2374 Niagara Falls Blvd, Tonawanda
(716) 262-2046

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Gabriella Santos

Loved checkers back home in Florida but every time I order from this location through door dash they always get my order wrong. Sauces are missing customizations aren’t followed. When you call the store there is no answer. It’s just a bit disappointing

Mariah Murphy

Like other reviewers have said, we had to repeat our order probably 5 times just for them to get every one of four orders wrong..when we went back to fix them they took the food back then STILL gave us the wrong order. I’m not one to oppose fair pay for fast food workers either, but if you’re getting paid $15 to work here and are giving this kind of service, theres something wrong lol will never be back to this location.

Tara Casten

I have never went to checkers. My first time in Tonawanda New York. Place was about 50 degrees it was cold dingy and had a chemical smell to it.That's not my huge complaint. The chicken sandwiche that I ordered was raw. 100% completely raw.I will never go there again or recommend this place to anyone.

Shannon Cook

Great deep sea doubles...yummy fries and pretty fast service

Allen Barlow

Food is always wrong when i order and drive through is horrible i dont think anyone here knows what there doin but they pay them $15 an hour thats a joke!! Hate coming here!! Dont come often do to horrible slow service! And its 7:15 at night so there not busy

Frankie “Metalrulz” G

I missed checkers so much from when I lived in Florida. The banana milkshakes and chili cheese fries bring me back. Great food at lower prices than most fast food restaurant's. I have always had great service and no mistakes at this specific checkers either. A++

bella mama

Good food fast. Plus they're open late

John Hill

Sebstian was the best fast food worker i’ve ever had the pleasure of encountering. The workers here are always great and the only thing better is the food. Keep up the good work!

Manar Al Nuaimi

Although food was good but the location wasn't clean, garbage everywhere and bathroom is kind of gross.The food tasted good but sandwiches weren't made with care

Suzanne Gomez

Started eating at this location 2years ago. I would stop on the way home from Darien Lake with grandchildren. They were crazy about this place and fast food choices. Just recently stopped in with grandson. A bit disappointed, burgers still cold, but my grandson had wrong lid given for his drink,he dropped 2nd one he was given the third was the winner. But when he gave the 2 lids to the worker he put them back on the pile. Ugh!!! Also inside tables not too clean.

sue phi

UPDATE#2 Likely not going back. Last 3 orders, last 3visits were incorrect. First time, no big deal. 2nd time, not thrilled, but it happens.3rd order error and the attitude I was given--plus wanting to charge me more--getting it wrong 3 times in this visit alone. Maybe I don't need another burger in my life. Attitude was unnecessary. It was burgers, simple burgers.FIRST visit: Haven't had a burger in about 9 years. Suddenly wanted one. A simple Burger is not easy to find on a menu. Not easy at all. But workers know their menu, so I was able to order a burger. Just wanted a burger on a bun with ketchup and pickles. I was surprised how very tasty this burger was. I will be back for more. Taste testing this week, various burgers, various places. Have a hunch this place wins hands-down. Oh! Only a buck a burger! Great service here too.UPDATE#1: I have been back. Told friends about Checkers. Now they go there too. Who knew? PLUS, Checkers has daily deals. Had gone inside and saw my receipt. Thought maybe I'd gotten some major senior discount, so asked why such low prices!! Daily deals. I took a photo and shared. Now even more friends go there. What?Prior to 9 years ago since last having a burger--it was 1977 in Atlanta last burger. 1977, 2012, 2021. Life.

Leila Burdge

This is our absolute favorite place to eat, we enjoy the food! but most of all it's the service we receive from Ryan. he is always so friendly, welcoming, and polite. he is the reason we only go to the Blvd location. my husband and I can't say enough nice things about this young man, definitely need more people like him in this world. give that young man a raise!

Tony Kehrer

Burgers are good and the fries are as good as they get. The best fries in the industry

Tim Dyet

Shakes, this is the place for shakes! Banana shakes are top tier. Giving 4 stars because the drive through could use some new pavement.

Andrew Diaper Fetish Ditch

Checkers gave Andy lots of money when he feel and when boom boom. Andy needs checkers to became Andy's payee so they can give him more money and more food to fill diaper with because Andy not good enough for social security to help.

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