833 Young St, Tonawanda
(716) 693-2890

Recent Reviews

Loren Field

Chicken at this location is always good.I refuse to go to the one on Abbot Rd

John paul Wright

Everytime i get drive thru its not even close from colvin location only thing right was drink and sause what a joke of a place

Barb Herman

Courteous and well prepared at opening time of 10:30

Dominic Cassiol

Everytime I order from this restaurant they forget my side. It has happened the last 3 times I’ve gone through. When you call their number no one ever answers. Avoid this KFC at all costs

Megan Dimond

Although the line was long, they got the order right, and the food was good.

Carrie Ann

Absolutely love ordering from here because the staff are always so prompt and they are so busy all the time.

Ryan Brott

Just went through the drive thru and ordered 2 famous bowl fill ups and a 10 piece tenders with honey mustard. The tenders are the size of chicken nuggets from McDonald's and they didn't even put any sauce or utensils in the bag to eat the food with. Kind of ridiculous after listening to an employee in the drive thru cussing very loudly about the previous customer ahead of me. After the poor customer service I will no longer return. Not even the food was good to make up for the disgusting behavior of the employees that work here.

Wendy Herrmann

The whole process of ordering to pick up was quick and friendly. The food was hot and delicious. My son gave it 2 forks up!

Angelo volos

Friendly efficient service..New Chicken Sandwich very good.

Opal Cove

We wanted to get the special with two mash potatoes but a lot of the items were not there. They were either out or just plain didn't carry them. They were not very well prepared for this ad campaign.

Wilson C

They must’ve got new employees or something. I order a $20 fill up and they gave me $5 meals. They also don’t answer their phone.

Ari Verrastro

Very friendly staff, fast service.

Saif Almafrachi

I ask and pay for 12 piece of chicken after when i get home it’s only 9 and i called no respond never go to kfc again

Joseph Byrd

Not correct order .. Cold... Place needs good cleaning inside and out!!!

C. Vessaya A.

I love the Original chicken wings, mash potatoes with gravy, savory biscuits it tastes Delicious❤!!!

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