Ambadi Kebab & Grill

141 E Post Rd, White Plains
(914) 686-2014

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Saul M.

Excellent customer service. Joseph and team polite and quick and our order was ready for pick up in 30 minutes. Generous sized portions and the food is made fresh. Alu Gobi Mutter is excellent - cauliflower with potatoes and peas in a rich broth. Chicken vindaloo and coconut shrimp curry a must. Delicious hot breads - go for the garlicky Naan. Mango Lassi is great and Gulab Jammum for desert is tasty too. For me it's all about the service especially when ordering in and they get it right.

Quinlan O.

I stayed at a local hotel and needed a decent takeout dinner for the night. After rummaging through the options available on a Sunday night around 6pm, I had decided on Ambadi. The food itself was decent enough. The flavors didn't blow my mind in relation to other Indian restaurants I've been to, but it was good enough to not complain. Unfortunately, my girlfriend's Goat Saag had very little meat in it and was mostly comprised of spiced sauce and goat bones. My order of Boti Kebab was my favorite flavor that I had tried from them, although the meat was particularly tough. The Lamb Samosas that I ordered came out as Beef Samosas. Still tasty, but was certainly a careless under sight. I was still hungry, so we ordered more samosas. I ordered 3 more orders of Lamb Samosas. There are supposed to be 3 Samosas per order from this restaurant (I had called them to confirm). I received 8 samosas. 2 of them were lamb; 6 of them beef. I cannot find beef samosas in the menu and the lamb samosas are the most expensive variety of them I can find in the menu. So the flavor in the food was again, decent enough. But ultimately, I was given food I didn't order, twice, and was not even given my full order in the second order. Maybe they were having a bad night, maybe they just don't care whatsoever. Who knows! Give it a shot when you're desperate and try your luck!

Atul Saxena

We had a party of 20 people. Quality of Non-Veg dishes reminded me Chandini Chowk mouth-melting Mughlai cuisine and Karim of Jama Masjid. Mutton Rogan Zosh, Butter Chicken and Kashmir Kababs, I love it. The best part their Garlic Nans were very soft. Vegetarian items were amazing from startup Gobhi Mashurians to dine. You need to tell them in advance, so when you reach everything must be ready as they make everything fresh. In any restaurant, you need to give Chef sometime to give you his best items. It is worth spending money. I will highly recommend everyone must give a try, please tell them before you order, how spicy you need it. Very respectful and humble.

Truffles N.

The kathi rolls here are just the frozen paranthas you get from the Indian store. They don't make them fresh. The filling had maybe 2 or 3 pieces of paneer, the rest was all oil and onions. Restaurant was empty on a weekend, don't know how mediocre businesses like this can survive.

Nandi S.

I really don't understand the low star reviews. Yasmin takes really good care of the restaurant and the quality of the food. As a brown person, i would recommend asking them to make the food spicier. Here are my top picks: -chicken tikka: ask for extra spicy. Top notch flavor. -goat roganjosh: soft and tender. Good masala base and made with care. Ask for spicy here as well. -veg biryani: suprisingly very flavorful -dal makni and paneer tikka: proper amount of cream and well done Work 1-1 with the owner and you'll get the home style food you deserve. Im eager to try seafood next. Highly recommend this place for catering and small parties.

Sandra F.

I hadn't been to Ambadi since I last worked in White Plains about 10 years ago when the food was absolutely delicious and we used to go there or get takeouts at least once a week, so when I found myself in White Plains with time to kill before an appointment I decided to have lunch there. What a huge disappointment! Yes, it looks different, no longer just a bare bones place with steam trays of food (though you could always order other things like their scrumptious masala dosa which is no longer on the menu), but the food is bland and tasteless with virtually no Indian spices in anything. I had the chicken combo platter: a greasy samosa (which was actually the best-tasting part of the meal), chicken tikka masala (3 small chunks of chicken breast in a tomato sauce that lacked even salt, never mind any actual Indian-food flavor), curried vegetables (mostly cauliflower with a piece of potato and a cut up green bean in a flavorless green gravy), rice, and a naan. The meal included a dessert but I was given the bill without even being asked if I'd like the dessert too. There was supposed to be a choice between gulab jamun and kheer, but when I asked to take dessert to go I was given a small container with a tiny portion of kheer. What a waste of time and money...... I'd give it no stars if I could.

Osama Malik

I ordered from here recently for delivery. I got the mixed tandoori grill, which includes pieces of chicken tikka, malai kebab, seekh kebab, chicken tandoori, and tandoori shrimp, all of which were pretty tasty. I also got a tomato soup and some salad on the side which were alright. The prices are good for the amount of food you get. I will definitely be ordering from here again, especially it’s one of the few halal restaurants in the area.

Danielle R.

Tika sauce was thin and basically soup. 5 small pieces of paneer in the saag. Needed salt and flavor. Even the naan was disappointing. Wish we asked for a refund as I was so looking forward to take out Indian. HUGE bummer


Ordered food at 8:00 pm arrived at 8:30. One entree was missing, so we called back. Advised food would be delivered in 10-15 minutes. Didn’t arrive for another 45 minutes and there was a large curly hair in the food. We’ve ordered here atleast a dozen times before and this will be the last.

Sohaid Reid

Bad people. I came in at 9:30PM to order some food and the owner looked me in the wyes and said “we are closed.” Not only does the sign on the door say 10PM, the menu is listed as 10pm and it’s listed as 10pm online. Never giving these people my business.

Luke Arrumm

Nice cozy place, very good Indian menu

Rohish Samant

They have a good selections for a restaurant in White Plains and if you want to be budget friendly then you needs to go for their lunch prix fix

Brittny T.

Best Indian food in white plains. Spicy and delicious! We have been looking for a "go to" Indian spot for over a year and we finally found it!!

Monachen Jacob

Not an authentic Indian


Good food and great service ❤️

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