Haiku Asian Bistro

149 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains
(914) 644-8887

Recent Reviews

Kimi G.

Pretty good!! Ambiance is excellent, makes you feel like you're in the city! The sushi was very fresh, tasty and artistic in presentation. Prices are surprisingly reasonable, especially for drinks!

Svetlana Egorova

The best food and service.

Maya K.

Some of the best sushi in Westchester!! Love coming here for a fun and yummy dinner with my girlfriends. Love ordering a couple of rolls, a miso soup, and a seaweed salad! Highly recommend haiku! Takeout/delivery is amazing too

Christie B

Always great!!The pork gyoza (aka dumplings) are so good. Have to grab at least 2 orders so I have leftovers ?My "go to" is General Tso's chicken. All white meat chicken and yummy sauce, just a touch of heat.Sushi is always fresh. They offer so many rolls, I'm still working my way through the menu.


Excellent drinks and food! The waiter and servers were very attentive. Music and atmosphere were great, too. I would recommend getting any of the Chef’s Signature rolls, Purple Rain(cocktail), and all the desserts are delicious! I loved this place so much I will definitely have to go back.

Sophy Melody

After eating sushi's and vegetable noodles there last week I was very very sick and I vomited a lot the whole evening. After emptying my stomach I felt much better. I have not been sick like that for years. Don't go!!!

Molly Z.

Food is good but the service is horrendous. I ordered pickup and after 45 minute they texted me my order was ready. I arrived and my food was not ready and they claimed it was a mistake. the two other people waiting received the same messages as I did and their food is not ready. if you cannot handle the ordering surplus, please stop taking orders.

Hannah O Toole

Came here for valentines with my husband. From the beginning to the end of our experience we had a good time! Vibe was relaxed, our table was intimate and private. The lighting and ambience is was spot on. Loved the fact you can see your chef preparing the sushi up at the bar. Our server was very attentive and sweet. A gentleman with glasses and I can’t remember his name. Shredded beef was so good, and sushi rolls were plentiful!Have a great drink selections from cocktails to beer. Will definitely be back!

Nikki J.

Ordered the wonton appetizer. Only to find out afterwards from the waiter that it had shrimp(bf is allergic) and beef(i dont eat). Doesnt state it in the menu but I thought it was chicken. Anyways, once we asked I apologized when he told us what was in it, we could not eat it. Instead of being understanding he starts to lecture us and then argued that it states whats in it in the menu. I grabbed the menu to show him and he did not want to look. At that point it was awkward because he kept going with the lecturing.. Why argue with your customer? We took the check and went next door to Hudson Grille which had friendly service and a great vibe. We just moved in down the street, you lost new customers.

Heidy Rodriguez

We went there for sushi and all the rolls that we had were really good. We had 6 especialty rolls and shrimp dumplings. Food was good and fresh, the service was attentive and they had adequate spacing for covid regulations. I also found this place to be nice and cozy. We will be back.

Samuel Ferguson

The menu and service were ahead of our expectations. We surely enjoyed the ambience of this restaurant. Wonderful restaurant to take the family out for lunch.

Rose P.

I love It here. I usually get the 3 roll lunch special - the spicy tuna, spicy salmon and yellow tail so great I also love the shrimp tempura roll. All the soups are great, the wonton hot and sour and miso. I also love the fried rice. The customer service is great and really speedy !

Rollin R.

I usually have no time to leave reviews but the food here is so awful that I had to make the effort to warn others. Don't call yourself an Asian bistro when you can't make food that's better than PF Chang's frozen meals

Kariena Sonnee

I’ve been to countless Japanese restaurants. This one is by far one of the best I’ve been to. I am a foodie and love to eat at great places.. Our table ordered about 11 plates and everything was super delicious!!! Cannot recommend this restaurant enough! ??

Mariah Vazquez

It was 1st time visiting this restaurant & I must say it was very pleasant. The mood was just right! ?? The lights were dim which made me feel relaxed & at home. The setting was overall attractive considering the plants, dividers & colored lights that changed every minute or few seconds. The food was fresh & I didn't feel like I was being rushed out even though we're in a Pandemic & there is limited capacity in indoor dining. I went with my sister in law, we stayed a long time sitting after we finished our dinner and they did not ask excessively if we wanted to order something else. I greatly appreciate how they accepted the fact that we were in deep conversation & respected our space the entire time.

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