215 Walton St, Syracuse
(315) 475-0117

Recent Reviews

Matthew Lavoie

Make sure you get here during a lunch or dinner rush, if there aren't a lot of people the chefs don't keep making dishes. If you're there during the down time, you can order off the menu and they'll make it fresh. But the waiters don't really let you know that unless you ask.

Eric Sweet

Great sushi. Food tastes better when it comes to you on a conveyor belt.

Calvin Au

Friendly staff. Sushi was good, better than most places I've tried. I did the all you can eat, and the portions are a bit bigger than your average sushi; more rice. Only one sashimi bowl per person tho.

Sam B

25$ all you can eat on certain days. Cool experience getting your sushi off a conveyor belt

Danielle Benjamin

LOVE visiting Sakana-Ya. Lunch time is the best on Mondays and Tuesdays because conveyor belt sushi is half off. You can get a huge lunch on a budget! Plus, if you don't see the dish you want coming around, they will quickly make it for you. Just be sure to get there early on half price days because the counter fills up quickly!

Sarah P.

I don't eat sushi EVER and I did the other night when we came here! I was shocked that I even liked it, the best part was it was all half-off, we plan on coming back next week. My boyfriend is from New Zeland and knows good fish, he was so happy to have great sushi. It reminded him of home (happy gf here). I loved the idea of picking what you wanted from a conveyor belt, something that I'm not used to!!! Will be back soon

Juan Robertson

Did you say ALL YOU CAN EAT SUSHI?!?! My friend wanted sushi and we decided to give this place a try. I never been to a place where sushi is just spinning so everyone has a chance to grab what they want. So for our first time it was not a bad experience. It's $1 for every piece you leave which kinda sucks because we grabbed a plate

Mirna A.

Did you say ALL YOU CAN EAT SUSHI?!?! My friend wanted sushi and we decided to give this place a try. I never been to a place where sushi is just spinning so everyone has a chance to grab what they want. So for our first time it was not a bad experience. It's $1 for every piece you leave which kinda sucks because we grabbed a plate and didn't like the taste of it and sadly it was charged to our total. The bubble tea was good I had the mango and he had the strawberry. Overall not bad place and will most likely go back

Evan Bush

American style sushi with some more classic options available. This place looks far bigger than it really is because of the mirror wall so it fills up fast. The sushi was excellent and incredibley fast to be served. The price might add up fast but if you go on half price day all the food is half price not just the sushi. This is an experience worth going well out of your way for, very fun and enjoyable time. Would recommend.

Natasha W.

I love conveyor-belt-delivered sushi. The last time I experienced it was in Toronto many years ago, and I loved it back then so I was excited to try it out in Syracuse. My partner and I visited on Monday which is half price sushi. I don't think I would visit on a regular weekday other than half price or all-you-can-eat, because without the deals it would just be too expensive. So we sat down and watched the conveyor belt and my dining partner grabbed (almost) everything that came his way. I was a little more discerning, but I tried his dishes too and they were all excellent, so I guess you can't go wrong here. Highlights: the tempura'd banana with hot fudge dessert, the spicy mango roll, the bubble tea. But as mentioned, everything was quite good and worth the (far) drive for us. I will be back!

Anna K.

This is garbage, I'm sorry. I ordered two specialty rolls, which were not cheap. Super unappetizing, sloppily and loosely rolled and smushed directly into the wasabi. The parts of the rolls that weren't submerged in wasabi tasted gross. It neither looked nor tasted fresh and when I received it from the delivery driver, it was warm, which was also concerning. I'm really hoping I don't get sick.

Sam Streeter

I had a California roll for a start, and I have to say it may have been the best version of that roll I've had. It was also a spicy roll which I tend to prefer, but the flavors were all fresh and complimentary. My meal, a standard sashimi meal, was fresh, good flavor, but a bit uninspiring on the presentation (most places present the plate with more flair on it). Miso soup was also very good, but a bit less flavor than I have had with quality west coast restaurants.

Hillary Bevens

Half priced sushi is a great deal for very flavorful high quality options. If you're hungry go for all you can eat.


1st time experience dining at this unique Sushi belt restaurant. The selection was vast , but our waiter really needed to gain a personality. Will try it again when we return back to SYR area

Chris Porter

Always consistent, no matter how busy. Don't ever complain about the wait time for a seat on popular nights, there's a reason, and you won't wait long for the food. Be polite and leave when you've finished eating so other guests may enjoy. If a long stay is wanted, they have a wonderful dining room next to the conveyor bar. Enjoy!

Ashley Hauck

The concept it great the "train" brings by sushi and you grab you want. Different colored plates cost different amounts. This makes it easy to tray new things and everything is sooo yummy. They're not skimpy on the fish and there spicey rolls are really great.

Chi Nguyen

Give this restaurant 0 STAR if I could. Found this in a noodle bow that I had and I don’t think I am supposed to eat this, went up to ask the manager, expecting a sorry but nothing besides a bad attitude. SO RUDE & HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICES .

Chi N.

Give this restaurant 0 STAR if I could. Found lots of hair in a noodle bow that I had and I don't think I am supposed to eat this, went up to ask the manager, expecting a sorry but nothing besides a bad attitude. SO RUDE & HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICES .

Cheryl Meany

The sushi is outstanding. The restaurant was decently busy for a Saturday night which meant that sushi took longer than it has in the past. Otherwise, we had an awesome time and a great dinner.

Heather DeVito

Lunch was better than dinner on my two visits here. The waiter was not helpful with how to order, which is confusing if you've never been there before, nor was yesterday clear with what to expect from the belt. He seemed like it was a chore to explain and we missed out on some good choices. It was very expensive for what you get unless you know to order specific items that are included in the price. Fun to try, but I wouldn't go back again. Be sure to pay attention to the "map" so you know what you're paying for if you don't do the pay one price.

Lily K.

Incredible!!! I love the sushi and going to sit for the all you can eat for date nights! Always friendly staff, clean and a great cool atmosphere. Worth the price and makes sushi fun.

Timm Bangma

The conveyor belt idea is cool, I've never been to one before. But the problem with them is that the sushi is not fresh at all by the time you pick it up. (Especially when it isn't busy). The sushi is just ok. And only barely worth the price because we were there on a half price day. Otherwise it would be outrageously expensive for the quality and selection.

Bryan Clark

This place is really cool. Everything is made fresh right there and served on a conveyor belt. Cool experience, and a nice place for lunch.

S.P. Guzman

Extremely clean, very well maintained, friendly and attentive staff... the ambiance seems to draw really really nice people from all walks of life. This well lit place has a very communal feeling about it...everyone watching the conveyor hoping to get another glance of the Suooh they think they might have room for it in their stomach.

Justin H

Always enjoy visiting here when I come to Syracuse. Decent American sushi at a decent price and it encourages you to try new things. Definitely worth checking out, though it can fill up fast.

Levi Meyer

Interesting concept with the conveyor belt. However, they prices and a bit steep and the service is not good (with exception to the very friendly woman who greeted us). I most likely will not be returning.

Marc Quesnel

Excellent sushi with a great selection. The conveyor belt is like having a live menu floating by. Lunch deals make this place the perfect spot to go to during the weekday.


Went in on a Wednesday for all you can eat. I was excited to pick out dishes off the conveyer belt but it was just for show. Servers were taking orders on their notes instead. And I’ve never seen so much rice on sushi. No wonder I was already full after a couple of dishes. Another down side was that they only make a few kinds of sushi on all you can eat days. And the actual raw fish or seafood they had available was tuna and salmon. Everything else had either fried shrimp or fake crab meat. It wasn’t worth the money at all.

Claire Madigan

Best sushi in syracuse! Also a great experience with the conveyor belt. One of my favorite places to go in all of upstate NY.

S.T. Davis

We go to Sakana Ya a lot because we live very close. Always really good food and quality. Window seat is the best.

Alice H.

Tips: For all-you-can-eat, (Wednesdays ~$25) there's only 1 per person limit on the sashimi bowl. You can either pick from the sushi boats or you can order them to be made by the chefs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ It's great to have a sushi place in Syracuse with some great weekday deals. Monday is half-priced and Wednesday is all you can eat. $25 isn't too bad if you come in really hungry and it's nice to have the option. I was a little disappointed that for all-you-can-eat that there's a limit on the amount of sashimi plates that you can get, but I guess I get it. The sashimi probably costs them top dollars so they don't want to keep giving it away for all you can eat customers. Overall I'd say the sushi is okay quality and is a convenient place to go for some casual sushi.

Aimee F.

I love getting sushi here! Mondays they have half price sushi and Wednesday is all you can eat sushi. They also have really good bento boxes (which are super cheap for lunch!) and entrees!

Robert Beilstein

Fairly pedestrian sushi choices, though the fish seems pretty fresh. Very heavy on weird rolls with cream cheese, crab, etc. I was really put off by the dipping bowl already loaded with (WAY too much) "wasabi". Seems more of an Americanized Asian fusion place than a sushi bar. Still haven't found a really authentic sushi bar in Syracuse.

K.L. Q.

My husband and I love this place! Great fresh sushi! Love the atmosphere but the seating is quite close to your neighbor. But over all we love this place.

Jon B

The sushi is fresh. The service can be improved slightly with a little more attention. There are a lot of great dishes with a nice fusion variety of Japanese,

B Santee

One of my favorate Sushi restaurants in the area. The conveyor belt approach I have always liked since seeing it at a similar place in Boston years ago. Unlike a normal menu, when a roll or dish looks good you can simply reach out and grab it. Cost is determined by how many small plates are in front of you when your finished. The bar-stool style seating makes this little place a quick and easy stop that's a unique and enjoyable atmosphere.

Adam Bittel

Great sushi, better prices, excellent service. All you can eat Wednesdays are my go to. Highly recommended

Vivienne A.

I feel as this restaurant capitalizes more on experience than on their actual sushi. The sushi was pretty ok but really nothing special. It was all pretty spicy and not that flavorful. The sushi bar inside was nice but I would only recommend going on half price days because it's definitely would not be worth the full price. Overall it was a fun experience and nice to try something different but the sushi just wasn't that impressive.

K.L. Quaife

Love the food made right in front of you. My husband and I have always loved eating here. Just wish their was more seating sometimes your literally on top of the person next to you.

Mildadrea Starr

Two of my favorite dishes! The Rock Salad and the Phoenix. What a neat concept, prices are by plate color and the food is simply amazing! A little confusing at first for a new comer, but we soon figured it out. The portions are great for sampling everything on the belt! The atmosphere was super cool!