Delicias Del Jireh / Peruvian Kitchen

206 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains
(914) 437-5374

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Simone King

They say you can’t make any changes to your order. I tried to order yellow rice with my lomo. Yellow rice and white rice are the same price on their menu. Poor customer service. Check out Pisco Sour down the street.

Tamara Jenkins

Delicious food and great service.The green sauce (salsa verde) is so good, I buy a jar every time. ?

Michelle Sanchez

I’m quite disappointed in this business lately. When I first started going here, it was great. But the quality of the dishes has been decreasing since then. Often, they forget to put the sauces that go with the dish when I call for take out. When I eat my yuccitaa de huacania, I expect for it to also have the olive sauce that the description says it’s come with. This has happened multiple times. I’ve also noticed how for the jalea they barely serve lime juice with it. The lime juice really makes the dish. One little container barely covers the personal portion. I went yesterday again and I think will officially be my last time going. I wasted my money yesterday again on a jalea that barely had lime juice and the empanada de carne I got barely had filling. It had more onion then meat. It was half empty. I know meat is expensive right now but that’s not right. I want my money back for the empanada. I’m going to be looking for a new Peruvian spot to dine at instead.

Fiorella C.

Not consistent and terrible customer service. We always order from this place but today was our last day. Lately, some of their dishes have disappointed in quality and authenticity to the recipe and flavor of Peruvian food but today's order was unacceptable. We ordered three different items and one ( arroz con mariscos) which is rice with seafood, had barely any seafood. It came with rice, two shrimp, three calamari pieces (squid), and two EMPTY mussel shells. Yes, EMPTY. And no, they were not mixed in the rice. When I called to make them aware and request a credit for this meal, their response was to bring the dish back to them, and only then would they make a new order. Unacceptable.

carmela bonnie

Extremely disappointed! I'd like to add this is not my first time ordering from this restaurant! The first order I ordered a substantial order and the portions were huge the food was cooked wonderfully. Something went wrong with the cook this time! I ordered side dishes things that are very common in Latin cuisine and very dificult to get wrong! The sweet plantains were under cooked and hard in the center?. The yuca was disgusting! Not only did they take one order and split it in two. I know because I ordered this dish before as it was a full serving and perfectly cooked! I guess once you go back for a second time they don't care how they cooked your food. Furthermore when I called the restaurant to tell them that I received 1/2 an order. I was told that the restaurant was not responsible for thier food?. I was instructed to contact Uber because they gave me the correct order. So basically they are accusing Uber eats of eating half the order! Thr containers were not tampered wotha nd the bags erre tied. Do better the driver fod not eat the food! What a disgrace! I have never patronized a restaurant that serves 1/2 an order for full price and acuses Uber of eating it. Be careful they may sell you old undercooked food that is half eaten by a mystery person. They lost a customer I don't like underhanded scams . Yuca is not expensive they should be ashamed of themselves !!!


Ok so I'm only grading this place on two Peruvian dishes that's ceviche and the roasted chicken and both are ON POINT!! the ceviche is fresh and the spice is perfect, don't be a wimp and get Spicy!! If spice isn't your thing than go with mild for the flavor. now to the roasted chicken there isn't a better thing in the world than to eat roasted chicken, a little salad and fries. The lunch specials are priced fairly for workers in the area. Just a tip, order ahead because you have to wait for deliciousness!! The desserts are meh but most Peruvian restaurants desserts are lack luster. So I would give this place a 91/100

Nyan P.

I have been dining out and eating delivery from this restaurant for few years from when it opened. Still my favorites are the Lomo Saltado and flan ( when its available) is just delicious. A few friends and myself used to order once a month. That being said over the years prices have increased a small % and the portions have been reduced. I can understand the need for cutting here and there but in comparison to their competitors they have cut back more. My friend who usually orders the pollo la brasa has also often times have come to slightly more dry chicken as well. I will check back in a to this restaurant in a bit and then see if there is any noticeable changes in 2023.

Jullyson Moraes

I loved the place, the staff was awesome and the food incredible delicious.

Wendy West

I went yesterday the chicken was hot and fresh and very tasty .The fried was was really goodWould definitely go back again

Jenn Mikitka

Cannot stress enough how good the food is here. Highly highly recommend!

Christie P.

Always hits the spot. Their combos are the way to go. Chaufa, rotisserie chicken, sides and empanadas all delicious. Best peruvian in the area in my opinion.

Michael C.

What a cool looking space! The cozy yet modern restaurant is great for a quick bite or drink for two. I grabbed lomo saltado and the meat was super tender. I was super happy to have French fries drenched in the juices of the meat offset by the much drier rice. I highly recommend finishing your meal off with an order of churros, served with hot chocolate sauce! They're served warm and when dipped in the chocolate will melt in your mouth! Prices are fairly reasonable and the service is polite and prompt. We did not feel rushed to leave.

Chris C.

Everything here has been incredible. I got the Lomo Saltado (below) the first time, and the roasted quarter chicken the second time. The saltado was one of the best things I've ever eaten. Juicy med-rare steak, nicely charred tomatoes and crisp onion, and fries + white rice soaked in that wonderful sauce make for a brilliant dish. The chicken came with plantains and chaufa (fried rice). Not quite as good as the lomo saltado but still excellent. Skip the normal soda - get an Inca Cola.

Preston J.

Best chicken wings in white plains. So crispy, fresh, and perfect. Honestly I would receive an IV drip of the green sauce that comes with them

Andrew Duncan

The food here tonight was delicious. Lomo, ceviche and chicken wings (recently voted best in WP). I think the quality has improved since the last time I ate here.

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Delicias Del Jireh / Peruvian Kitchen

206 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains, NY 10601
(914) 437-5374