Burger Hut

745 N Union Ave, Alliance
(330) 823-4099

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Clarrice Burgan

Have been doing "Super Hut Saturday's" for well over 2 decades!!!! The total quality of everything was really baddd. Used to be a favorite breakfast and specials daily spot. Won't be back. Wishing you luck ??Food: 1/5


First time going to Burger Hut. My wife grew up going to this great place and shared it with me the last time we were in town. It is a smaller place and I think our drive thru wait was longer than usual. Normally it is fast according to my wife. It didn't ruin our experience either. We only ordered Ice cream and for the amazing amount of ice cream you, which is a lot, you pay very little for. Great price for a great treat. I hope to make it a staple eatery every time we drive the family up.

Edward Gaines

Quaint & cozy burger joint at the end (Or beginning) of OH SR 225. Prices are reasonable, post Covid/Ukraine inflation, and the portions are fair. Personally I recommend a Patty Melt on Texas toast, with pickle and onions which are free. You can also get hashbrowns as a side, outside of breakfast hours. And if you stay long enough, you can watch the train go by. ?

Patti Dailey

I love this place, hadn't been there in awhile but the food is just as good as I remember and the prices are still good.

Katie Dudek

Friendly. Quick service. The best ice cream for that price. Amazing deals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and ice cream too! All around great mom-and-pop diner!Kid-friendliness: Absolutely kid friendly! Great prices, excellent portion sizes, not bad wait times, and always delicious!

Steve Scott

Had the ice cream it was refreshing and they have a deal on coneys that I want to try 5 for $6.50, keep up the good work.

Sidney Jackson

This is such a great little burger stop! The burgers and milkshakes are so good! The staff was friendly too :)

Paul J.

Went in on a Friday night for the all you can eat fish. Step up to counter to order and get told they're out of fish. On an all you can eat Friday? Not a good business act. At least the burger and onion rings made a good replacement.

Doreen Watson

I heard good things about this place and we ended up here the other afternoon. The girl took our order and the we waited like 15 minutes. When we received our food, it did not look appetizing at all. I ordered a grilled Chicken sub, I know, its a burger joint, but, hey, I wanted grilled chicken. It was rubbery, had no flavor and it was 2 small breasts thrown on a bun that was falling apart. The actual chicken breast I had to peel the layer of hard flat iron singe off to get to the rubbery tasteless part. The onion rings were good, the milkshake fair, and other burger that was on our order I was told was okay.I want to also note the rudeness of the girl at the front counter, I asked for ketchup and she tossed me 5 packs on the counter and walked away. I watched her wait on others and she has no customer service skills at all. This place is going to suffer because of her.This place could be a really unique burger stop if they stepped up their quality (you get what you pay for because I was charged gourmet prices) and customer focus. Otherwise, my family has no desire to return.

Kathleen Der

Food is always hot!!Service always with smiles and kindnessYou dont find that much more these daysThank youBurger Hut ???

Shayla Castranol

I usually call my order in due to it’s always a big order for my family. When I went to call this time no one would even answer so I went down there to order instead thinking it’s probably phone issue. I get there and the older woman there proceeded to tell me she wasn’t answering the phone on purpose and that she didn’t even want to wait on any customers period. Then ignored me for 10-15 mins not even bothering to take any orders. I understand that they were short staffed and even was fine waiting but to be straight up rude like that is uncalled for. I won’t be going back after that experience sadly

Phil Novellino

Terrible service, walked in and girl cooking says we'll be with you in a second. Waited more than 15 minutes in line before taking order. A line had formed and two other groups of people got tired of waiting and left. Finally the cook came around and took our order, she was rather unfriendly. There were 2 other girls slowly moving around and one other tending to drive thru. The food was good though. But don't see myself returning.


Stopped by to grab a quick lunch and softball team to get ice cream. A smile goes a long way yet not one employee could manage that. Watched my food sit ready but not served asked for it that was a struggle for them to pass over counter. No napkins around. I seen on counter a place for paper towels which was empty. I asked for a roll totally felt like I asked for a million dollars. Another customer asked for salt, they were told they would bring him pepper frys already had salt. Overall customer service was severely lacking.

Dawn Rinehart

I can't believe I've never eaten here before! Great milkshakes! Great fried cauliflower, probably the best I've ever had. And I also enjoyed the fish sandwich. Cute interior!

Harmonica Bruce

Nice place, you order at the counter like McDonalds. VERY reasonable prices. I like the sloppy joes for lunch.

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