2496 W State St, Alliance
(330) 821-4441

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ultimate packer backer

A place to grab a bite on the go if you are in a hurry.good foodFood: 4/5

Jessica Higgins

Every time I go through the drive thru at this location they mess up my food. My son, who is autistic and very particular about food, will only eat cheeseburgers with ketchup and cheese only on it. He will not eat it even if I take everything else off. Low and behold they mess it up EVERY SINGLE TIME!! What's ridiculous is it'll be right there on my receipt 'only ketchup and cheese'.

Alison Gadd

Best McDonalds experience I've had in a LONG time! My burger and fries were fresh and delicious! Had to sample my daughter's nuggets and they were perfect, too! Our large order was flawless and super quick and the facility was clean and inviting.... 10/10! Great job, everyone!

Koby Wright

Come in for dinner 3 HOURS before they close the dining area. order my food and sit down with my family and am told I can’t sit there “that’s exactly why the wet floor signs are there.” So we politely get up and move only to realize theirs about 10 wet floor signs around the restaurant pretty much giving us no where to sit if we’re not allowed by the wet floor signs. I will take my business to the East side of town from now on this place is a joke anymore


Very rude franchise both of them West State Street and East State Street and to tell me you don't have a corporate number well I found it and I reached out to the better Business bureau and far as Carol the secretary of the franchise owner you're rude you need training and you also need fired and I'm going to see two that you get fired and talking to the franchise owner is pointless because he's very prejudiced

Danielle Pirie

Order was not correct. Then was told have to pay the difference and was over charged. Customer service was very poor all around. Everyone we encountered had a horrible attitude!!!

AJ Maser

I would say the employees were horrible. Went through the drive thru and the girl made several unnecessary and offensive comments to myself and my passenger.Food: 4/5

Malinda Minx

Barely acknowledged by staff, seemed like we were a nuisance...5 minutes just for fries after waiting almost 5 minutes to order.Food: 3/5

Virgil Roach

Great manger gave us food for the homeless and paid it off himself what a gentleman luv the manger real one?

Gregory Cowan

Very nice employees. I was able to have an uninterrupted 4 hour conversation with a family friend I haven't seen for a year. It was so pleasant there we didn't realize how long we were there.

Samantha Cheuvront

I called in to the restaurant around 1045 and asked if they were still serving breakfast. A man answered the phone and said yes we are until 1pm and we start slowing down on what we make around 1130. I said okay I just wanted to make sure you had it before I drove all the way up there. I told him what I wanted he said yep we will have it. Then I get there and they arguing with me that no one told me that and they don’t have breakfast! So wasted my time and gas because the crew members can’t get on the same page and having people who don’t know anything answering the phones

Ashley Hylton

Picture should explain enough and couldn’t even eat 1/2 of the sandwich because it was hard

Jason Thompson

My food fresh and hot but I ordered a large frie they gave me a medium my sandwich grease and the meat fell of the bun like it was shaken and thrown up in the air I made such a mess eating it

Karmel Hamilton

Always tries to give me the wrong food. So the staff look like they'd rather not be there.

Rachel Nitz

Although they were well into the busy lunch time on a weekend, it was the best I have seen this location operate in quite some time. Kudos to current management and crew for being on top of things. 04/29/2022. 1:00p.m.

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