Texas Roadhouse

2033 W State St, Alliance
(330) 821-1755

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K Scott

Decided to stop before heading home since they had just opened at 3. Staff were friendly, food was great and we didn't have to wait forever for our food.Food: 5/5

Haley Downing

This review is solely based off our service and not the wait times (because they were really long).Blaine was our server and he was absolutely fantastic. He checked on us multiple times while we were waiting on our food to make sure we had everything we needed. It was our daughter's 3rd birthday and he went the extra mile to make her feel so special. He was loud and enthusiastic during her birthday song.If it weren't for Blaine, this rating would be a lot lower. Food did eventually come out & tasted good (but we waited over 45 minutes for it).Thank you Blaine!

justin murphy

Good service, great food. Can be a long wait. But overall very good

J. M.

Wonderful food and service! We were seated quickly, the rolls brought to our table were extremely fresh each time..steak was cooked perfectly, all food was piping hot upon arrival. Seating is a bit uncomfortable, however the bathrooms are very clean. Would recommend if in the area :)

JOY Fussner

Fast seating, and service. Delicious yeast rolls served immediately. I loved every bite of my meal, especially my steak. We will be back.Food: 5/5

Beth McGuire

I don't like their meat seasoning & I'm gluten/dairy free. Easy to access online allergen menu which is why we went back. Accommodated my requests. And they actually know how to cook a steak to order! Most places don't any more. We split an order with an extra side, which was perfect for us. Restaurant was wheelchair accessible, though getting in the double door entrance was a challenge. Fortunately customers held the doors. Server was great. Well go back again.P. S. it's unfortunate that the management of TX Roadhouse did not read my entire review before responding below!

kimberly handy

The food here has not been quite as good as it used to be, but It is still good and we like to eat here occasionally. The tables are too close together in most of the restaurant. It is hard to get in and out of the chairs without bothering the people close to you. Other than those 2 things we do like to eat here occasionally. The rolls are delicious and our salads are usually fresh. We are always greeted with smiles and feel very welcome. The waiters and waitresses are usually very friendly and responsive to our needs.

Gray Face

Everything about this resturaunt is great. Good quality cuts. Excellent, speedy service. You get a lot of bang for your buck. My only complaint is wait times can become quite long if you try to go around dinner time, but rightly so, because of the quality of the food and service.Food: 5/5

Peg H.

Excellent went today October 22 2022. 330 pm got right in sat right down perfect booth against the wall by the bar placed order right away got food on table in 17 minutes tops that was great ,endless rolls with the awesome cinnamon butter steak came out perfect and well but still just pink So delicious can't wait to take the drive again it was Awesome.

William Hughes IV

Their fall off the bone ribs are the best. My fiancé always gets their beef tips and they are excellent as well. As for their rolls a little taste of heaven is what I’d say. Things have changed inside since Covid but their food has not.

Rachel Marie

Had a great time. Definitely got back.

heather copen

Love this place! Always an upbeat atmosphere and friendly staff. A bit busy most of the time and a wait but well worth it. The food is amazing and larger portions than most places. It is definitely a favorite!!!

Susan D.

I would like to recommend the carry out. I've been inside and I'm just not a fan of big loud places where you can barely carry on a conversation. Similarly to most reviewers, I do like the food very much, so I've learned to order carry out. It's easy to order from the menu online with a specific pick up time. I've aways been pleased with the care and attention that goes into preparing their to go orders. There is a separate system for carry out in the Alliance restaurant, so one does not have to find a parking space or fight the way inside to the hostess station- just circle around back of the retail area and pull up to the side of TR. All of the benefits of good food with no waiting and no hoards of people yelling over one another while a raucous birthday celebration goes on elsewhere. Are we having fun yet?

Superior Investments

If you have a party of people and your looking for a great experience, ask for Ramsey. That guy is a serving legend and made my cousin so happy today on her birthday and his attention to children?! Top notch. And the food was good everyone enjoyed themselves.

Chuck Harris

Great food service and cocktails as usual

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