Hot Head Burritos

320 W State St, Alliance
(330) 680-8757

Recent Reviews

Jason Thompson

It was my first time eating service was great and the food was excellent I can't wait to go backFood: 5/5

Zoe Jeffries

I honestly didn't know how I was going to like it, I was scared I wouldn't like it as much as chipotle. Although I honestly loved it ! My family and I were very pleased on the price and how the food tasted !! I will definitely be back! I wish there was one closer to where I lived !

Anita N

Staff was friendly and food wasn't bad

Todd Weekly

Greeted friendly and very thorough thru ordering process!Clean and Sanitary, Fresh products!

Katie Spielman

Walked in at about 3:40 in the afternoon and the girl had gotten annoyed that she had to get off the crate she was sitting on in the back. then had proceeded to only ask my boyfriend if there was anything else he wanted, Never asked me and threw my food in the container. Never again, ill go to Chipotle

Kathy Toussant

Awesome customer service, delicious food, quite a lot of food! Will definitely be back!

Mark Boyce

Good burrito. Incredibly bad experience. They were told it was my first time there. I asked for the $14.99 two burrito special. They ended up giving me drinks chips and salsa. We said we did not want it and only the special. Curtis, the server, said it is no charge and comes with it. They never announced any extra charges and the end bill was $22.55. I asked why and they gave excuses which did not make sense and would not add up to the total. I called the manager, McKalem? She said she could not help me and I got what I paid for. She made the situation worse. I wanted to talk to the owner but she refused. Be careful with your money and their charges if you go to this place.

Tami Toxicity

Didn't include everything we ordered, and they didn't know how to wrap a burrito..

Lindelle Shaw

Once in a while will skimp on rice and toppings, just have to ask for more. I like their pico because no jalapenos (I'm allergic). They also offer cooked squash, delicious! I love teriyaki sauce on mine. One of my go to places......❤

Maribel Watkins

Way better than chipotle. They always make my food perfect every single time!

Steve Garmier

This is the best Mexican fast food ever. The other place that's like this absolutely sucks i can't stand it. The one that starts with a C lol.


They have cut back so much on ingredients at this location that your basically getting a bowl of rice with a little flavoring. I have been going here regularly for a couple year, but I won’t go back. There are too many choices in the area to have to beg for something to be made the same way it always was when before. This may be due to “Bidinflation” or “shrinkflation” but I would rather pay more than get less. The calories of each item is listed on the menu. This hasn’t changed but the portion and ingredients have, this is deceptive.


Waaaaaay better than chipotle

Dean's Toybox

Great food, great service

Valerie Wheeler

Did not like paying 8$ for two tablespoons of rice and two tablespoons of chicken. Very dry.

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