Chipotle Mexican Grill

1630 W State St Ste A, Alliance
(330) 821-4311

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James Rosenberger

Not sure if they changed their hot sauce or not. Usually I can handle it, but this time was unusually hot. Otherwise, food was as good as always.Food: 4/5

Dylan Holmes

Didn't even get half my food an my orders wrong.Like what the heck. Glad I went with dordash so I can pay for you an your screwups BUT DO YOUR JOB.don't worry I'll have my receipt when i show up.I WANT MY MONEY BACK OR I WANT MY ORDER NOW

Chad Smith

This place is slowly drowning. I’ve slowly stopped coming here. Lunchtime today the card reader went down. There were a couple people ahead of me, we all stood there on our lunch looking at our food getting cold. So then they decided to do cash only, not everyone has cash. So I had no choice but to either wait for them or go somewhere else for lunch. They ended up throwing it away because I couldn’t wait any longer. Moral of the story I won’t be coming back.

Steve Liggett

Usually pretty good with orders, unless they get busy. Occasionally forget items.Food: 4/5

Heather George

Great! Line was stupid long when we got there ensuring fresh food. Luckily they had enough people there to make it go quick. The dining room was definitely in need of some cleaning but it was damn near closing time so it wasn't like they were going to lose business over it. Food was amazing as always and the employees weren't even close to being suggestive sellers. All in all I think they could have gotten us for more. Lol but hey selling ain't for everybody

carlyann rogers

8/25/2022 --There's a black chubby girl who was working tonight around 9 pm. She was rude. i asked for extra sour cream and extra corn salsa and she put half scoops. only one half scoop of each. i reminded her extra and she said "this is extra" and rolled her eyes. she clearly doesn't know what extra is and clearly needs to learn to control her attitude. terrible experience. food was dry and i threw it away. a waste of money and i won't be returning because of that girl.

Larry Pew Jr

Charge you 13.00 for a rice Burrito with a table spoon of shredded beef I am very upset I spent 52 dollars on rice for my family are you kiding me

Twisted Nut Brothers

Man I can’t stop eating here.. the dudes workin counter are always chill and give good portion ?

Kelsee McKee

This is BY FAR the best chipotle I have ever been to. Tonight, I came 15 minutes before close and they were out of a few items. I expected this with it being so close to closing time. To my surprise the staff went into the back to fill everything I wanted that they were out of. The service was exceptional.

Sam Ballentine

Had an issue with my order and it was handled immediately, the manager Joseph is always nice and happy to go again.

Keegan Harshman

Man I can’t stop eating here.. the dudes workin counter are always chill and give good portion ?

Mad Max

This is no coincidence, my youngest daughter ate here and got sick a month ago. My oldest daughter ate here today June 13,2022, and got food poisoning. I ordered 2 weeks ago and also got sick. So I guess strike three your out. Never again. Watch out for this place you could get botulism.

Angel Harold

They always seem to be too busy with take out orders that the main line is left short. Food was good.

Andrew Powell

Courteous staff. The new chicken is absolutely delicious. No complaints.

Nigel Smith

This is pathetic for $12 it’s not even up to the rim of the bowl

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