2490 N Fairfield Rd, Beavercreek
(937) 912-0500

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Kelsie Ryon

A bit of a wait but quick service, drinks made right and staff were great.

Leslie Bernal


Tonya Gillon

So missed the sign on the door to get your coffee when your done shopping. The cashier guy was extremely rude to me and then to top it off the manager comes and gives the lady behind us a free coffee and walks away. Is this customer service ? I work in customer service and I would be highly embarrassed to treat paying customers that way! I sure wouldn’t have a job and my manager would be fired as well. Rudeness is so not a pretty customer experience makes.

Bethany Bayer

Hours are terrible and extremely slow!!!

Ultimater Runner

Incorrect location

Melanie E.

The drinks are always good, but this location tends to be veryyyy slow. Don't go if you are in a rush, it takes a good half hour to get through the drive thru if it is full. Inside is nice and typically very clean, often limited seating though due to it being full. The drip brew can occasionally be a bit bitter, but not bad.

Liz McCauley

Inside Target. This location does not take mobile orders, and orders may not count towards rewards/bonuses.

Liz McCauley

Inside Target. This location does not take mobile orders, and orders may not count towards rewards/bonuses.

M. Jill Snyder

Inside a Barnes and Noble, our reason for visiting. Nice area to sit and visit , with wi-fi if interested. Clean. Greeted and served well by attendant. She was knowledgeable.

_Brook_ C.

This place isn't that bad except for how the floors are very dirty and the tables looked like they haven't been cleaned in days. There service was rude when I went with my step dad, the girl rolled her eyes at me and didn't even call my name for my order so I stood there for like 10 minutes. Slow service and a dirty place. The only reason I'm going it a 2 star is because they got my order corrected.

Molly H.

This Starbucks is often very busy, but they still manage to be fairly quick! I like the baristas at this one, but this location is unfortunately out of a lot of things pretty frequently- likely due to the fact that they're such a busy Starbucks for being so little and being inside a Target store. Overall, a decent Starbucks that I will stop by if I'm shopping or if the stand-alone N Fairfield Starbucks by the mall is out of what I want.

Kirsten Thomas-Carter

Let me start out by mentioning my 80 pound Bermese Mountain Dog has just gotten spayed earlier that morning. After picking her up from the vet. I thought I would stop at Starbucks to get her a water and a treat for her being such a good girl after having a major surgery just a spur of the moment thought. I was in the drive though for about five minutes. When I start to place my order, Smoke immediately starts coming from the hood of my car and it turns off. I immediately tol

Lynnette Larson

Waited 30+ minutes for two drinks only to arrive at the window and receive very poor customer service. The male that gave us our drinks acted as though we were a huge inconvenience to him. We were not greeted, did not feel as though we were welcomed there and will not be returning anytime soon.

Teresa Bunn

I always order a lower temp so that my tounge isn't burnt for 3 days and they only get it right about 30% percent of the time! It's very frustrating. I like to drink my coffee immediately with out waiting a half n hour!

Stephanie Rench

The customer service was extraordinarily basic, not even a hi, so sorry for the extreme wait with only one car ahead of me, the barista couldn't get a drink right to save his life! Not only missed the greeting but also the thank you and smile! If I am held to this standard I expect the same when supporting your company!

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