Taco Bell

110 W State St, Alliance
(330) 821-8620

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Thomas Brooks

Great food, great employees for the most of it and great surroundings. But they need design a new way to enter instead of coming off of state street.Parking: Very little room to park. It's a tight fit when you park

Nathan Fetters

If you’re not hungry when you get there, you will be by the time you get through the drive through line! The last 3 times I’ve been to this Taco Bell the wait in the drive thought has been over 10 minutes with less than 4 cars in line. I know it’s hard to find workers but this is a little ridiculous.


They have never gotten my order correct one time. The funny thing is they're small orders. Ordered taco supremes, gave me regular tacos. I ordered a spicy double steak grilled cheese burrito, gave me a regular grilled cheese burrito. I pay extra for extra cheese, they put one tiny pinch on them. The list keeps going. Definitely feels like the type of place thatll spit in your food if you complain. The care factor at this place is laughably low. I'll choose to drive the extra mile and half to the other taco bell.

Wayne Adams

Ordered Quesarito and a Gordia crunch and instead I got a regular burrito and no Gordia crunch. My quesadilla wasn’t cut, and our cinnamon twists were just…. Twists? No cinnamon. I waited in line for over half an hour and the staff were extremely rude. Never will I be back at this shambolic store again.

Joanne Young

Stopped in for a quick bite to eat. I ordered tacos, my husband burritos. Was good but honestly feel more meat and other fillings should have been in them.

Josh B.

Don't stop. Waited for 45 minutes for are food. Asked for a discount not free because of the inconvenience. Understaffed. Not clean. I do not recommend stopping. The biggest thing is simply not a polite response to as why it took almost and hour. As if it was me and my wife's fault they were taking so long. I woulda gladly paid full price if the staff was more respectful.

James Miletta

Idk if it's a sign of the times, or the worker shortage, but I'm waiting forever in line, and to be fair its not only at Taco Bells. Also wondering why science can put rovers on Mars, yet can't invent a slushy machine that isn't broken every time the kids gotta have one. ?

Secretly Scarlet

had to wait a while which was fine i dont mind that but then i open up what should have been a beefy burrito melt it was nothing but cheese sour cream and fiesta strips there was like no beef at all in them talk about a rip off, i may as well have bought a cheese roll up

Joe Stolz

We spent 30 minutes in drive-thru from entry to food. Un-excusable. Food was at least warm. Employees were friendly. I simply will not go back. Sloths could move faster.

Amy Tigner

It’s fast food. Just recently it’s taken a dive to worse. Between them not having cheese then no soft tacos. Ugh

Michael Huff

This place was so rude with the staff besides the one gentleman working the grill. The rest of them were clueless and rude. We waited literally 15 minutes before anyone came over and took our order. There were two women at the drive thru looking over at us but would not come over and take orders. So if they looked over that means they weren't busy, then there were four sets of customers in dining area waiting on our orders besides us! One person left because he said he couldn't wait on his order! We will never be back to this Taco Bell! Disappointing!!!!!

Koby Wright

Waited a half an hour for my food when they have 7 people behind the counter talking about everything but their work and getting peoples food made. So much for fast food anymore very disappointed in the service that this location gives anymore and I’ve came here for years

Annie Miller

Worst service ever!! Waited for a total of 30 minutes in the drive thru. Yes that’s right 30 minutes!! This service is PATHETIC!! My kids were in the car and going crazy cause of the wait. What ever happened to a fast food drive thru being FAST? Asked the kid working the first window if there’s any compensation He said a free taco at the next window that was never put in the bag either .

Paul J.

Seats are cut and all taped together. Service is horrible, food isn't the greatest either. Waited 15 minutes for 3 soft Taco supremes and a drink, I was only one in the place. Tasted like the shells were weeks old and meat tasted like soap.

Jerry Fitzpatrick

It literally takes a half hour to get your meal every time you go and it barely qualifies as ok. Idk who the people running the place are but it's been like this for a year now they should be ashamed. This was my last visit I'll drive five minutes up the road to the other one and get a good meal that never takes more then a couple minutes....

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