1570 Miamisburg Centerville Rd, Centerville
(937) 401-2629

Recent Reviews

Tim T.

They are incapable of listening, inputting my coupon codes, and delivering fresh food in a timely manner. Also double drive through suck but that's not their fault, but it also is. Other McDonald's can do a double drive thru.

Lovett Alex

Didn’t get my full order of food was missing one fry and the lobby was closed so I would have get in line again

Chris Combs

Waited over 20 minutes for a mobile order at 3pm today. Finally left without any food and still got charged. Ridiculous!

Michael S

Extremely slow. Nice staff. Just slow and unorganized. There are better locations close by.

Joie Haviland

My grandson likes the chicken nuggets

Doug Torpey

Don't get in line after 10:20 and expect to get breakfast. I got in line at 10:25 and it was 10:33 when I got to place my order. They don't care that I was in line before the cut off - they have to stop cooking breakfast early to reduce food waste. I didn't leave the drive thru until 10:39. 14 minutes for a large coffee.

King M.

Horrible management of the drive through. Wait was over 20 minutes with outside lane cutting in line. Never again.

sonna pugh

Asked for an iced coffee, was given a hot coffee. Kindly pointed it out, and was told there was ice in it. Tried to say there was definitely no ice!! But for some reason, this man was so sure there was ice in my coffee that was literally hot in my hand. Thnx mcds

Mary McDonald-Lowe

Pick up is awesome.

Denise Laub

It was ok and they were very nice today

mark davis

At drive through we ordered two ice cream cones. We were served through the window by a young man wearing no mask or gloves. We threw the cones away and vowed not to visit this unhealthy and poorly managed location ever again. Beware...

Carrie Chatterton

Ordered & paid for 3 sausage egg & cheese sandwiches. Not one of them had egg on it.Makes a big difference in the taste.20+ cars in the drive thru so I didn't bother to get back in line.

Kay Deleon

Really fast breakfast drive thru service!

Gloria Romero

Is so good all the food especial with rat pupy they see and still service like that

Carl Zinkl

I'm writing this review the day after all restaurants were told to close their dining rooms. The people here are doing good work and still allowing us to do curbside. Which is great for somebody that drives a much larger vehicle than normal. They're still nice and they're still caring. I will always recommend them.

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