2495 W State St, Alliance
(330) 428-0331

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Brooklyn Smith

I come to this location almost every morning and usually no complaints. This morning I got a pink drink, and it tastes like straight coconut milk and no refresher. I noticed it is wayyy lighter than usual. Very disappointing considering I did not have time before class to run back through and have it remade. :(

Debbie Beighle

Amazing Iced Coffee free for my Birthday!!Thanks

Gail Savanich

She started my husband's hot chocolate in a smaller cup then realized her mistake. Instead of starting all over she poured the chocolate from the one cup into the other. Was not the amount of chocolate that was supposed to be in it. My husband said it was the worst hot chocolate he had ever gotten from a Starbucks. Will never go to the one in Alliance again.

April Wykle

The Baristas are friendly, hard working and take a concern for your orders!Food: 5/5

Oleg Pesut

The wifi connection was fantastic

Vanetta Schrader

Never any complaints here. Drinks are made to perfection and with care. My dogs also enjoy their pupcups too

Sebastian Schreiber

Always a great services and the staff is trying there best to serve you as quick as possible

Marisa Baylor

I always have a great experience at the Alliance Starbucks, but this morning Ashley G was the barista running the window and she is AWESOME! So genuinely kind, not overly enthusiastic or forcing fake conversation. Im sure she’s the type of employee others get excited they get to open with! I kind of hate the way Starbucks is forcing their employees to have a conversation in the window, but Ashley was just sweet and perfect. Of course my coffee was great, per usual, but good customer service is what keeps me purchasing from an establishment! Shoutout to the morning crew today!

Veronica Starre

This location isn’t as good as others. I consistently ask for extra foam on my cold brew and they always seem to ignore my request, almost like they give me LESS when I ask for EXTRA

Vickie Parry

Always fast friendly service!! My drinks always come out delicious.

Jessica Nicole

First time there I ordered a strawberry frap omg it was so delicious taste like a strawberry shake

Pamela Dorr

Lacking good customer service. I asked politely to have my table wiped off so that I could eat, drink and work without crumbs on the table from a past customer. Dirty tables happen, no big deal BUT politely asking to have it wiped off should not be a big ask. Staff came out, wiped every open table and cleaned up markers left on another table while I stood waiting…purposefully wiping my table off last and in poor fashion. I visit Starbucks frequently. This one was very disappointing

Brandon Brooks

630 I bought a drink and sat down to a meeting with a client. At 7pm (an hr before close) they started sweeping and moping. While thats fine, the worker hovered over our table sweeping under out feet and table and staring at us. At 715, they did the same thing with the mop. Ok, i get it. You want me to leave, but you're open for another 45 minutes! Then a worker came up and asked me to move my car, a party bus because ibwas taking 3 spaces. I get it... im taking up your spaces, but why wait 45 minutes to ask... plus there was literally NO ONE else in the store and every other parking space was open. Will NOT be returning to this location.

Demian Buehler

It was awesome. There was some lady's that was in line towards the staple side. I went around the building and got in line from the other side. The ladies was there before me. But had to move do to traffic coming thru. They lost there spot in line. They came around the building as I did. As they went around the building I backed up. I waved them around so they could re gain there spot. As they drove by me one of them held a heart symbol in her window with a big smile. Very appreciated. For me letting them in front of me. I was just happy doing the right thing and it made them happy. They got there coffee and left. I pull up to hand the lady in the window my card to pay. Lol she said the ladies in front paid for ur drink. That made my day. Didn't expect that. That's what it's all about. Be kind to each other.

Li A.

I ask for extra milk and the person is like gotta charge extra!!! What is the difference when they have milk sitting out in the dining area and me ask for few more oz of milk... Starbucks being money hungry seriously

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