215 Walton St, Syracuse
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Bronco B.

When i first saw the conveyor i said Huh? Food and a conyeyor belt? But then when I sat down it all started to make sense. By the way this was before all of this weird conoroa virus stuff happened so its not open for sit in now at least! Anyways the sushi looks super nice and is always very appealing to look at. sometimes I watch a single plate of sushi go around the coneyveror belt at least for 4 full rotations before coming to my senses and grabbing the plate. Its nice getting to see your food before you order it! you know how sometimes at other restaurants you get food and then someone else near you gets food and it looks better? this is not the case here! you can see something and if it looks nice you just GRAB it. I had this sushi with cream cheese and boy did it really get me going~! I ate at least 10 plates of sushi before tapping out! I went when it was half off, so I got to try that fancy schmancy sushi that normally i would not try because of the higher price point. Who woulda knew that eel sauce was so tasty! After all of this cornoa virus is over, please do yourself a favor and go grab a couple plates of this amazing fish rolls. Just breathtaking ! I Love it here


Food is amazing and the 1/2 off days are just what you need to meet that sushi craving. Chefs here are pros. Sushi is very well done. Love this place I just wish it was a little bit bigger but it is Armory Square after all. This place never disappoints. Staff are super friendly and the place is very clean and welcoming. Best sushi spot in Syracuse hands down.

Jamie Elliott

Was in Syracuse on business and found this little restaurant near my hotel. I didn't have high expectations for a sushi style restaurant in this part of NY state, but I was surprised and happy with the level of food quality and choice. I had a California roll for a start, and I have to say it may have been the best version of that roll I've had. It was also a spicy roll which I tend to prefer, but the flavors were all fresh and complimentary. My meal, a standard sashimi meal, was fresh, good flavor, but a bit uninspiring on the presentation (most places present the plate with more flair on it). Miso soup was also very good, but a bit less flavor than I have had with quality west coast restaurants.

Alisha Calkins

I love Sakana-ya! This sushi conveyor belt is life, they have specials all the time and the sushi is great! So yummy!

Ankita Deepak

We were two and went for the first time. We were given the menu and no one to help. The menu had some drawings and we didnt have idea about the sushi rolling on the conveyer belt. Until we figured out what sushi it was from the drawings it was already a hand away. It was funny!

Amanda Feliciano

Food was fresh and delicious. Service was speedy and very pleasant. Highly recommend!

Angela R.

So, I know that sushi-on-conveyer-belt restaurants have been around for a while, but I've never actually been to one. I didn't actually realize that Sakana-Ya was this kind of restaurant when my friends invited me, so that was a pleasant surprise. The space is small (though it seems huge when you first walk in thanks to a tricky mirror.) You sit at a counter in front of the conveyer belt. One downside is that this layout does make it tricky to talk to dining companions-- I came with two other people, but with any more I think it'd be really hard to have a proper conversation. Nonetheless, the novelty of the concept makes up for the awkwardness of the layout. Plates are color-coded by price. Staff gave us a menu, but I just plucked what looked good. At first, it was a little overwhelming. The upside of this system is that it lets you see the final product before you choose. Definitely broke me out of my sushi rut. I tend to get the same things because I know I like them, but here I tried some really tasty rolls I probably never would have tried. If you're not careful, you could overspend very easily. (I found myself thinking "that looks good!" several times per minute.) Luckily, we came on Monday, which was half-price sushi night, so the bill was super reasonable. Although you serve yourself food, the staff was very attentive. Our water glasses never went unfilled even after we paid our bill, and when my seat neighbor told the waiter she wanted to try a roll that had just been made and not yet placed on the belt, he gladly went and brought it to her so that she wouldn't have to wait to grab it. A really awesome experience. I already want to go back.

Mad Yarns

Me and my significant other were hitched half a month back and we'd the delight of working with this providing food administration. I recommend Sakana-Ya Sushi.

i ng

Sushi quality is average. Turnover is not high so sushi from the belt are generally dry. They don't have covers for their dishes on the belt so it's a bit unsanitary and is the main cause for their dry sushi.

Isaac Khan

The sushi here is amazing! I've done the all you can eat sushi, ordered out, and soon to try the sit-down restaurant side. Love the food and got my partner to try sushi. They are obsessed with sushi now, especially from Sakana-Ya!

Natalie L.

I came here tonight with some friends for the all you can eat special. It was busy but we got 3 seats by the door. The problem was that this also meant we were at the end of the conveyor belt and were the last ones to get any of the plates. This normally wouldn't be an issue but there was only one chef making the rolls and he wasn't able to make enough rolls for all the hungry diners. In fact, there were multiples times when there was nothing coming out on the conveyor belt. There is also a menu available to order plates, but we were told that the chef already had too many orders and we needed to wait. When the rolls were ready, the waiter mixed up the orders and gave ours to another group. We also had to wait a very long time before receiving our food. The food in general was below average. The rolls and nigiri was mostly comprised of rice and the sashimi bowl was limited to one order per person. I understand the restaurant's tactic to fill you up with rice, but it feels like a rip off. I like the concept of conveyor belt sushi but the food was severely underwhelming. I'd rather go somewhere else next time for quality sushi.

Audrianna McCormick

You can order why you want even at the conveyor belt. Food is always beautifully presented and delicious.

Caidy E.

Went here for dinner tonight with friends. Delicious and fresh food, with great service! We will be back.

Carrie Wood

Didn't know SYR had this little gem of a Kaiten-sushi" (conveyor belt) sushi bar until my cousin, who is much cooler than I am, invited me out on a Monday night for their special: half-price sushi! Love it. Definitely check it out.

Trudy Falter

Best sushi ever , my daughter introduced me to this place , Ive been going ever since

Ethan William

Sushi on a conveyor belt! Besides that awesome draw piece its really wuality sushi for a fair price. With near daily specials you cant go wrong. Highly recommend their all you can eat days where you can get crazy bang for your buck. I take any and all friends who enjoy sushi here

Nikolai K.

I went to the sushi bar last night for a fun date night and the place was great looking. The host seated us fairly quickly even with it being so busy with it being "all you can eat" sushi night on Wednesdays. We had a great time and the sushi was fresh and delicious. They had a variety of sushi to try with all different spicy levels. The only issue we had was trying to get drinks was a bit difficult but understandable considering how busy they were on the conveyor side. Overall, I would recommend to anyone in the area looking for a fun place to eat.

Calamity J.

if only you could give one star... I ordered a veggie roll and an Alaska roll for delivery. Unfortunately, I didn't think it would be safe to eat either after I went to pop the Alaska roll into my mouth and noticed a really pungent, rotten fish smell. I thought maybe I was just being delusional so I took a piece of the salmon out and sniffed it and HOLY HELL. Imagine, if you will, the liquid that collects at the bottom of community trash cans. Now imagine that liquid has baked in the sun on the hottest day of the year. THAT is the smell that assaulted my nose. Thanks for the rotten fish, guys. Really appreciate that I could eat neither roll because they were packaged together and I wasn't willing to pay for an ER trip when I inevitably had some sort of gastric explosion.

Aaron Schantz

I absolutely loved this place. I over ate on an all you can eat night and I blame that entirely on the chefs! The conveyer style sushi serving is a really cool concept and I think the only one in Syracuse. The price was pretty good considering what you got. I hope you get a chance to go. You will enjoy what feels like a bigger city sushi place.

Laura Botsford

Delicious sushi and a great deal! (Half off days are amazing!) Clean place, good service and great food!


Love the atmosphere and the sushi conveyor belt, but I feel like lately the quality of the sushi hasn't been quite as good.

Carla Yates

Visited on a Thursday for lunch. The conveyor belt is fun. The food, service and prices were excellent.

Kathy Dwyer

Always delicious. One of our favorite spots.


Good food good service parking is tricky

Marc Manno

Excellent service. Fast and friendly. Sushi was very fresh. Little high on price from what I'm used to but everything was delicious

Alyssa Busco

they had delicious cheap sushi!

mike hazemy

I went on a Wednesday and I guess it's all you can eat. Well let me tell you. It was the worst sushi I had ever had. The same 20 dishes kept going around on the trolley the whole time I was there. I had them make me some rolls off the AYCE menu just so it was kind if fresh. This place had a 4+ star rating and I totally have to disagree. This is 1 to 2 stars at best. Save your money.

Kitti Ghoul

Amazing food, orders are made quickly and drinks are amazing. The conveyor belt is always clean and filled with the best options. If you’re looking for high quality sushi at a low price come here.

Mike Montagna

This place is unreal. Syracuse, NY packing some of the tastier sushi I’ve ever had, who would of thought. Love this spot

Kyle S.

I'm giving it an extra star because of the Monday and Wednesday deals they have. The quality of the food is average for your sushi place. Nothing amazing, but it'll satisfy your sushi craving. They have a good rolls that are pretty good, but majority is just okay. I will say that their Monday 1/2 off deal is legit, and their Wednesday AYCE is a deal as well if you are a hungry person like me. Things I think they could improve on: beer specials during Monday and Wednesday; seemed pretty empty, and I think they would benefit from some drink deals to help with their customer flow.

Benjamin F.

This is my favorite "modern sushi" place. It isn't where I go to get a standard California roll or spicy tuna roll (although both are available), I go for the more unique rolls, particularly their best roll: the double shrimp roll. It's a roll with tempura shrimp and cream cheese, and then the whole roll is also fried... 'Murica. Mondays are half price as well as tuesday for lunch, and wednesdays are all you can eat for $25. It's usually not very busy unless it's half price day.

Vince C.

I'm not quite sure how to start this one. It's been quite a while since I've written a one-star review and I actually would give it zero if I could. I've never said that about any restaurant I've reviewed. I guess I'll start off by saying I'm quite the avid sushi eater. Everything from traditional, modern, and even Americanized sushi. I was very excited to try this conveyor-belt sushi style restaurant. We don't have one here in Rochester, and I believe this is the closest one to me. We came in around 6:30pm tonight (Saturday) and we were the only ones there. We were asked if we wanted to opt for the all-you-can-eat which we all agreed on. We were under the impression it was only on Wednesdays but we were told it was offered on Fridays and Saturdays as well. This is where things started going downhill. I was quite confused how the restaurant operates as no one explained it to us. There was a laminated all-you-can-eat menu which featured easily over 25 different rolls, a few choices of nigiri, and a couple sashimi plates. We weren't told we could order straight off that menu, instead we watched these small places of half sushi rolls come around. We pulled a few to try, and noticed the only small plates that were going around were the same 5 rolls, seaweed salad, and fried banana. As the restaurant started having several more people sit at the sushi bar, we were asked if we wanted something directly off the menu. I opted for the salmon nigiri, and sashimi plate. I watched the chef make these quickly, then the server gave them to us directly. The salmon wasn't too bad, but what stood out is the amount of rice on the bottom. Being to a few AYCE sushi restaurants, I understand they bank on you filling up on rolls and rice. But the amount of rice was absolutely ridiculous. Easily 3x more than a typical piece of nigiri. The rice was oddly warm, and tasted old. My sashimi plate consisted of salmon, "white tuna", "snapper", and tuna. Now it states on the menu the tuna is "medium fatty tuna from the belly." This was 100% just regular lean tuna (akami) and it was the worst I've ever had. It was beyond it's expiration date, gave off an awful fishy smell, and tasted even worse. Luckily my friend warned me as I bit into it, and I spat it out. Overall, for $24.99 this was completely not worth it. I'm confident when I say, this was the worst sushi I've ever had. Syracuse has perhaps a couple great sushi restaurants, but I would never return here if I was in the area. The concept was great, but the product is horrible. Tacked on with a $3.00 "bubble tea" made from flavoured powder, and horrible off coloured tapioca, with the consistency of jello. This $30.00 meal before tip is easily one of the worst meals I've ever had anywhere. Without exaggeration, minutes after leaving the restaurant, 3 out of the 5 of us that dined threw up likely from actually ingesting the tuna. Fair warning, there are a couple phenomenal restaurants within 10-15 minutes away in the suburbs. Skip this one.

Eric Balcom

I love this place. It's always busy and the sushi is on point. Get there early or late. On wednesdays seating is limited in front the conveyor belt.

Nick Schellevis

On a Saturday night, we were here briefly with just the two of us. Eventually there were six guests in total.

Paul McKinley

My family's first conveyer belt sushi experience. Was great! The plates are color coded with a pricing guide on the counter. Just take what you want as it goes by and track your own total. The kids loved the experience and I think a lot of people were surprised to see them so enthusiastic about sushi. I would highly recommend going on the half price nights. Our 120 dollar binge only cost us 60 bucks.... You can't beat that deal!!!

Matthew Lavoie

Make sure you get here during a lunch or dinner rush, if there aren't a lot of people the chefs don't keep making dishes. If you're there during the down time, you can order off the menu and they'll make it fresh. But the waiters don't really let you know that unless you ask.

Eric Sweet

Great sushi. Food tastes better when it comes to you on a conveyor belt.

Calvin Au

Friendly staff. Sushi was good, better than most places I've tried. I did the all you can eat, and the portions are a bit bigger than your average sushi; more rice. Only one sashimi bowl per person tho.

Sam B

25$ all you can eat on certain days. Cool experience getting your sushi off a conveyor belt

Danielle Benjamin

LOVE visiting Sakana-Ya. Lunch time is the best on Mondays and Tuesdays because conveyor belt sushi is half off. You can get a huge lunch on a budget! Plus, if you don't see the dish you want coming around, they will quickly make it for you. Just be sure to get there early on half price days because the counter fills up quickly!