Taco Bell

2353 W State St, Alliance
(330) 829-9532

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Dom Ray

The taco bell by marcs on w.state at is by far DISGUSTING and dirty lol the GM'S do not care about cleanliness, and the drive thru time and dine in time was over 15 min , I quit after 2 days , I never felt more embarrassed to be somewhere, n their very disrespectful about army guys and women ,Food: 1/5

Tim Dunne

Cleanest bell I've been too ina while. Food was my Bueno.

Anthony T.

I'm here on business and this Taco Bell is right next to my hotel. So I decided just to walk over to get something fast to eat. Walked in got greeted and was asked what I wanted. I told the young lady I wasn't sure what I wanted and need a minute. Looked at the menu and seen the Mexican pizza o but said sold out. I asked the lady if they were really sold out she said no it's coming back but would have to order through the app. No problem was getting ready to download the app and she said if that is what I wanted she would ring me up for it. She saved me time from downloading the app. Food was fast, hot, and exactly what I ordered. They are extremely friendly at this location. I'm from out of state and don't leave reviews but figured I needed to. Thank you Tanya!!

Michael M

The main reason for the 4 star instead of 5 star is consistency of certin menu items like the mexican pizza or quesadilla where they will very greatly in how spicy they are. Beyond this their service is very consistent and rarely get orders wrong. Everything beyond this is great. Not to mention the Long John Silvers selection on the menu never dissapoints.

Brittany Schuller

Seriously not impressed. Everytime on the occasions that my family and I go, something is always messed up. Or they're always rude when you call or go in to get it fixed. When you have picky eaters, it's only this location. Not impressed at all save your time and money or got to the other location in alliance.

Jerry Fitzpatrick

Way better then the one down by the college they are really fast getting the line through and the foods good unlike the other taco bell in alliance.

Daniel Joel

Friendly service makes the difference! Let's be honest.... it's Taco Bell. They are cheap Mexican style food and they aren't going to win any gourmet awards any time soon. We eat here for the convenience and the speed in which we can get our food and get out. That being said, it is always nice when the customer service is friendly and courteous. This Taco Bell has that in spades. The staff are very friendly, and kind, to everyone who comes in and they work hard to make you feel welcome. I don't eat Taco Bell very often (though I might come more often now that they've brought back the Mexican Pizza), but when I do eat Taco Bell I make sure to go out of my way to come to this specific one. Great staff here!


Dining room is usually closed and drive thru is usually backed up but they get through the line fast enough and food is on par with other locations.

Kevin Tompkins

The burger was barely backyard kid birthday party quality do not recommend

Pum Brady

I love crunchy tacos with extra beef. Hot and yummy! Their bean burritos were dry, hardly any red sauce, cheese, or onions on them, but they outdid themselves on the tacos!

Jake Eddy

My order was correct and given the circumstances there was no way to get my wait time lower.(This location appeared to only have 1 or 2 people working at the time and it was 12am)

Greg V.K

Im very disappointed in this fast foof chain. Nothing is EVER warm anymore. My chipotle melts were cold. The cheese wasnt melted and its call a chipotle melt!!!! None of the food taste like it used to. There no nutritional value in anything you eat. Its all processed food and i used to eat taco bell every single day. But nit anymore


It's Taco Bell, so it's a good spot for cheap late-night food.

Shonn Vaughn

The food was cold not made to order very small portions and missing items

Joshua S.

Every time we go to this location they get the order totally wrong and ends up costing me more than the food I actually get. 4 years my kids and I stop and its never changed! Complain they dont care call the General Manager they don't care. I will recommend driving to Akron or Canton least they get ot right 2 outta 3! If I could give no stars that would be my rating

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