Jimmy John's

2476 Commons Blvd Ste. 4B, Beavercreek
(937) 912-5362

Recent Reviews

Kaitlyn Smith

slowest jimmy johns ever. disappoints me every time i walk in there. gets my order wrong a lot. what an embarrassment

Amanda Wagner

Ran out of bread (what sandwich shop runs out of bread???) ...manager called to inform me of this AFTER my order should have been ready, she did not even bother to leave a message. Manager was very rude, never apologized. To top it all off the manager was not even wearing her mask and was handling the bread dough without gloves. Would never visit this location again.

Travyann Kirsten

All right, I worked at a JJ for four years before. Since I moved here every time I order from this location it is ALWAYS wrong. It is not that hard to make a stupid sandwich. I love JJ but the kids working here do not pay attention and do not care. What is going on with this place??? Needs new management and way more training.

mike hammaker

Employees always rude and seem to hate life. Order is usually wrong. Food is nothing special.

drea a

I have always had excellent service from this location & they live up to the freaky fast motto :)

Tress Combs

Jimmy John's subs have alot of meat which is good I just wish they toasted their subs they did not have the sub I wanted because of a meat shortage, it was good and filling.

Christy S

Fresh. Tasty. Yummy

Jacob Caron

Excellent sandwich shop, my favorite. This location in particular is great, staff is very friendly and helpful, and I've never had a problem with an order. Get the Gargantuan, add hot peppers!

Karlos Kolon

Had a not so great experience here but it does not reflect the entire staff, food is actually good most times and the place is clean.

Michael Hess

Ordered a sub in the store and they somehow lost track of it. I finally complained about the speed it was taking them to fulfill my order, resulting in the manager offering me a refund with some hassle involved. But, I haven't been to a Jimmy John's this slow and disorganized, well ever. One of the biggest advantages Jimmy John's has over it's competitors is speed. Maybe, I should start hitting up DiBella's instead?

Jason Lovely

Very good subs but I dont agree with there delivery I live 2.9 miles for there and they dont deliver to me

Joe Joe

Dear god whoever the new employees are...I've never watched 3 kids try so hard to figure out how to make one sandwich. Painful. Please leave someone who knows what they're doing with the children.

Vine B.

What is reliably alienating for me is that every single time I go, they won't put my sandwich into a larger bag. Said bag is useful, in order to carry my sandwich, chips, napkins, and straw. I require stuff bagged properly to allow for easy transport and trash disposal. This location never fails to screw up the simplest thing. Disappointed a few people Well, isn't that what friends are for?

Tim Bailey

Love their sandwiches, in and out quickly.

Cynthia Kaan

Usually can't get enough of Jimmy John's... but the employees were being very snarky to each other which made it awkward for the line of people. In addition, I ordered an unwich and they didn't wrap it well at all. Completely fell apart. Not a great experience overall.

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