L & T Chinese Kitchen

600 Tuckahoe Rd, Yonkers
(914) 337-8999

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wayne rocco

They changed owners the place got cheaper. Tons rice, no meat. Don't ask for duck sauce, they won't give you any. I'm finding a new place. Don't waste your time.

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 3

Service: 5

Edgardo Vitiello

I got a stomach ache so bad it lasted me the whole night . One of the worst chinese places . I can rest assured il never be eating here in my life.

Atmosphere: 2

Food: 1

Service: 1

Anaph_Digital Productions

DO NOT PATRONIZE THIS BUSINESS!What I saw happening in the kitchen of this restaurant may cause some of you to......:READ on...For years, I was a clueless patron of L & T Chinese Kitchen (Note: Also listed as Lee's Kitchen]). Service was always with a smile. The food seemed fine to me; nothing spectacular, just your average Chinese fast food.As chance would have it, I ventured into the location one day to place an order. While standing there waiting for my order to be filled, a worker gathering the trash caught my attention. When it involved food, I pay close attention. When the worker removed the trash bag from the receptacle, he took it towards the open back door (My thought was that the dumpster was back there). However, the trash bag never made it to the back door, but it did make it into deep basin part of the sink; near the stove. Now, my curiosity was piqued! I watched like a hawk sizing up his prey.The worker then began taking items out of the bag, with a ladle and placing them in the shallow part of the sink, and these weren't cans and bottles either; it was discarded food ( My heart felt like it dropped!) This was the same part of the sink where I would often see the cook reach to get food to place in the wok, on the stove. Another worker noticed me watching and said something to the cook. The cook then walked away from the sink. Both of them kept glancing at me. The woman at the front counter heard them talking in Chinese, and she started intermittently glancing at me too. The delivery guy did the same thing after walking in and hearing what had happened. I believe that they all knew that that was my last time there; ever. They just weren't sure as to what I would do next.Time will not change what had transpired there. They lost my trust completely.Buyer beware!!!This is a violation of the health code. These people should have been out of business; as customers could become violently I'll or worse, because of this disgusting practice! They care only about profitability; however, they care nothing about your health.Think food poisoning; think people with illnesses not finishing their meal at this location. The illness is yours now!These people practices are disgusting and disgraceful; and they should be driven out of the community!This is not an exaggeration!Ignore this if you want; but, you have been warned.If you found this review to be helpful, please hit the "like" button below. Thank you

Hamje3 3

I order beef fried rice small portion for take out ,price was $9.35, but portion is very smalI and I didn’t get any beef is in the rice, ( only 2/3 very small slice beef was in rice)Basically I paid $9.35 for very small fried rice ,

Food: 1


Was at a quick stay at the Hampton Inn and order delivery. The food and service were excellent! When we are in the area, we will be making a special stop to take home!

Atmosphere: 4

Food: 5

Service: 5

Janet Russo

This place has new owners and in my opinion has ran the place to the ground. Prices almost doubled,Portions are smaller and the food taste old and rubbery. I have tried them a few times and it was the same experience.This is not the same as the previous owners who were all smiles and friendly. The food was fantastic back then. We would have lunch delivered at least once a week for many years - even through Covid. I will not patronize this place any longer.

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 1

Service: 1

Vishal K

Order a half a chicken with pork fried rice taste very old can’t even bite into the chicken and felt like a rock please don’t serve old food thank you

Joshua Murcia

I ordered shrimp lo main with chicken wings the shrimps were not clean out and left with the black line of fices in it I relised when it was to late I was sick to my stomach and had to go to the hospital the chicken wings taste like rubber ?????this place is the worst I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy I would diffently not recommend this place to anyone

Derdlim N.

I miss the old owners. I have been coming here for years but recently there are new owners and the place is not the same. Looks really messy and there are boxes in the front everywhere. I found a hair in my food. Not happy. I need to find a better place.

John Steadman (John)

One of the better takeout places in the area

Johnny G. Hernandez

Food was very good. Prices are reasonable.Parking: Parking lot.Wheelchair accessibility: Wheelchair accessible.


I walked in here on a Friday night at 7PM..the whole staff was sitting down doing nothing..(the cooks, the people at the front counter)..it seemed a little odd that they weren't busy making food on a Friday night. Now I know why. I ordered a large sweet and sour chicken and large pork fried rice to go. I got home and attempted to eat dinner but the food was absolutely terrible. The chicken was like rubber, way over cooked and greasy. I tried to eat it because I was starving but I couldn't. I threw the whole thing right in the garbage. Waste of $30.

Catherine M.

Consistently good food & service. They're willing to make a dish vegetarian, excellent hot and sour soup and vegetable dumplings

Ashley Ashe

They told me if u order from here you have to tip or they won’t bring you food terrible ‼️


First off, it was difficult getting them on the phone. Dinner time seems to be their busiest time. So, note to self, order before 5 pm. The food was good, delivery was quick. By the way, I had the wonton soup (lots of wonton and still hot) and the shrimp fried rice (lots of shrimp/prawns).

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