Jimmy John's

1 N Hawkins Ave Ste. 4, Akron
(330) 400-4025

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Tristen Haidet

Food as always is good but delivery times are a joke. Jimmy John's always boasts about their "freaky fast" delivery but our most recent order took 35 minutes to deliver! We're less than a mile from this store; if it's going to take your driver that long to deliver food, you need to hire more drivers or shrink your delivery zone. I understand it's hard to determine when you're going to get 5 delivery orders at a time, but this isn't the first time it's taken so long.

Nathan Yost

The person taking my order seemed to be mentally out of touch. After I told him what I wanted on my sandwich, proceeded to ask me three more times what I wanted on my sandwich saying he just forgot. The person who made my sandwich made it quickly and was friendly.

Owen Bush

Great food, extremely fast service. Would recommend


Great food, extremely fast service. Would recommend

Jainel KJM Terry

The manager JAZMEN MALONE at this location is always casually professional. I come to her store in particular because she &her staff somehow make me forget that I ran out to get a 'quick bite'. Most of the time tend to sit down & enjoy 'my lunch'. Thank You

Jennifer Brantley

Very good...always get the unwhich

william stephens

The food was fresh

Jesse Littlr Jr

Very fast

Abigail Gerdes

Fast and delicious. Great service.

Roger Bartley

There it goes again I wasn't there neither I was in the plaza doing something else

dale m johnson sr

I love jj great sandwiches

Georgiana Grey

Great sandwiches. Parking is a challenge, beware.

Sherry Hall

Great sub

Kerry Hunter

Fresh food and great service.

Sandi C

Friendly fast service, delicious food.

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