Sundance Kitchen & Cantina

208 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains
(914) 946-2300

Recent Reviews

Andy G.

This place has good, fresh food but they have a problem of charging you whatever they feel like. I've been going here for couple of years now and always order the same exact food rice, beans, chicken and vegetables. Depending on who is behind the register I have paid any where between 10 in change to upwards or $14 for the same exact food, same size. Why is that? It's good food but leaves a bad taste due to this over sight on the management's part.

Andrew A.

Let me tell you how this place has held me down ever since 2019 I discovered they sell breakfast sandwiches! (Quick side note my first meal here was an enchilada)! Every single day (most of the days I switch it up). I always always ordered a steak and egg sandwich on a roll toasted (with the green sauce on the side... and or with pepper Jack cheese or with hash brown.. I would gets whole bunch of stuff on my sandwich lmao but please please make sure to ask for that it will change your life). But I'm always always treated with respect and professionally by the cashier and staff especially when I call in to order! Maybe one time they forgot an ingredient but it's no biggie lol. The quality of their meals are perfect and I will continue to always dine here 10/10 Sincerely The mail man Always support the local heroes aka the eateries !!!!

Wallace Klein

This place is my favored. I go to many restaurants but to this place I keep coming back again and again. The crew is very attentive and the cooking they place on your table is so tasty. I am always happy to have a good dinner in this restaurant. I highly recommend this place.

Philip Fierro


Amanda L.

Love love love Sundance!! We keep coming back because it's amazing, the elves how empanadas, Baja fish and al pastor are just some of our favorites. Plus the green and red salsa and incredible

Rsquel S.

Great tacos & burritos! They do have an eating area however with the current COVID-19 situation It's a little too tight for me. I prefer take out.

Phil J.

Do not get delivery from here if you're on a schedule or pinched for time. They are ALWAYS LATE and NEVER make good on it. Not once did they even offer something for the horrible service.

Laura Grose

Food is delish. Also they forgot a taco and were so kind and understanding, and delivered it within 15 minutes! Def recommend the tostadas!

Lizz F.

please be careful with this restaurant because they will over charge you with 15% of tip included with your food and the reason why I'm saying this is because once I got home and I check my bank account I noticed the extra charge they charge on my card without my authorization!!!!! Please be aware of this place!!!!!!

Roberto Herrera

Sundance IS the best restaurant in white plains. Had them for takeout delivery and dine in many many times and I’ve never had any problem with food price or service.

salil mehta

Huevos rancheros are amazing. Great food. Ask for fresh jalapeños and they grilled it and put it on my dish. Great way to add flavor and thoughtful to cook it instead of putting it raw. Love this place

Mary M.

They have very tasty food, both Mexican options and sandwiches. The bandido panini is one of my favorite sandwiches.

Colette H.

I love this place! I have had them cater my events and benefits. I have also ordered food from here for lunch and dinner.

Their food is always fresh and delicious. The last time I was here, I ordered their chicken enchiladas. They have the best ones in the area!

I've also ordered their platters and trays for events I have had. They are a little expensive but worth it!

I'll definitely be back here again to try more of their food!

Diana Olano

A local favorite for my husband and myself. We only ever get takeout so I can’t speak to restaurant service but the food is consistently delicious, which is hard to find sometimes (a restaurant that stays CONSISTENT in how they cook their food). We’ve tried their lunch specials (which is very varied - everything from Italian to Mexican) and breakfast (western omelet, breakfast sandwiches). Everything we’ve had has been very good - big portions too. Stay great, Sundance!

Zayn Castaneda

We had an awesome experience at this restaurant. We liked the superb vibes and the meals. The staff are very affable. I am content we eventually managed to try this place.

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