Burger King

525 Kolb Dr, Fairfield
(513) 923-9427

Recent Reviews

chad richardson

Great fast food nice clean place

Alexander Dierker

I have always loved Burger King .. for the greasy food. But I dislike everything else about them. I have never been to a burger kind that consistently gets my order right, and I've never been happy with the speed of their service. This one in particular across from Kohl's is the worst of all near here by far.

Dorian Wilson

Food was fresh and hot and the cashier was very friendly!

Tj Sho

I'm typically not a fast food person, but the food here is good. Fast service, and the staff was the best, the manager i do believe was so joyful and upbeat with everyone. Glad to see someone who cares about their job, even if it is fast food or not. Make the best of what you have!

Michael Young

I visited on 9/29/19. I paid using a venmo debit card, and immediately upon leaving I received a notification that an attempt to log-in to my venmo account was made. I thought, "odd coincidence" and changed my password. The following morning, I woke up and saw a news headline about Burger King employees in this area taking pictures of customers' credit cards with their phones. I immediately disabled my card.

K Fraz

Not a bad BK, the spicy chicken is a solid choice. Usually cooked well, nice staff there too. The $1 taco was worth a shot..but it didn't even look good. Great location for some fat food and better than McDonald's for a late night swoop.

Reva Marvel

Yummmy! I hadn't had a Whopper in years. But, I decided to give them a second chance after a bad burger years ago and I am happy that I did! Excellent service and probably the best 'chain' burger. Beats the heck out of McDonald's. I would suggest finding a coupon. The Whopper is almost $5.00.

Denise Piiwaa

Burger King is my #1 fast food. Gotta try the new Whopper X L. Amazing! Fries were fresh and always a gr eww at meal!

Anthony Bostic

Only reason stopped cause daughter wanted nuggets. I tried steering her away but hey she won. Nuggets were warm and dry, fries should be hot and crispy not warm n soft. The spicy chicken started out good till i bit the piece of sour tomatoe

Gregory Swan

one way would be to give me my sandwich, "my way" like I ordered it! just came from this place and ordered double cheeseburger, ADD: lettuce, onion, tomato... So they gave it to me "their way", WITHOUT: onion, tomato..I saw a little sign behind the counter that mentioned R.E.A.P- it has to deal with employees moving up the ladder at the business through hard work and dedication to customer service, I believe. Well maybe have them actually read the monitor with the customer's order and make it the "customer's way"!.. How you put the lettuce on it, and not the other condiments I wanted on it?

kreborn 17

The fries were old, burger wasn't cooked all the way. I don't go to burger king very often and I was reminded on why. It was fun for old time's sake, but I'd rather get a well done burger and fresh fries.

april cline

Love the flame-broiled burger.... 10 chicken nuggets for a $1.49 you can't beat them

Michael T

Food is really good, for Burger King.. Almost always correct.. But sometimes the wait is exceedingly long.. When no one else is there

Juan José Salamanca Schemel

If you want fast food that take more than 30 minutes come to this place

Samantha Lewis

When I visited Burger King, my husband and I went through the drive through. There wasn't much of a wait at all to get our food but we had asked for barbecue sauce to go with our chicken fingers & the BK worker told us that they did not have that sauce. I then asked if they had Ranch and he said yes. So, I ordered extra ranch & even told him I'd pay for the extra sauce if needed. We get up to the window, get our food, didn't check the bag b/c I thought I made it pretty clear, and there was no ranch in the bag.. Not a huge deal but service at this BK has really went down hill. We rarely visit the restaurant anyway and when we do, things like this keep us from wanting to go back for a long time.

Rob X.

I would give them a number O if it was possible, The food was cold and the onion rings were burnt. I saved the onion rings and returned them the next day and the "fresh" ones were horrible. This place i am glad it is no where I live. I will never go back to this place and I warn others to stay away.

Naloni Miller

I haven't been impressed with Burger King lately and will not go back anytime soon, the food is wrong 50% of the time or cold and the teenagers that are working do not care if you call and complain, they just want to socialize with their friends and gossip.

MC Whipple

The best whoppers locally. There are 3 burger kings close to me and this location has the best whoppers.

DuhDuh Diego

March 28, 2019

Angela Miller

Our order was put in completely wrong, we waited probably 15 minutes or more on our order. One of the workers was voicing her aggravation with all the mess ups happening loud enough that the entire dining room could hear. While we ate 3 customers from the drive thru came in with orders that were wrong. I was left wondering if anyone there knew how to do their job correctly.

Renee Joiner

Service could have been a bit more engaging, but the food was good and the restaurant was clean and inviting, especially to children.

Erin Scott Koger

I usually don't even give reviews, but in this case I'll make an exception because I am just that annoyed. We go to this specific one quite often when we need to get something quick for the kids. The hubby and I HATE going to this location, but we put up with it because it's the closest to our house. Almost every time we go we have to circle back around because they forgot something. Almost every. single. time. We know before we leave we HAVE to check the bags. That's how bad

Rebecca Koger

I usually don't even give reviews, but in this case I'll make an exception because I am just that annoyed. We go to this specific one quite often when we need to get something quick for the kids. The hubby and I HATE going to this location, but we put up with it because it's the closest to our house. Almost every time we go we have to circle back around because they forgot something. Almost every. single. time. We know before we leave we HAVE to check the bags. That's how bad

Zachira Dawson

They were really nice and let me sit in while I was waiting for my ride. It was very quiet when I was there which was around 1:30 - 2:30 PM. I went to the Burger King in Colerain across from Northgate Mall. It was a great experience and they have great fast food.

Nikki Roberts

I donâ??t know who thought it would be ok to serve this to anyone.

Ian T.

This is by far the worst BK I have ever been to!!! They are always running out of things. 2 times I came here the ran out of whoppers?? And also ran out of Mac Cheetos all the time.

Logan B.

Terrible service. The place is named Burger King yet they didn't have any burgers? So i asked for a chicken Parmesan sandwich and then they told me they didn't have any fuckin Parmesan cheese. Then i asked for a sweet tea and they said they didn't have any. I wasn't surprised at this point so i asked for a hi-c. When i got it i got a fuckin coke. Unacceptable.

Trevor Taylor

Good crew they got very fast too

Will White

Alexandra that was working the drive thru was very fast and attentive with our order, she made sure our order was accurate. The food was great and will be coming back more often.

Ruthy Hines

Nasty ass place. I wish I could post the pic of the disgusting, filthy plastic tea pitcher they have on display on the front counter. Rude employees and old ass food. Never again


Took around 15 minutes for 2 chicken sandwiches and a happy meal we eat in and they couldn't even find a crown hat for my granddaughter

Tab Boehl

Every single time I come through the northgate store I regret going. From the drive through cashier throwing a fit because she couldn't get my card to slide, very unprofessional. To my order being completely wrong and items always missing to today.... I ordered two whoppers because of the $6 special, got to the window and there was only one in the bag, I asked the cashier and she said "oh only one was rung up" I said I ordered two and she rang it up and tried to charge me nearly $5 for the sandwhich, I said that that doesn't give me the $6 special and she said "well I already cashed out the other one so I can't do anything about it" , she could have gotten the manager or done something other than tell me pretty much that I was out of luck. This was my last visit to this crappy store, I'll spend my money somewhere else

Dave D.

hmm, no line should have been my first clue. 2 whoppers, lukewarm. Cashier can't manage to say thank you, or anything else for that matter. No napkins in a drive through order? A big MEH.

Andrew Boswell

Every time I go to Burger King my food would always be served to me cold even the Chicken Fries and Onion Rings are always cold. The place is so disgusting I'm surprised that it hasn't been condemned for the dirty floor and the garbage around the parking lot. That place has gone down hill!

Tyler Rouse

They dropped my drink. The preparation was really slow and the drive thru speaker was very quiet.

Katlin Huff

These employees are jokes. They harassed a 16 year old new employee today and made her go home bc they didn't want to train her right. Then proceeded to mock her and ever costumer who stood up for this young girl. 35 year old women talking to a young girl like she was trash!!!! Called her names and got in her face to scream "bye bye"! PATHETIC!

Joe S.

My family and I were pressed for time so we went to the drive thru. They never answered the box so we drove around and I walked in. I ordered 2 whoppers with cheese. Omitting tomatoes and onion. 1st off one had tomato, no big deal I'll just pull it off myself. Then I discovered the neat was cool to the touch and the order of toppings was strange. Tomato and pickle underneath the patty. So I should have sent everything back and declared for a refund. I didn't because we had 2 crying kids in the car. I fixed it the sandwiches and went on my way. Mistake I woke up to unpleasant stomach pains. AVOID this place. Although the place was brand new. It was not a good experience.

Rawlins R.

Apparently it is important for one to call this location before a visit if they are interested in getting a Coke icey. According to my inside source, they defrost the icey machine frequently and it is necessary to call ahead of time and check that it is up and running. If it is not, then scratch off your sweet summer treat for another day. A chocolate shake will do for myself but not everyone is so adaptable.

Rawlins Riles

Be sure to call ahead to make sure they're not defrosting the icey machine

Robin R

lately the food has been good, just takes forever to be made