Big City Gourmet

140 Grand St #100, White Plains
(914) 397-2489

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Kevin M.

I do not understand why people think so highly of big city gourmet. Their daily menus seem nice, with a salad bar and hot soups available. Unfortunately when you look into how they make their food, it's quite disappointing. Behind the counter of their hot food station sits a row of multiple microwaves. I have watched staff use these constantly while serving customers. I have also ordered food that went from the "hot plate" then right into the microwave... I for one do not want to pay premium prices to get microwaved food. Unacceptable, and unappetizing.

Broadway Lawyer

It has a sit down restaurant that is great!

Karen S.

This place is close to my job so once in a while I go because it is so close and every time I ask myself why do I go back. For starters you can be the only one in there and it takes them forever to make your food. But my biggest complaint is that they never make the food the way you want from eggs to a simple peanut butter and jelly. I ordered peanut butter on multigrain with a tiny bit of jelly and got this. Can't even eat it it's all jelly. I'm done

Robert C.

This was simply terrific for our lunches away from court. The lower level is the deli, with plenty of table service seating and a big screen TV upstairs. The space is bright and inviting. HUGE sandwich selection (as in 50+) , solid table service, daily specials and a clean building bathroom to boot! The sandwiches were terrific - a lamb gyro, roast beef and avocado panini, and a grilled chicken panini with fresh mozzarella over the course of the week. There are large plate selections as well. Prices are reasonable ($6 to $10) and our lunches were served leaving plenty of time to get back for afternoon sessions. This would be my go to lunch spot if I worked in the area.

Stephanie G.

The place is convenient and very decent food-wise. I would've given this place 4 or even 5 stars up until today. I was rudely treated by one of the employees which is extremely sad. You would expect the younger females who work there to treat you improperly but wrongly so. An older, heavy-weight female with sandy blonde hair decided to say rude comments to me. All I know is that I'll be coming here less because of that. Manners are quite important when treating customers.

Chris N.

This place is great for catering. My place of business uses them on a regular basis. Mostly for lunches......sandwiches are delicious and fresh. Salads the same. They are prompt with their delivery and include all that is seeded. Condiments, plates, cutlery etc. And the presentation is always very nice. Strongly recommend if you are having a lunch meeting.

Edward W.

I enjoyed the breakfast and I've gotten from big city yesterday the eggs bacon and pancakes were so delicious I even got my friends to order from them

Adrian J.

Location, location, location. Big City is the closet deli to the courthouse and has a lot of its business to thank for that proximity. As delis go, Big City is very clean and the food always seems fresh. Everyone who works there is very nice despite the apparent high employee turnover. Prices are average, but I never feel like I get much food with each sandwich. There is a small buffet that will have different foods each day. Overall its dependable, but make sure you get some chips with that sandwich or you might find yourself going out for a midday snack.

S.J. L.

I've been here several times now. The reason I frequent this joint is purely for the convenience. The food is average at best. What bothers me is how stingy they are with their portions. You can tell a well-managed place by this fact. Customers do not like returning to stingy portions. We work hard for our money.

John A.

Whether I'm in the mood for a sandwich, soup or a hot meal, take-out or sit-down, Big City Gourmet can always meet my lunch needs. They offer four hot pre-made specials each day, which are a perfect hot lunch when you don't have much time. The deli counter has an extensive sandwich menu, but you can of course order any sandwich made to order from their large selection of Boar's Head meats and cheeses. Big City also has a full menu for sit-down diners and an ample dining room. The food is delicious and I have rarely been disappointed by any of their offerings. I typically buy lunch here three to five times a week. The quality, convenience, value and speed of service can't be beat!

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