1636 W Market St, Akron
(330) 864-7738

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atown 7714

Dosent have a drive thru, the lobby was 8 deep I was in and out like maybe 6 mins or so yeah it was lunch time! Nothing around like it!!!! Arbys we have the meats!!!

M Bell

Went in looking for a fish sandwich; I found out it wasn't available (seasonal). So I tried the Bourbon Turkey sandwich. It was tasty. Staff was friendly and efficient. Customers were friendly too.

Kevin McQuillen

Super helpful front counter, service is always good, I do enjoy this location's Reuben with extra 1000 island and sauerkraut

Tiffany Cottrell

This Arby's is good and I was going to time the bell! They were great. Did was God ready fast, fresh fried and nice front person

David Bourgeau

Usually decent service here but today they must have a trained monkey managing. It's 5 pm and if you want roast beef it's 15 minute wait. They have the meats...well some of them

Kimberly Stumpf

We came in Saturday at 5:00 and it was the best service ever. The manger was so nice. But the fries were not very fresh but still very pleased!!

Chaz Johnson

This is the place for a variety of fast food sandwiches that are unavailable at other fast food restaurants. Prices are reasonable. Selection is broad.

Ehdra BeautifulBaldBella

I had not been to Arby's in a while Had a coupon so I went and was sweetly surprised at the menu upgrades. I enjoyed the new gyro sandwich options and I loved the orange cream shake. Kudos to Arby's

Clare's Life

Omg I love the curly fries 😍 they are bomb 👌

Kelli K

I've always loved arby's despite them being pricier than other fast food places but the food is far more superior. I love the Turkey bacon club & Italian sub. Roast beef sandwich is always an old time fave. Apple turnovers are awesome & the potato cakes are always perfectly cooked. Milkshakes are awesome. Got our food to go from this one so cant rate the dining room much but from what I saw it seemed clean & staff was fast & friendly.


I really love Arby's Jamocha shakes & curly fries. Their signature horsey sauce is great as well. My only issue is the change in the French dip. The soup used to be an actual soup which I could drink after I was done with my sandwich; now it's SO rich in flavor that using it too much easily overpowers the sandwich & might make me sick if I drank the leftovers.

Uncle Ray-Ray

I've been to some not so great Arby's. This isn't one of them. This one was quite awesome. The staff was young, so the slight "don't want to be here" attitude was acceptable, but, they weren't rude, still pleasant. The food, however, was phenomenal. I got the Cordon Bleu sandwich and a Jamocha shake. Other than one dime sized piece of gristle in the ham, it was melt in your mouth beautiful. Highly recommend.

Jackie Parker

The staff is very friendly, the tables clean, and the food is great. I would have given 5 stars except they have curly fries only, which are fine, but we much prefer regular fries. Oh! And they didn't have any regular Pepsi or Coke.

gloria holmesgmerek

Normally the food is delicious but a couple days ago I got a Reuben to go. I live 3 min from Arby's. I ate immediately and found the sandwich warm but very soggy. So soggy that the bread was not edible. My cheese sticks were warm and good, meat and kraut warm and good but sandwich in general was lousy.

Russ H

Even though it was -7 degrees outside we were greeted with warm friendly smiles and humour about the weather from everyone there. We truly felt welcome. Business was naturally slow but everyone kept busy cleaning which is rare in fast food.

Britt Sines

They were super awesome !!! Even though I can in 10 mins till close ! Still bubbly and helpful.. it's really chill in there too happy workers thanks guys 👍

Paula Walker

I'm so happy that they put the Turkey bacon ranch sandwich deli sandwich back on the menu. It's delicious.

Stevie Westfall

Fast service hot fresh food friendly people no complaint at all

Jack Savedge

Good food; great service. Very well organized

brad toomer

Necer fails me. Lent season is coming up..

steve spiker

Extreamly fast service today. Nice work.

William Benson

Arby’s pulling a fast one using a slider chicken instead of a full chicken breast. Why even pay $7 for the five meat sandwich when they cant even make food the right way! I wouldn’t recommend the sandwich and im not very happy about the experience with the restaurant

Roger Bartley

I like their RB mounts they're really good and they have good deals good specials


Love this Arby’s! Consistently good food you’ve come to expect from Arby’s and AWESOME staff! The people who work here are GREAT! only problem: no drive thru! Still worth walking in!!

Alan Tammy Strobel

This is not your grandparent's Arby's; Although this is one of the first stores built in the earliest days of fast food, this store has been remodeled and serving well, everything meat. Large selection of entrees and tasty sides, pricing is higher than many/most other fast food restaurants, but quality of food product is commensurate.

Michele Huhn-Louderback

Who ever the blond girl working the counter at 8:30pm was rude and had a horrible attitude. All we asked what was on a sandwich and nothing but attitude. Lost our sale went to DQ grill and chill and had an amazing meal.

jim jeffries

Arby's in akron on market has been well managed for years now, pleasure to watch the team work & makes a better fast food product as as result...consistently

Bella Cheetah

Busy but efficient and not too long a wait for fresh food

Michael Sullivan

Very busy store like all stores restaurants menus getting too large they're getting to be like a sit-down restaurant all of them McDonald's Wendy's Burger King all included but the food was very good

Naomi Banks

Me and my friends love your famous rubens mozzerlla stick poppers and arbys beef and cheddar with your famous sauce curlly fries arent bad either and your cookies. You made a lot of us see that your delioucel famous subs were the best way to go after school we are in cosomolotgy. And culinary arts and you rock like taco bell.

Andrew Thompson

The food was good, the staff was nice,(even recommend a different way to structure our order to make it cheaper) and the food was good. I'll definitely go back.

Susan C.

How does a fast food restaurant not have a drive-thru? That's ok, not really an issue although unusual, but what is NOT ok is to not have a sign that says no drive-thru. In that busy part of town, pulling into the lot from either street is tough, only to discover no drive-thru. Try again from the other side of the building. No drive-thru. Just dumb. McDonalds across the street got our business instead.

Iamthe Rainbow



Okay, I admit it - I should have known better, but there are moments in dining where common sense never reigns as king. The staff, the place itself is great and perfect for a fast food lunch, but they've gone way overboard on the new Smoke Mountain Sandwich, with Crispy Onion Strings,Pork Belly,Smoked Brisket,Smoked Cheddar Cheese,Smoked Mesquite Turkey Breast,Smoky Q Sauce,Star Cut Bun...You know you're in trouble when your arm gets tired picking up your sandwich.The bottom line is, while they definitely give you your money's worth, it's a little dry - just too much meat on one sandwich. However, it was good for a laugh as my good buddy and I both had one, finished it and lived!

Vivian L. H

Arby's serves various roast beef sandwiches, at time, they have ham and curly fries. The arby's roast beef with horseradish and bar-b-cue sauce makes a mouth watering sandwich. The curly fries are fun in that way that they spiral around. Add salt and ketchup and heaven is a bite away.

Tiffany Sexton Schneider

This is the cleanest fast food place I have walked into ... very clean great food and awesome employees... u made our experience better than a 5 star restaurant has! Thank u

Marie R

This is my go-to Arby's location. I eat here an average of twice a month. The food here is always served hot. The counter help is always friendly and courteous. I personally have never seen this place dirty or not kept up. There is no drive-thru window, so you can either take out or eat in the dining room. Arby's started in NE Ohio (Youngstown area) in 1964. This location is the second Arby's that opened, back in 1965.

Rose Daniel

This is the best Arby's around!!! We go so much, they know us by name, we never have to deal with any bad attitudes, they keep the dining area clean and tidy, and the parking lot too... They've never gotten our orders wrong... The employees are always very pleasant, which cannot be said about many Akron fast food restaurants!! The ice machine and soda machine have never been empty when we visit... I could go on and on!! #weloveit #loudbellring

ricardo m

I went into this arby's a few weeks ago the neighborhood is not that great and their is a metro bus stop out front so I was kinda leary!!!!! however, wanted a jamaoca shake baaaaaad...they're sooo good!!!! to my surprise the restaurant was very clean the help taking my order was VERY friendly and efficient they even ask your name to put it on your order for when you are called...HELL sheetz doesn't even do this!!!....but I digress.....I received my order VERY quickly(keep in mind this was 12:15p on a weekday so we're talking busy) the seating area was VERY clean also. I was also impressed that they weren't employing 'the young' there were some people NOT 19 but more mature who were GREAT at what they were doing. I have to also give kudos to the manager who I believe was expediting food!!!! AGAIN, soooo recommend this place GREAT experience on my part!!!! I will be back!!!!! btw love arby's coupons!!!!!!

Jerri Palmer

Love this place