The Brazen Fox

175 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains
(914) 358-5911

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Christina Liptrot

Pleasantly surprised to see they had a few items on the menu labeled vegan! One salad, one burger, and one app. I had the black bean patty- it was really good! Large outdoor seating options and good service. Drinks are strong! Nice play to go with vegans and nonvegans where everyone can get something.

Allison Jackson

The Brazen Fox hosted my “Welcome Dinner” and did a GREAT JOB! We did appetizers and cash bar and were so satisfied. The bartender was so accommodating and kind to our guests. They let you bring dessert into the parlor room, too.

Anjali B.

Perfect example of people who take their job way too serious and can't handle an ounce of power. The security guards think it's okay to abuse their little power and be so aggressive and drag people out for absolutely no reason. Genuinely no reason. Bald headed security guard with glasses has no chill whatsoever and brutalized my friend for trying to get through the booth seating area. Unacceptable and disgusting reaction which was so unnecessary and uncalled for. My friend was respectful and compliant when honestly... he didn't have to be for the way he was being spoken to and treated and then he was DRAGGED out. This man was probably drugged out. Check your staff and check your policies.

Luara E.

If you want an absolute 0/10 night where the security guards exercise inappropriate and excessive force against their clients and are incredibly disrespectful, this is the place for you!! Nowhere should it be excusable or appropriate for someone to be dragged out of a bar when they were calm, compliant, and did nothing wrong (I.e., trying to move out of a crowded booth), but this kind of treatment and abuse of power is apparently tolerated here. A disappointing establishment to say the very least.

Vincent F.

Never the one to write a bad review but after last night it is 100% needed. From the start the security was very agressive to the point where it was concerning. We didn't think anything of it until an hour in my friend was getting screamed at in a booth for absolutely no reason other than trying to get out of the booth. Not only was my friend compliant, sober, and repeatedly asking for no problems, bald headed bouncer locked his arms behind his back to be dragged out of the bar in front of everyone. I have never seen that much anger in someone that should be keeping the bar safe come out of nowhere. Complete abuse of power and an awful sight to watch. I don't know where this bar finds their staff but clearly training and background checks are not existant here. Could not have been a more upsetting way to end a night out.

Jackie V.

I will never, and I mean never step foot back into this place again. The bouncers are physically abusive. Throwing young girls to the ground and pushing them, smacking them etc. I witnessed it happen to my friend and other girls at the bar. Absolutely disgusting and am awful establishment. Needs to be shut down asap

Amy P.

I attended a party there of about 40 people. There was a limited menu, so I ordered the goat cheese and pear salad. My friend ordered the southwestern salad. My pear salad looked unappealing from the beginning. The pears were black, so unappetizing, and there were no walnuts to be found. There was a small blob of goat cheese, and Craisins thrown on there instead of walnuts. The pears were not caramelized, they were limp and seemed to be soaked in balsamic vinegar. Really bad. The southwestern salad seem to be a bit better, and looked much better than mine. The best part of the meal was the waiter who was very attentive and good. I'm not sure what happened. Maybe they can't handle the amount of people at the party? Dessert was A plate of various cakes or pastries. It was ok. Not interested in going back.

Brittney Kwadwo

Me and a few friends hosted a bridal shower and it was amazing! It was a brunch menu with unlimited mimosas and bellinis at an amazing price. I’m so grateful to Luis and Cynthia for helping me set up and being such great attendants on the day of! Planning here is very easy and smooth. The owner was present and made sure we had all we needed. The food was beyond what I expected, made very well. Don’t hesitate to book anything here it will be worth it!

Binu Thomas

Deigo is excellent, friendly . Brazen Fox has excellant service

Jeannie Arcuri

Always a fun time! Chloe and Debra are the best at attentiveness to their customers. Thursday night Radio Bingo is the highlight of my week! ?


I was immensely impressed with the sea bass entrée! Excellent quality and taste at a good price! It outshined any upscale seafood restaurant I have had sea bass at. The Brazen Fox surprises in all the good ways. Thanks for a super enjoyable meal!

Gino M

Good times...good food...great service. Plenty of TVs to watch the games and plenty of seating/standing room. Booths are really comfortable and their service was on point...she often came by to check on us.Parking in rear is convenient. Don't miss paying the meter though, they will ticket you real quick! Get the city parking app and you won't have to go in and out to pay.

Anthony L.

While the main floor and bar area has partition, the raised dining room in the back did not. Tables were spaced 12 inches apart, not 5 feet. I felt uncomfortable sitting there during a soccer game when a customer and his friends on next table who was facing opposite TV turn in between the table and nearly sit close to me without a mask. Instead of bringing attention, decided to move the table away to space us apart. After i did this the waiter told the guy to move away and push the table back. We felt uncomfortable after this and left. Tables upstairs should be skipped in between. Not 12 inches apart. Not acceptable. Food was good, service sucked.

Rob Caluori

I was pleasantly surprised by the Fox. I was expecting a typical bar/pub menu and instead found a mix of old favorites and unexpected treats. Dietary needs made it necessary to order off menu and was happily accomodated by the friendly staff and kitchen. I can't wait to go back especially after my dietary restrictions are lifted so I can explore the menu more.Brunch at the Brazen Fox, wow!

Chris K.

Brazen is really underrated. We went for Sunday brunch today and ate outside in the back. Brussels sprouts and chili were excellent. Kids loved the crayons, the grilled cheese and the silver dollar pancakes. Adults had the high protein salad and Cobb salad. This is a regular go-to of ours and the food is just always better than you expect, the ingredients fresh and the prices reasonable. A true white plains staple.

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