Neir's Tavern

87-48 78th St, Queens
(718) 296-0600

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Neir's Tavern is a great place to come with friends to hang at the bar, enjoy a meal, do karaoke, listen to open mic and so much more.


Neir’s has been on my list for many years. We mainly wanted to go for its historical status and because it was used in filming Goodfellas. So now I’ve been and I think once was enough. It really deserves its landmark status and I’m glad it was saved years ago from closing. But, the food was average and the service a bit lacking. Forgive me for expecting my appetizers to come to my table before my entree. But much to my dismay,our entrees came first with the apps following about 8 minutes later. When I asked our server what happened the response was that she put in the order all at once. The next excuse was a mix up in the kitchen. And the last excuse was miscommunication. But between whom. The kitchen and wait staff must surely know their menu and understand the order of starter versus entree. Might be a small issue to some but it is part of service that is expected. I’m sure it is a neighborhood gem for the regulars and I’m glad for those who enjoy it. But for me, between the disappointing service and the mediocre food, once was enough.


The food was good but the service could have been better. I reserve a table and when I arrived the guy wanted to stay only large group of parties were being accepted at this time. There were available tables in plain sight. Upon arrival no one greeted us and it took about eight minutes for someone to come and take our order. Not worth the hype or money.

Ernie Searle

Joe was very good, helpful with advice and attentive. The cocktails were tasty. The Thai Chili Honey Wings were standard. I liked my Fish 'n' Chips and she liked her Famous Neir's Burger. They have a new menu (photos attached) which eliminated things that I wanted to try.


second time we attended their comedy show- Comics were very funny and interacted with customers well. Food and drinks as always were on point. two errors on our bill were quickly corrected. I just wish that Neirs would expand their menu a little more becuase it gets little boring ordering the same stuff every time we go.


Another amazing dinner and drinks. Food as always was amazing only to be topped by the outstanding service.


As usual, the food was delicious, the drinks were delightful, and the staff was attentive. A definite place to go to. Highly recommend.

Angelo Uzzo

Good good good service great prices in an iconic tavern. I suggest you go on the last Thursday of the month when they have a free comedy show. After the show they pass the hat for the performers who ate trying out new material. Its 2 hours of pure fun

Jose R.

I was here a couple of weeks for dinner and drinks. Great night alot of fun and the burgers were good. I loved the history around the Movie Goodfellows. I will be back!

Shamika Narain N.

I love that all staff is friendly. The customers is kind as well. Yes it's it's a Bar/Lounge but it feels like one of those warm /home hangout spots. The only default is parking. The spot it's self I love it has games, great music. Each day is a Special which makes it fun. Their known for their wings and burgers. I've had their yummy tacos and margarita which was so yummy. But I loved the wings with the Thai Sauce delicious . If you follow them on Facebook you get cool deals sent to your phone like getting a free burger or dessert no purchase necessary. They also have an annual block party for the community which is just awesome. Prices are reasonable for my pockets and drinks.


Great service and great atmosphere


What great food they have at Neir’s And they were celebrating Mae West birthday. Did you know that was where she made her first performance? What an added treat to celebrate her birthday

Ron B.

Went here a couple weeks ago for a comedy show they were hosting. The show was mixed. But certainly the price was right. Have to say I am more than a little impressed with both the food and the service. Service was very helpful and attentive from the moment we walked in. My friend and I are both blind. So, we care about service more than most folks. We were checked on regularly. Water glasses were kept full. Drinks didn't have to be waited for... I had the Goodfella burger and it was the best damn burger I've had in years! All my fave toppings like mushrooms and onions.. And the paddy itself was amazing. One definitely did not have to ask "Where's the beef?" Thick, juicy, cooked just right. The toppings complimented it. They didn't make it disappear. I would definitely recommend this place for a pleasant dinner / evening.

Cherub Cherub

Everyone kept saying go "Go to Neir's for the brunch, it's so popular" so I finally made my way there with my husband on a Sunday morning thing it would be packed to the gills, it wasn't. In fact no one came in the entire time we were there which was actually kinda nice. We were told to sit wherever we wanted and picked the seat closest to the air conditioner, lol.They are very proud of their place in movie history which is really sweet to see and hold a lot of honor for Woodhaven as a neighborhood.As I don't eat much my husband and I split the steak and eggs brunch platter which comes with a pan seared steak cut for you, a mountain of scrambled eggs, and for some reason every brunch item comes with mashed potatoes and a mixed green salad. It was, hands down, one of the strangest meals I've had in a while, but tasted decent enough. The steak was well seasoned and juicy, the mashed potatoes might've been boxed idk, but they were smooth and came with gravy. The salad was fresh, and while I'm not a fan of crumbly scrambled eggs they eye good and not dry.The wait staff was attentive, but you know we were the only ones there so it would've been kinda weird if they weren't, and left us to talk and take in this historic tavern.The meal plus drinks was about 35$ not counting tax and tip. I could see going back here again to grab a drink and chill. It had a nice local bar energy to it and I enjoyed that. But as I don't drink alcohol and the food was good not great the experience was just okay, and sometimes that's okay.


thank you guys you have never let me down who would have thought my wife would go to a bar with me but its not just a bar they also have some great food thank you alex

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