1675 Diagonal Rd, Akron
(234) 706-2809

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The food here is great! The employees have an excellent attitude. What else do you want?Food: 5/5

Victor J.

Oh yeah. This is legit gooood ass food. Stopped to get some sides for Fat Tuesday and couldn't pass up the nephew burger. Owner is great and food is outstanding.

Jessie Robinson

Wow is all I can say! The ribs were amazing and the cabbage oh so sweet!

Katie Lansden

The food is awesome. I have never had anything that wasn't great.

ashley attinelli

Anything fried tasted like rotten fish steak had no seasoning bland cheap worst cut of meat I've ever had. I at least thought they would of added salt we bought the fried grits nastiest fish unsalted soggy fried don't go here maybe I should of ordered the ribs

Ya Ya Eni (Gooney)

Waterloo store: The sides taste terrible, fish coating is nasty. Customer service is terrible.

Jason Opp

Google said opens at 10. Got there at 1045 and they were not open l, dodmt open at 11, didmt look open at all. This was on Tuesday and the door said they opened at 11

Tracy Brown

I ordered two rib dinners. One with cabbage and baked beans and the other with mac and cheese with baked beans. The ribs was nice and tendered and the BBQ sauce was really good with a little tang, the baked beans was very good but I do have to say that their mac and cheese was the nastiest I’ve ever eaten. It was slightly over cooked and did not have no flavor or seasoning at all. There was barely melted cheese but you couldn’t even taste the cheese. I would not recommend the Mac and cheese. When I picked up my order food was Hot. Didn’t not try cabbage my 6 year old ate that.

Erica Rivers

I ordered a rib dinner from here it was good and meaty, their banana pudding tasted like old stale mush. Then 1 day I ordered a pork chop dinner, took it home and opened it up and it was fried extra crispy as if it was placed in the deep fryer. When I took a bite of it the whole crispy layer fell off, the meat was stringy and stretchy and it didnt even taste like pork it tasted just like old chicken. I call back to the place and spoke to the lady at the cash register and she said they fry their porkchop in chicken grease. I was so appalled and angry. I told that lady that if I wanted churches chicken I would have spent my hard earned money with them but I wanted pork chops. She said call back Tuesday (7days) when the owners are in for a refund. How come I cant get a refund now? If these people cant even cook a pork chop the correct way I wouldnt trust them with anything else they cook with.


Three stars because one day the food is fire then the next it tastes different not a back to back spot that's for sure. No consistency..

Aaron Oberlin

The owner is an amazing person. I buy the xxx wings constantly. They are so freaking delicious, filling, and awesomely cooked. I enjoy the flavor of the burgers and fries just as much. Thank you for the great food!

Keith Bethel

Took 20 minutes for them to answer their phone and then hung up when I asked what all comes on their salad before ordering it. Really wanted to try this place but I'll take my business somewhere else clearly.

Domoniqiue Boykin

Mannnn!!!!!! My first time having them was yesterday and when I say yessss lord everything was just right , everything was amazing . Soooo good!!! Best soul food in Akron

Andrea “Drea” Abbott

Phone rep was disinterested (at best) and didn't even receive my whole order. Due to referrals expectancy level was way higher #WeMustDoBetter #UNeverKnowWhoIsWatchin smh?‍♀️

Tierra Angelique

Food was sooooo good! Yesterday was my first time trying their food ( new to Akron) and i'll definitely will be back. Customer service was great as well.

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