Bob Evans

2501 W State St, Alliance
(330) 821-4446

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Dani K.

AMAZING food, most of the waitstaff are kind and helpful, decent price, huge huge fan of All-Day Breakfast! Clean and quiet. Did not wait too long to receive food.Kid-friendliness: Number of items on the kids menu, hostess was very kind to my child

Amber D

Man oh man was the service slow. Our server wasn't rude but not very friendly either. This building is too small for the crowd that it draws. We managed to get there right before a huge rush and there was no where to stand as people kept pouring in. There's a waiting area that they stuffed two booths in that's big enough for about 3 people! It's just time to reconfigure...Parking: There is a lot of parkingWheelchair accessibility: I can't imagine someone in a wheelchair being able to maneuver through this's so tight!

Alyssa Burcaw

Paid 12 dollars for a cobb salad with NO blue cheese, this is the size of a side salad container there. And also got blue cheese on it. They didnt give butter with my rolls either

Barb Rhea

I've been ordering out for a while now and last couple times I ordered pot roast dinner, they hardly put any beef in it . Two little bite size chunks. I called and complained and the best they said they would do is send me some coupons. I am very disappointed... Will never order there again, and they never did send the coupons

A. Coffee

pretty good food at this location compared to the others i’ve had, the waitress we had was very sweet and attentive as well..biscuits were delicious but i wish they’d been served with the food and not before. no offer for drink refills though and they weren’t busy. still a nice experience, i would return again in the near future.

Angela Connelly

I haven't even received our food yet but I have to just say right away that these ladies are busting their butts!!!! On a Saturday morning and a significant rush, the service these ladies performed was phenomenal!!!!! At this point..... who cares about the food?!?!?!? Good old fashion HARD WORK!!!!! GOD BLESS THIS HARD WORKING STAFF!!!!! Good workers are so hard to find in these trying times!!!!!!

Scott Whipkey

The service was OUTSTANDING and the food 100%great !! The manager very caring. Wonderful visit this morning.

Andrew Powell

Everything was pretty normal. While checking out I wasn't too impressed with the assistant manager as he processed my receipt. He was not super cordial and failed to ask if I wanted to put my tip on the gift card (it would have used the rest of the card and we supplemented it at the table)........ After I went to add the tip, he mentioned "oh the ticket is already closed so we can't add to it. ". Not a big deal but a little unprofessional and something I would expect a manager not to overlook. Regardless, the food was good and our waitress took good care of us.

Wyatt Tatum / TGO

Was alright, service was fine, food was standard. Nothing to write home about.

Bruce Atkins

Great atmosphere. The employees were really attentive. I got the turkey dinner and it was way too salty. The pancakes were hot and tasty. The service was quick. Check out was the same.

Mary Beth

Very clean, great service, awesome waitress, well kept!!! Staff there is very nice and food was good. Definitely would go back.

Alyssa Hoover

2nd time we have waited over an hour to get a basic breakfast. Actually had to leave and get our food to go both times since our kids (2yrs, 6months) were over sitting there with nothing to do. Eggs bacon and pancakes do not take long to make.... needless to say it will be the last time we dine in there for sure.

Marie Kinietz

First time in ages we had good food at BE. The omelettes were well made and the sides were, too; seemed fresh and had great flavors. Coffee abundant and hot; service was actually great once we were seated.

Cheryl ann Dailey

Oh my well the food was par the coffee had grounds in it. Uh noThose bathrooms are ashamed omg clean them. I almost puked. The side of booths were not clean. But they were busy. Not by me again. It looks good then you taste it. Some was good but the rest nope. Very lovely server. Mask optional handicap parking and the nasty bathroom not very big .Entrance is small

Judy Honeycutt

I usually always have a good meal here at Bob Evans, but it was a surprise that my potatoes w/onions were cold, the toast was cold so the butter wouldn't even melt on it and my over medium eggs had some of the whites running! I ate parts of the egg that were Daughter got a biscuit that was a combination of it all covered up with egg, gravy, crumbled sausage and potatoes on the side...she said that her potatoes were cold also! The Biscuit was still a little warm, but she said it could have been good and hot!Our drinks were nice and hot!We had our own pots of coffee and I had my own small pot of water and tea bags, so our drinks were good and hot!I'm not going to let this ruin my trips back to Bob Evans, because I have had good food there many times before!

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