svetlana Kim

Delicious pasta!! Came here for lunch on a Saturday and it's "fast-casual" style. You grab a tray and utensils, and wait on line to order at the counter. Find a seat wherever you want after you get your food. The line moves pretty quickly and there was plenty of seating to choose from.

Jay Meehan

Homemade Pasta and Bread. You start of with oil, garlic, tomato drippings. Absolutely addictive. Really really good. Excellent Staff, Right pricing, overall a very fun vibe. Great Touch to the Syracuse Area. Shrimp Scampi was to die for. Cant wait to come back. Thank You to our waitress for a fun dining experience.

Matthew Johnson

I really, really enjoyed eating here. The freshly made pasta is delicious. I took a date here and she enjoyed it. The staff are friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed without being disorderly. Great experience.

Dan Johnson

The food was great and the staff was friendly. Good atmosphere. Our food seemed to take a long time to arrive considering that the restaurant wasn't super busy at the time, but it was delicious. I would definitely go back.

Maddy F.

One of my favorite restaurants in Cuse! Their pasta is amazing and the spicy hot tomato oil is sooooo good. The mojito I had from the bar was great as well. A little pricey and parking is tough, but the food is worth it. All of their dishes are so well prepared and very fresh.