Slick Willie's Sports Bar

2316 Niagara Falls Blvd, Tonawanda
(716) 743-8233

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Craig Acton

Staff was incredibly rude and acted like my request for a single order of wings and a sprite was the biggest ordeal known to man. I waited 75 minutes for 10 chicken wings... I've worked in food service, so I am never rude to wait staff, but I went up after an hour just to simply ask for an update on them and the woman sighed, rolled her eyes and walked wasn't even being rude ma'am, I just wanted an update....maybe don't trest your customers like a burden? Nice atmosphere, but overall I'd recommend blue bull tavern over this place. Nicer staff and better chicken wings!

Eugene Bofill

I LOVE this place!! It has a Dive Corner Bar feel but it's alot bigger than one. The service is Great! They have a decent amount of Pool Tables and other games to pass the time while you drink! Their food is really good as well!

Tanya Kane

Good food. Went up in price. Semi clean. But alot of fun

Dawn Cornman

Fun place. Lots of pool tables and dart boards

Bonnie Moser

Great bartenders. I love shooting pool on the several different tables they have. It really helps your game to be able to shoot on all types of tables good or bar 6ft or 8ft ...

monica miranda

Definitely a college/ younger crowd atmosphere. very dirty in there.. however, beggers can't be choosers and they DO stay open late when not many places do and the bartender was a sweetheart.

Scott “Scotty Winslow” Wilson

Pool tables could use some cleaning, leveling, and over all policing for drinks on tables when busy. Idk, just a suggestion. Overall very large and can handle the business. Clean, respectful place.

Jim McMichael

Had a couple drinks and lunch and enjoyed it. The bartender was a very nice lady and one of the patrons bought us a shot.

Sal Nas

Add on windows read 3.50 bottle beer wing's 5.95 for 10 got charged 4.50 for beer wing's 12.25 bartender did nothing about it.

Lucas Zendano

My first time visiting Slick Willie's Sports Bar was a cozy, peaceful & pleasant one! The bar top is lengthy with multiple mounted TV's to watch any program that is displayed on the screen of course! Moreover, the square feet of this particular sports bar is spacious/massive to say the least as they own numerous pool tables along with a handful of dartboards so if you are in the mood to enjoy yourself, there's plenty of options to choose from! Lastly, I definitely recommend you visit Slick Willie's as you won't be disappointed by the atmosphere of the establisment and it will be difficult to not have an enjoyable experience when your present & in the moment!

mary sullivan

Nice place to have a quick bite to eat,and a couple cocktails, and talk to friends in the afternoon

Patrick A.

You go into slick willies and you're gonna expect cheap drinks but also good food and relatively decent serving time. Waited 30 minutes for my second beer and an hour for a menu. I get your busy I understand that but you've been talking to the same customer in the amount of time I coulda DoorDashed a pizza... if I wanted to wait 30 minutes for a beer I would've just gone to my fathers

Jim Carlins

Good local hangout with friends forva drink and some games - darts, pool tables, sports o. TV


I've only gotten the chicken fingers BBQ so far and they were so delicious. I've only been there twice and plan on going more to try other foods.

Paul S.

Yelp kind of sucks cause it really isn't user-friendly, great wings great service and great pool tables and always fun.

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