Burger King

5015 Glenway Ave, Cincinnati
(513) 471-8399

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Douglas Bolton

3 words flame broiled burger

Skin Ekralc

Usually this place is packed and I cant even get in line, but today was quicker than most days and I was in and out through the drive thru. They were quick about it and food was fresh and hot. This was a total surprise considering this place is on the west side/ price hill. And they are always known for being sloppy, messy, unprofessional and un organized.

Pattie Elkins

I stopped and got a spicy chicken sandwich lo and behold they could not give me extra mayonnaise I will not return

Tequila Love

Its goin down hill fast theres new employees that dont care bout there jobs just wanna hang on there cell phones all the time

William Thomas

Fast service good price great food

Zalona Van

EVERYONE HAD ON THEIR MASKS CORRECTLY!!!! Fast friendly service. I made sure to thank them!

Adrian Whiteford

Terrible service will never return manager yell and scream at you can go your money on the ground only reason they get a star's because it won't let me post it without

Christopher Haggard

Great customer service and delicious food..

Ebele Homes Productions

If I could give this place a neg 200, I would. Ordered $42 worth of food and one of the Whooper Doubles was messed up. Call for a $2 credit being my Whooper Double was missing a patty. The assistant manager a woman named Jen... I believe. I tell her that my Whooper Double with cheese was missing a patty... and I just would like a credit for whatever the difference was. She tells me that they were asking people to come back to the store and they'd fix my order. I tell her I had just walked in the house and didn't want to drive 15 mins just for a patty. She started screaming and yelling at me on the phone, then hung up. I called back and a Male answered took my complaint and told me to come back for a refund. When I get there Jen is yelling at another customer in the lobby over a messed up order. After yelling at the customer she threatens to call the police on the woman because the woman wanted a credit or refund. Jen then goes in the back for about 15 mins... then comes back and gives the woman a refund. Then she asks if she can help me... I tell her I called about my burger missing a patty. She then tells me she was the one how answered when I called. I tell her that I wanted my money because due to the sheer disrespect on the phone. She goes on to say that she was trying to give me the credit on the phone. I asked how... when she started yelling when I said I wasn't going to come back to the store over a mIssing patty? I didn't want to argue about an order I no longer wanted. She then threatens to call the police on me instead giving me my refund. I ask why? She goes on to say I was attacking her because she was a woman. I ask when did I attack her... she says... you wouldn't let me talk while she was talking to the woman before me. I reply, I didn't say a word. You and that woman were arguing I didn't have anything to do with that... she then started making stuff up and pacing. While repeating I'm not giving you anything. I'm going to call the police. Going on and on about she's a woman... she then goes to the back... comes back like 15 mins later crying really hard. Then she gives me my refund. The workers were threatening to walk out because of the way she was acting and how they were tired of this assistant manager and how she acts with people. That there were several other people in for refunds from the drive thru. It was a very crazy experience. Jennifer shouldn't be managing this place. Avoid this place like the plague.

Samantha Flesh

The impossible Burger comes out perfect every time, but be sure to ask for dipping sauces with your fries because they don't even include ketchup.

Adrian Whiteford

the orders never write the manager will yell at you and then throw your money on the ground

Joshua Kennedy

Good team, good food, usually really fast service

Erica Shatim

Friendly staff and fast service even if line is long the wait is pretty quick

schanell carter

Food good but service kinda off

Gregory Beck

Make sure order is rite high school kids still cant read ordef rite they alwaws gat wrong

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