Burger King

525 Kolb Dr, Fairfield
(513) 923-9927

Recent Reviews

James Ciolino

Don't bother going here, there almost always out of everything. Can't order the fries I want, cheddar bites, and their ice-cream machine is always down. I don't think I've ever gone and their ice cream machine be working. Save your money and go to a better place.

Nici Antoni

When my family gets told the milkshake come "premelted" there is a problem. Their imposawopers taste burnt, their customer service is severely lacking and they keep messing up orders here lately. I wish they where as good as they once were.

Angela willis

Great service just had to wait a little longer for online ordee

Reese Incorporated

Shout out to the three ladies running the store today! I was starving, so I pulled in to find a long line in the drive through due to Covid. I decided to go inside. These ladies Killed!!!!! They were working the drive through, one woman worked the window and the front counter and one woman was working the food!!!!! Kudos ladies!!!!!!

Christine Crabtree

Love burger King but there is one employee that never smiles and always seems in bad mood. Love it though. Go there all the time


Everyone there is awesome and my food is always fresh and my order is always correct!

Edward McEntire

I always stop buying some food here. I enjoyed the swift customer service and well cooked dishes. Great work.

Nicholas Urso

This place is absolutely one of the best place to eat in the area. Every time I go there I am truly happy. They maintain their high level service and the highest level of dishes they serve. You no doubt will love this place. Warmly recommended.

Christopher Tinsley

They offer a fantastic variety of delicious food. I love dining here. The employees are always super friendly, pricing is affordable and the place is always kept clean.

abby roark

Always check your order...it's 50/50 (being generous) that you'll get all your items or special order requests

John Marro

Finest spot to get some food when in a hurry. Their service is swift, pricing is reasonable, great atmosphere. I highly recommend this place

James Owens

I like to go with friends to this place with my highest recommendations. I visit this place often. This recommendation is always successful. The dishes they serve are fantastic and the crew is efficient and cooperative. Whenever we visit this place we have a lovely time. warmly recommended.

Hope Caudill

Went in to eat. Place was in complete disarray. No straws near soda area, used ketchup cups just sitting there near the ketchup dispenser, napkins and straw wrappers strewn about on the floor. It would have took someone less than 10 minutes to come out and tidy up the place and make it look better. Easier to look past some of those things if your food is hot and fresh. Our food was awful...fries hard and old. The burgers were dried out and cold.

chad richardson

Great fast food nice clean place

Alexander Dierker

I have always loved Burger King .. for the greasy food. But I dislike everything else about them. I have never been to a burger kind that consistently gets my order right, and I've never been happy with the speed of their service. This one in particular across from Kohl's is the worst of all near here by far.

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