2515 Erie Blvd E, Syracuse
(315) 449-2314

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Troy Capteina

Great coffee great people

Tom Schieno

I never go to Starbucks there coffee is horrible

Dani Thomas

Our cahier/barista was absolutely amazing! She was super helpful, nice, and she knew all about the drinks offered. She answered us in such a cheery manner and offered great drink mix ideas to suit our tastes. I wish I grabbed her name because she was amazing!The S'mores Frappuccino is back for the summer and its definitely one of my top two. I usually get the the Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino, but our barista made the decision between the two easy by adding the Cookie Crumble java chips to the S'mores Frappuccino. Such an awesome combination and I highly recommend it!


Conveniently located in the PriceChopper supermarket.Opens 6:00 am, rarely a wait.Ample parking, quick in & out.


Conveniently located in the PriceChopper supermarket.

Carsen Skeele

It's a Starbucks. Felt about same as the last one I was at a few weeks ago. Nothing is the preference of this place, though they have a standard and they keep to it. Often friendly and helpful staff. Coffee is standard. Nothing grear

Truth Teller

Okay I guess. Not enough seating with charging stations. Some awkward chair placements-catering obviously to the “regulars “ who take over the space like kudzu.

Erin Zielinski

This location is ok. They didn't understand my order and I ended up with what was essentially a cup of milk with caramel and a shot of espresso instead of a macchiato. The employee also failed to put the lit on fully and upon my first sip I was covered in my drink.

Jennifer W.

I recently visited Starbucks drive thru bought two venti green tea latte and both were not even full. Seriously the reason I will never be back!!! SHAME on YOU

Lorraine Stanton

Conveniently located in Price Chopper grocery store.

willis Parker

The taste is ok, it is small, you need to walk in

Gloria Trode

Great place great company!!!

Green wizard

Customer service was great

Barnabus Santee

I swear I did not buy coffee from a Starbucks! I would have supported the local coffee shop first. Coffee does not need to be complicated. In Costa Rica you grind the beans, add hot water and grounds in what looks like a dirty sock. A few minutes your coffee has dripped done.Compare that to Starbucks and you start to see how anti-coffee they are.

Char Olmsted

Great pumpkin latte. I like the set up, small and cozy.

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