Walter's Hot Dogs

186 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains
(914) 397-9406

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Dave Fulham

Always good to get hot dogs ? at Walter'sFood: 5/5

Wiliam Kimuge

I have seen good reviews and bad reviews and I get everyone has a favorite hot dog stand and yes Pinks, Nathans and all the others have hot dogs with all kind of toppings, fancy and not fancy, years in business- hats off to them.But what Walters is, is a true to form simply a great tasting hot dog, true from the very first one served, hasn't changed to please the masses, from the first hot dog in 1919 to now 2017. Why fix what isn't broke? It's a hot dog that spiced simply, butterflied and grilled on both sides. The bun is slightly grilled and then put together, has a slight smear of the spicy mustard relish sauce. BOOM! hot dog deliciousness.That's it. It's not neon green relish, fancy ketchup, pickles, hot peppers, half a pig on it, bbq or whatever, etc. its a simple down to earth hot dog that has stayed true to its humble beginnings AND THAT my friends is what I appreciate and like about Walters. I had two singles as did my husband.Fries come in one size and curly seasoned fries it was, 1 order of funnel cake fries with a light dusting of powdered sugar, which I might add were pretty darn tasty. Egg creme soda which for some is just a nostalgia thing, but for my NY born Hubby but was one really good egg creme soda. I had a large orange creamsicle shake that was perfect, not so thick that I blew my brain out trying to suck the shake through the straw or so runny it was like a glass of orange flavored milk- it was just right.I for one would still make the drive again and again- which is just short of 2 hours and I would stand in line longer then the 15 minutes we did today (Sunday) to enjoy these true to heart hot dogs. You want fancy- then go get fancy, no one is stopping you. But if you want a leisurely afternoon, sitting at a clean table under gorgeous trees with a nice breeze in a park like setting, then come to Walters Hot Dogs and enjoy a darn good hot dog with friends and family.Staff was friendly, parking was on the street and for about $25.00 we had a super great lunch.I give 5 stars for the following reasons. Food was really good, true to food authenticity of the founders roots and vision, atmosphere, price and over all great experience. Oh if you don't want mustard ask for the hot dog plain, they also have ketchup available.

J. B.

Delicious hot dogs! We ordered the family meal and it was plenty of food.

robert hines

I got a lunch special double (2 dogs on 1 bun) and tater tots. A little pricey but the tots were very good. Ill give them another whirl ??

Pat Gambardella

Small flavorless hot dogs.Not what they used to be.Although everything is more expensive and prices were adjusted, quality seems to have suffered.

Paul G

??DELICIOUS??Walter's Hot Dogs is so so so good!Bring the whole family here for a delicious American lunch or dinner! They have very classic, yet unique options to pick from! You gotta try the Hot dogs (obviously). The shakes are also delectable! The staff were all very hard working as well and very friendly. Also - THE PLACE WAS SPOTLESS! Very clean and a very warm vibe. We will be returning again soon!Overall Rating: 10/10 ??????

Jassett M

Less is more. A really good hot dog.

Jenn S.

I always stop at the original location anytime I'm on a trip to anywhere New England but because this location was what was closest to where I was heading we landed here, plus parking right in front of the store meant that it was meant to be! Fried hot dogs just does a body good and a side of tator tots with it brings me back to all of those nostalgic tator tots loving moments in my 80's childhood. Must always order 2 dogs because just one is never satisfying. Also love their pigs in a blanket too!

Charlotte s

Very pricey hotdogs for the taste. I was expecting something out of this world but I find Papaya King way better even Sabrett hot dogs to be more flavorful and larger. The veggie hotdogs cost more which I found shocking when meat prices are at their highest versus vegetables. We sat indoors and noone came to wipe the tables, we had to wipe them ourselves.

Jay Gray

Been coming here for weeks for the milkshakes but this boosie freeze is it ?

Simon G.

I don't what is going on with the Uber eats situation but nearly every aspect of my order came out completely wrong in every way. The fact that zero condiments were given despite being explicitly emphasized/requested twice in the order does not exactly engender good will. PROVIDE AMPLE MUSTARD CONDIMENTS ETC especially when the major selling points of your establishment is your mustard. I think I ended up giving the dry useless hot dogs to my actual Dog.

John Pacheco

Trying to reinvent the wheel. They butterfly the hot dog here. The hotdog itself tastes like it was cooked straight from the freezer. Maybe it's better when your drunk. Second disappointing experience in white plains. Best hotdog to who? Not a NewYorker. New rule when a place has a big sign claiming there the best at something run the other way.

Victor D.

Not worth spending your money here. First and last time in this place. You can make real hotdogs at home!

Ashley L.

Great quick bites place! The curly fries are worth it because they give you a large portion for the price. I got the potato puffs and they were good, kind of like a small knish? I wish they were seasoned a bit more though. I am a huge pigs in a blanket lover and their pigs and blanket were great! I love that they have frozen pigs in a blanket options as well. The hotdogs are great as well, with many different options to choose from! I would definitely come back whenever I want something quick!

Patty T.

The service is horrible here. You go for pick up when the app says it's ready and it's never ready. You go stand at the pick up station and everybody is pretending you're not there avoiding eye contact. I finally loudly asked about my order to get their attention and they got an attitude as if I was being impatient. I hate places like this that hire a bunch of lazy teens or twenty somethings to run their business and this is what happens. They can keep their overpriced tiny undercooked hotdogs.

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