Marco's Pizza

9 N Hawkins Ave, Akron
(330) 864-5500

Recent Reviews

Jaramie Louderback

Salad was huge pizza dip now that was tasty

Eric Langenfeld

I like this place. Great prices, fast and friendly. Food is consistent and fresh, but probably 8 out of 10.

erica hammond

It is always fresh and delicious.

Justin Vaughn

We waited 30 mins for our pizza and sub. The app that we ordered from said it was ready so I go in to pay for and get the food. Well as I’m walking in 30 mins after I order it THEY ARE JUST NOW PUTTING IT IN THE OVEN!!!!!!!!!! This location is horrible never go to this location if you don’t have 2-3 hours to wait for a pizza

Joy Joy

Really good pizza but its a little over priced

Crystal Johnson

The staff was friendly and the food was good


Best pizza we always get pizza there and it is so good I would rather go here then anywhere else.

Vanelle Smith

I love the customer service here. They guys are super kind and service is fast.

Kit Kat

Love Marco's Pizza. Always hot and lots of fresh ingredients!

Susan Marquis

OMG best pizza I've had in a long time. Wings were great too. Fast delivery. Prices are good. Will definitely will order again.

Keith Kneisley

Pizza is decent for the price as long as you use a promo or coupon. Store is perpetually mismanaged and under staffed.

Jeremy Lyons

Just awesome !!! Great service and food is 99% amazeballs!!

Quashawna Bellfield

O k service cold ......and slow delivery.

barry fitzgerald

I not happy about my over cooked 12” Subs I paid $24.00 for burned up bread and meat. The manager told me they will try to do better with the sandwiches.Very Disatified bout the subs.

Tina Harris

Leon was very rude to my 76 year old mother. When I called to straighten out the situation he said he was going to call APD on her because it was a scam. How was this a scam when you took her 30 dollars. Then proceeded to tell me to tell my mother to never call and order food from them. This is the manager talking He said that he wasn’t Jesus Christ and that his degree was not in management it was in computer software I told him that he wasn’t good at either and that his attitude sucked. This is a true story 9/29/19

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