Pizza Hut

2200 W State St, Alliance
(330) 823-4433

Recent Reviews

Mark Utter

No bacon on any pizza on the buffet and you can't even recommend any pizza for the buffet. And no bacon for salad bar either.

Dennis Alexander

Nice employee took the time to school me on the items in the box deals. Fast service and really good pizza and bread sticks. My pick up order was hot when I got it home 20 minutes later. Thanks pizza hut Alliance.

Tiffany Page

Pizza is always fresh and delivered pretty quickly.Nice having the buffet back.

jaden mcfarland

Asked for a half cheese, half everything WITHOUT mushrooms. And what do I get on the everything. I got mushrooms. Not happy


More like Pizza Butt! But i still like it a lot. Great pizza and sides. Lovely staff.

shawndease hicks

My absolute favorite hot wings and they have the best pizza. It’s the sauce for me! ?

Chris McCauley Smith

I enjoy most things at Pizza Hut! The main reason I am writing this review ! Alliance Pizza Hut has step up !!! You need to give them a second chance! Would now give them a 5 * rate

Bill Guy

It was the usual pizza hut experience. Ok pizza and service was pretty good. Had hot tea which they brew like coffee which was way too strong and requested water. The server said she'd take it off the bill but didn't until I brought it to her attention.

Heather Jones

Was given bad sausage and mold on vegetables wish I could give zero stars. Then to find out the district manager is in the store today while they are giving out bad food is unacceptable! Wonder how bad food is when she isn’t there

Holly Temple

We ordered two large pizzas and double cheese bread and one pizza and cheese bread were way overcooked. Being reimbursed would be nice.

Mike Morris

It’s a sad day when you call to order a pizza at your local Pizza Hut and the call is answered by a call service in some foreign country with a person who barely speaks English and keeps repeating the same info before finally trying to transfer you to the local store unsuccessfully. Why has pizza ordering become so complicated? And unfortunately the coupon specified phone orders only. Maybe if they make it difficult enough you will just throw away the coupon and pay. Instead, we ordered somewhere else.

Steve Cuddihy

Make the pizza like it used to be. Tastes like cardboard now. Not employees fault, they were great. I used to work at pizza hut. Pizza tastes like cheap version of Dominos.

Chalice Brown

I was highly disappointed with the pizza I received. I ordered a stuff crust pizza with 2 toppings. There was too much sauce on it and hardly any cheese. The crust itself was the biggest problem. The bottom crust was so tough that I had to naw at it to bite through. Then the stuffed crust was was dry and rock hard. To top it all off Pizza Hut used to send a garlic butter cup with each stuffed crust. Now you most likely have to pay for it as an add on. Totally not happy.

Zachary Houze

Best pizza hut we have had in years! Crips crust stringy gooey cheese and Friendly staff!

randy byrd

The deal and the way it taste I like Pizza Hut for a very long time

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